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Ablaze My SorrowAnger, Hate And FuryMelodic DeathIrond
AmorphisTales From The Thousand CD- R
And OceansCypherPop Black IndustrialCD-R
Arch EnemyStigmataMelodic Death Metal
Ashes You LeaveThe Passage Back To LifeDoomCD-Maximum
Ashes You LeaveDesperate Existance Doom CD-Maximum
Ashes You LeaveFireDoomCD-Maximum
AspDer Schwarze Schmetterling,
Tell II: DuettSynth GothicIrond
At The GatesSuicidal Final ArtTechno Death
AvantasiaThe Metal Opera Part OnePower
BeseechBlack EmotionsGothic MetalIrond
BeseechSouls HighwayGothic MetalIrond
BeseechDramaGothic MetalIrond
CharonTearstainedLove MetalFONO
CharonDownhearted    Love MetalFONO
CharonThe Dying DaylightsLove MetalFONO
Children Of BodomTokyo WarheartsMelodic Death/BlackCD-R
Cradle Of FilthDamnation And A DaySympho BlackC
Daniel LioneyeKing Of RockNRollHard Glam RockCD-R mp3
Danse MacabreTotentanzExperemental GothicIrond
Danse MacabreEvaGothic MetalIrond
Dark TranquillityTrail Of Life Decayed/
A Moonclad Reflection  Techno Death CD-R mp3
Dark TranquillityProjectorProgressive Melodic De
Dark TranquillityLive In Gothenborg/
Enter Suicidal Angels EPProgressive Melodic DeaCD-R mp3
Dark TranquillityHavenPop DeathCD-R mp3
Dark TranquillityDamage DoneMelodic Death
DarkaneExpanding SensesModern Melodic DeathIrond
DarzamatIn The Opium Of Black VeilGothic/Sympho Black
DevlinGrand Death OpeningGothic MetalIrond
Die Apokalyptischen
                       ReiterSoft And StrongerDark MetalIrond
Die Apokalyptischen
                       ReiterAllegro BarbaroDark MetalIrond
Die Apokalyptischen
                       ReiterAll You Need Is LoveDark MetalIrond
Die Apokalyptischen
                       ReiterHave A Nice TripDark MetalIrond
Down BelowSilent Wings EternityProgressive Gothic RockIrond
DraconianWhere Lovers MournRomantic Doom Metal                Irond
Dreadful ShadowsEstragementGothic RockIrond
Dreadful ShadowsBuried AgainGothic RockIrond
ElisGods Silence, Devils
TemptationGothic MetalIrond
ElisDark Clouds In A Perfect SkyGothic MetalIrond
EntwineTime Of DispairGothic MetalCD-R
Eternal Tears Of
               SorrowSinners SerenadeMelodic Death/BlackCD-R
Eternal Tears Of
               SorrowVilda MannuMelodic Death/BlackCD-R
EvanescenceFallen                           Gothic Rock AlternativeCD-R
EvenFallStill In The Grey DyingBlack Metal
EvergreyIn Search Of TruthDark Progressive Powe
Faith And The
              MuseThe Burning SeasonGothic Rock/Ethnic/Neoclassic Irond
Forgive-Me-NotTearfall/Swallow Songs (2CD)Gothic Heavy
Forgive-Me-NotBehindGothic Rock
Fragile HollowEffete MindGothic/Love MetalIrond
Gamma RaySomewhere Out In SpacePower
GardenianSoulburnerMelodic Death
GardenianSindustriesMelodic Death
Guano ApesDont Give Me NamesRock AlternativeCD-R
Guano ApesWalking On A Thin LineRock AlternativeBMG Russia
Guns N RosesAppetite For DestructionHard RockCD-R mp3
Master Of The Rings            Speed/Power
HelloweenWalls Of Jericho/
Keeper Of The Seven Keys Pt IPower
HelloweenKeeper Of The Seven Keys Pt II/
HelloweenPumkin Fly Free (Bootleg) 1       Power
HelloweenPumkin Fly Free (Bootleg) 2Power
HelloweenPink Bubbles Go Ape/
Future WorldHardNHeavy/Power                
HelloweenChameleon/PowerHard Rock/Power
HelloweenBetter Than RawPower
HelloweenMetal Jukebox Power
        HammerFallIf I Could Fly/Renegade EPPower
HimGreatest Lovesongs Vol. 666Love MetalBMG Russia
HimRazorblade RomanceLove Metal
HimDeep Shadows And Brilliant
Highlights                Love RockBMG Russia
Iron MaidenSomewhere In TimeHeavy CD-R
KotipeltoWaiting For The DawnPower FONO
KotipeltoColdnessPower FONO
LacrimosaLive 1Gothic MetalCD-R mp3
LacrimosaLive 2Gothic MetalCD-R mp3
LithiumColdGothic IndustrialCD-Maximum
LucyfireThis Dollar Saved My Life
At WhitehorseGothic RockCD-R mp3
LullacryCrucify My HeartRockFONO
MisanthropeSadistic Sex DemonDeath CD-R
MoonspellIrreligious                            Gothic Doom C
Moonspell2econd Skin            Gothic Doom C
NegativeSweet & Decietful [Digipack]Glam Rock
On Thorns I LayFuture NarcoticGothic MetalIrond
On Thorns I LayAngeldustGothic MetalIrond
OpethOrchidProgressive Death CD-R mp3
OpethMorningriseProgressive DeathCD-R mp3
OpethMy Arms, Your HearseProgressive DeathCD-R mp3
OpethStill LifeProgressive Death CD-R mp3
OpethBlackwater ParkProgressive Death CD-R mp3
PainPainPop Industrial CD-R
PainRebirthPop Industrial CD-R
PainNothing Remains The SamePop Industrial CD-R
PenumbraSeclusion [digipack]Gothic/Black CD-Maximum
Prophet (Fragile
Hollow)Fragile PrologueGothic MetalIrond
Ram-ZetPure TherapyModern BlackFONO
Ram-ZetEscapeModern Black FONO
Samsas TraumDie Liebe GottesGothic/BlackIrond
Samsas TraumOh Luna MeinGothic/Black Irond
Samsas TraumTineoidea Oder:Die Folgen
Einer NachtGothic/Black Irond
Scream SilenceTo Die ForGothic RockIrond
Scream SilenceThe 2ndGothic RockIrond
SethianInto The SilenceGothic MetalFONO
SiegfriedDrachenherzDark MetalCD-R
Skid RowThickskinModern Hard RockC
SkyfireTimeless DepartureSympho Melodic Black
Sonata ArcticaEclipticaKindergarten Power
Sonata ArcticaSilenceKindergarten Power
Sopor AeternusLa Chembre D'EchoGothic FolkIrond
StratovariusFright NightHeavy Metal
StratovariusTwilight TimePower
StratovariusFourth DimensionPower
StratovariusThe Chosen OnesPower
Summoner                Winter Solstice Death Irond
The 69 EyesWasting The Dawn Love RockCD-R
The 69 EyesBlessed Be                Love RockCD-R
The 69 EyesParis KillsLove RockCD-R
The Black LeagueDoomsday SunDeathNBluesFONO
The Black LeagueUtopia A. D.DeathNBluesFONO
The CascadesSpells And CeremoniesGothic RockIrond
TiamatSkeleton SkeletronGothic MetalCD-R mp3
TiamatJudas ChristGothic MetalIrond
Timo TolkkiHymn To LifeSoft RockIrond
Umbra Et ImagoMystica SexualisGothicIrond
Umbra Et ImagoMemento MoriGothic MetalIrond
Umbra Et ImagoMotus AnimiGothicIrond
WaltariRadium RoundMetal/Pop/EthnicIrond
WaltariChannel NordicaMetal/Pop/EthnicIrond

HimLive 98 99 00Love Metal
LAme ImmortelleDisharmony LiveSynth Gothic
LacrimosaThe Live HistoryGothic Metal
Umbra Et ImagoDie Welt Brennt (+CD)Gothic
Various ArtistsBeauty In Darkness Vol. 4Various

Irond, Fono, CD-Maximum 80
BMG Russia 40
CD-R 30
CD-R mp3 10
DVD 50

Lacrimosa Einsamkeit/Angst                Irond
LacrimosaFassade/Den Morgen DanachIrond
Green CarnationJourney To The End Of The
Green CarnationLight Of Day, Day Of DarknessIrond
Green CarnationA Blessing In DisguiseCD-Maximum
Green CarnationAlive And Well In Krakow DVD    CD-Maximum
Green CarnationThe Quiet OffspringCD-Maximum
Lake Of TearsGreater ArtIrond
Lake Of TearsHeadstonesIrond
Lake Of TearsA Crimson CosmosIrond
Lake Of TearsForever AutumnIrond
Mortal LoveAll The BeautyCD-Maximum
Lacrimas Profundere Ave EndIrond
Bruce DickinsonAccident Of Birth
Bruce DickinsonChemical Wedding
Gamma RayPowerplant                
Gamma RayLand Of The Free
Gamma RayAlive'95
Throne Of ChaosMinace And PrayerFONO
Rage Perfect Man
L'Ame Immortelle 'Gezeiten'

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