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-- Сообщение от Airam. Дата: 21:23 - 27 Апр., 2006

Офицальный сайт временно в разработке. Но музыку можно скачать и отсюда:
Жёстко играют!  :gigi:
Сейчас готовится к выходу альбом!

-- Сообщение от Leech. Дата: 23:09 - 27 Апр., 2006

Неужели в ХХI веке актуально создавать новые Melodic Death группы?
О сабже впервые слышу, но чё-то у меня сильное предчувствие, что это либо попытка в очередной раз переиграть заезженные темы классиков жанра, либо чисто коммерческий "американизированный" [псевдо]мелодик в духе нового Soilwork... :-\

Это только предположения. Если попадется в руки, послушаю...

-- Сообщение от Airam. Дата: 0:30 - 28 Апр., 2006

О сабже впервые слышу

Поэтому и разместил. Об этой группе вообще мало известно в России. Народ -обязательно скачайте!
http://www.thenevolution.tk/ - неофициальный сайт

Вот вам несколько ревьюх на англ. :
Reviews for Nevolution's The Jumpstop Theory

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Nevolution's great demo!! - 93%
Written by Nagazaki on December 7th, 2005

Although I'm Icelandic, I'm not a personel friend of the members, I just like the music!

This band was before another band called Anubis. Then there was some split ups so the band quit, but couple of the members started this band, nevolution. You can see more about who were in Anubis on their website, http://www.thenevolution.com .

This is a 5 song demo called The Jumpstop Theory. An album from them is expected in February.

Prolouge To Nothing: The demo starts with a nice intro, only played on a Piano. This is a very cool intro, dramatic and melodic, and a bit scary. Reminds me of Silhouette with Opeth (track 3 on Orchid).

Die For Anything: Great song, heavy riffs, powerful vocals and some kick-ass drums! I really like the clean vocals in the chorus, breaks up the song, I always get goosbumps (spelling?) when I hear it, especially live! The lyrics are also cool "Do you mind if I kill you and all your kind". Great song!

Nothology: Starts immedietely with great power. The vocals are awesome (and again, espesially live). The chorus is brilliant. Angry, melodic and great riffs and vocals. This song is the best song on the demo in my opinion. They made a video for this song and it can also be found on their website.

Sea Of Faces: This was for a long time my favourite song. The vocals are not as heavy as in Nothology, but it's still great. This one part, starts after 2:30 minutes, it's one of my favourites, heavy, tight as hell and you just can't help it to bang your head! Once again..great song.

The Left Hand Of God: This song is last, and it is least. Not a bad song, but the other songs before are just simply better. The lyrics are good, about god and what to believe (I assume). The chorus is great as usual. The song ends like it began.

My favourite metal is melodic death metal. So this review conforms that a bit. They write really good songs, and the chorus in all of their songs are just great. But, like I said, I really like melodic death metal, so it's maybe one of the reasons why I like this band so much...

This band is my favourite metal bands here in Iceland. They recently opened for Amon Amarth in November, along with other Icelandic metal bands, and in 2004 they opened up for Into Eternity. This is a great band and I suggest to everyone to download this demo. And remember, it's only a demo! I have seen them live, and they are awesome live, both in small places and also on a big stage, like when the opened up for Iron Maiden.

Surprisingly good melodic death metal - 90%
Written by natrix on December 5th, 2005

I normally avoid the Gothenburg death metal thing like the plague, but this is some good melodic death metal with a good dose of originality. Hell, the fact that they opened up for Iron Maiden has to tell you something!

It starts off with a bit of an ominous piano intro, setting you up for something big. The first riff off of "Die for Anything" may seem like a little flashy, but it quickly changes into a rather meaty, twisted verse riff. Feels a bit like "Blackened" from And Justice for All, but obviously not the same. At 2:24, it becomes more melodic with a cleaner riff and some spoken vocals. A while later, there is a dissonant bass riff, jarring you a bit.

"Nothology" is a fast number, with some nice crunchy moments. It breaks down in the middle to a clean section with screechy vocals, but builds back into heaviness. Nice transition. There's a nice Stromblad-esque guitar solo near the end. Very tasteful. There's a twisted, strange riff right at 3 minutes. Perfect way to end the song, I must say.

"Sea of Faces" starts with an intro, and a really dissonant riff. Then it's back to the fast stuff. The clean, "chorus" reminds me a lot of Akercocke, which is a really good thing. The mid section has an Invocator like break, and that's a good thing. Another tasteful solo in the middle.

"The Left Hand of God" starts with another bass riff, then adds in an In Flames type of melody. This sounds bad, and a bit typical, but the band picks up the pace and breaks into another Invocator riff with a solo. It's strange but this part seems really out of focus...like the solo and the riff don't go together. This is probably my least favorite song on here, as it seems to be the most typical.

How would I describe this in short? Strange, dissonant chords of Voivod mesh with Scandinavian melody, and then throw in the mood changes of Akercocke. Oh, and don't forget real, meaty, and twisted thrash riffs. The vocals are a bit more deathly, rather than screechy, kind of like Mike Akerfeld of Opeth, with out the melodramatic vocals. Very well done, and the mix is well done. In fact, this doesn't sound like a band's first effort.

The only thing I could complain about is probably the fact that they really don't have different tempoed songs. I'd like a bit more variety in that department, but with all the other stuff they're throwing around, it's excusable, especially because this is a demo, and I think they'll get better in time.

You can download this fucker for free, so FUCKING GET IT!!!

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