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-- Сообщение от GRINDCORE AGENCY. Дата: 23:59 - 25 Июля, 2007

NWC666 is dead...

Sad but true. The Nunwhore Commando 666 had finally to cease fire. At the moment we can only say that - to quote the TALKING HEADS - "the future is certain, give us time to work it out." Fact is that Electrojesus left the band and fact is that without him it is hard to go on. Fact is that Sarcofuckster and Pumpgun Messiah want to go on. Fact is that we don't know how and when it will happen. But as a man from Austria once said, we will be back...except everything and expect nothing... Until we are back: Have fun with GUT, LIBIDO AIRBAG, R.O.D., BUKKAKE BOY and so on and so on... So you know the facts. Understand that this profile will not be updated as long as we know how we go on. Friendrequests will be accepted from time to time. To contact us, visit the myspace profiles of Bukakke Boy and Pumpgun Messiah. All the best The rest of NWC666 in july, 2007 Demon Lord Sarcofuck and Pumpgun Messiah

-- Сообщение от MorbidAngel. Дата: 7:43 - 26 Июля, 2007

эх, одним кибером меньше, одним больше - трагедии не случилось:gigi:
Хотя, конечно, NWC не последняя группа была:-\

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