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: Dimitrius, DEMESIS, 1111, Grunt, Sio, ketzer, mortigenus, MinoTavR, Azzz, 666 II, Justin, Minotaur, Pahan666
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1 euro each

V / A Grimoire 7 Opening The Gates Of Chaos, intl., incl. Merciless, Malkuth, Gonkulator, Thou Art Lord, death / black / doom metal, metal age

1,5 euro each

CETI The Best From Hard Zone vol. 1, Poland, power metal, empire

2 euro each

ARCHEON - End of the Weakness, Poland, gothic / doom, empire
CAVO Cavo, Japan, grind / noise / sludge with elements of Japanese ethnic music, shit jam, 3"MCD
COLLAPSE - Mentale Impotenz, Germany, brutal death metal, pagan winter
CONQUEROR WORM - Let's play Havoc, Poland, math core, demo CDr
DEVIL-MAY-CARE Awe, Russia, sympho black metal, stygian crypt
DIPHTHERIA - Anal Front, Poland, death /grind, demo CD-R
ENTIRETY - In Caelo Omnia Acciderunt, Italy, death / black, northern darkness, MCD
ESKATON Genocide, Poland, brutal death / grind, sf, CDr demo
ESSENCE OF EXISTENCE - Ephemeris Sun, Slovakia, sympho black metal, sonic temple
F.D.S. F.D.S., Brazil, thrashcore, hellion
FORGIVE ME NOT Tearfall, Russia, epic doom metal, metal agen
OBLOMOV - Wishing the Renaissance, Czech Republic, sympho black metal, radiation noise, MCD
P.U.T - Bitterness Despair And Cynism, France, industrial rock avant-garde, pogo
SPINAL CORD Remedy, Poland, death / thrash, empire
V / A Apokalyptik Warfare II intl., incl. Houwitser, Demonized, black / death metal, osmose
V / A BRUTAL VOMIT intl., incl. Dead Infection, Stombamfirer Stedke, Bloody Psycho, Vomigod, death/grind/crust, brutal vomit
V / A CONTAMINATED IV intl., incl. Nasum, Origin, Neurosis, Alchemist, death / grind, relapse
V / A CONTAMINATED VI intl., incl. Necrophagist, Leng Tche, death / grind, relapse
V / A Dew Germany / Austria, incl. Mastic Scum, Depression, Toxic Death, Social Disease, Blackened, Scum, death, grind, thrash, nebel
V / A Hard 96 Germany, incl. Mailvaltar, Darth, Massenmorder, Forgotten Past, death / thrash / hard core, hard
V / A Hard 97 Germany, The Company, Mailvaltar, Massenmorder, Progeria, Darth, death / thrash / hard core, hard
V / A It's Just warning ONE The Netherlands / Belgium, incl. Disinfest, Pleurisy, Crustacean Death's Bride, death / doom / thrash, eastern star
V / A It's Just warning TWO - The Netherlands / Belgium, incl. Goden, Cremation, The Darkening, Nocturnal Silence, death / doom / thrash, eastern star
V / A Laermbelaestigung - Krach Propaganda Compilation intl., incl. Mortician, Sepsism, Gorguts, Aborted, Pessimist, Fleshless, death, grind, black, larmbelastigung
V / A Migraine In The Membrane intl., Funeral Inception, Pleurisy, Rotten Cold, Tessaract, Birdbrains, death / grind, ignite
V / A Morrigan - Germany / Austria, incl. Night In Gales, Mind Ashes, Skull Crusher, Morbid Silence, Bitching Sluts, death / doom, nebel
V / A Obscene Extreme 2007 intl., incl. Brutal Truth, Rotten Sound, Rompeprop, death / grind, obscene
V / A Roadkill intl., incl. Vader, Malevolent Creation, Hateplow, death metal, system shock
V / A Smells Like Team Spirit IV intl., incl. Deeds Of Flesh, Internal Suffering, death / grind, displeased
V / A The French Underground Series France, incl. Absurdity, Heresy, Horrid Flesh, Manslaughter, Gastrik Burst, Psychobolia, brutal death metal, skullfucked
V / A TROIS - RIVIERES METALFEST IV Canada, incl. Despised Icon, Neuraxis, Torn Within, Horofiction, Paroxysm, Quo Vadis, death metal / thrash metal / black metal, galy
V / A TROIS - RIVIERES METALFEST V Canada, incl. Neuraxis, Despised Icon, Beneath The Massacre, Martyr, Coprofago, death metal / thrash metal / black metal, galy
VIVID X - V.Xtremal Progress, Russia, brutal progressive death / thrash, blacksmith
VOGELFREI - Stifefeljungs (Lieder 1994-98), Germany, melodic oi, asphalt
WORMPHILISM - Gore Codex 01, Italy, goregrind, coagulated, CDr demo

3 euro each

CONVENT - Blessed Amongst The Flock, Poland, brutal death metal, inhuman distro, CDr demo
DEFORMED - Everything Is A Fun Torture, Poland, death / grind, demo CDr
HORRIFIED - Deus Diabolus Inversus, Greece, melodic death metal, empire
INFECTED DISARAY / JAZZUS / MUKEKA DI RATO / MASS GENOCIDE PROJECT - 100 DAY KILLING SPREE, UK / Brazil / Brazil, Czech Republic, brutal deathgrind / noisecore / grindcore / crust, extremist, 4way split
INSEMINATOR / NECROLUST - Dark Flame of Holy Inquisition, Poland / Italy, death thrash / black thrash, metalrulez.prv.pl, split CDr demo
KAIZEN - Supporting Continual Improvement, France, modern thrash, kontsha, MCD (slipcase)
MIND ECLIPSE - Chaos Chronicles, Russia, black metal, more hate
NAMTER - Hostis Humani Generis, Italy, black metal (pro printed full colour cover), sf, CDr demo
NEOLITHIC - Team 666, Poland, doom metal, empire
NEOTRUTH - 32'42'' Short Infinity, Russia, progressive death metal, metal agen
NOSFERATOS Pandemonium, Russia, death metal, blacksmith
PATOLOGICUM - Promo 2006, Poland, brutal death / grind, sf, CD-R (demo)
PORPHYRIA - Mayhemic Blast, Poland, brutal death metal, sf, CDr
SEVER - Songs of the Crashing Crunchy, USA, dissonant hardcore, hellbent
SNUFFERGRINDER - Snuff Reality, Poland, cybergrind, mad maggot, CDr
SOULLESS - Peri Psyches, Poland, brutal death metal, anaites, CDr
THE DISMAL Make Your Mind Up, Spain, mathcore, division house
TOOTHFAIRY - Does Not Work Well With Reality, USA, dark gothic, noiseville

4 euro each

7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA / PTAO Feedbackselfdeath, Germany / Czech Republic, grind noise, bizarre leprous, 3"split
ABUSED MAJESTY Serpenthrone, Poland, melodic black metal, empire
ABYSS - Taste The Bitter Vengeance, Poland, melodic death metal (pro-printed layout & printing on disc), demo CDr
ADVERSARY - We Must Be In Hell, USA, death metal, cursed
AION - O Fortuna, Poland, atmospheric death / dark metal, system shock, MCD
ALIENGATES Dark Days Quantum, Switzerland, melodic death metal, sf, MCD
AMBRAZURA - Storm in yours Brains, Russia, technical grinding death metal, stygian crypt
ANAL CUNT / FEAR OF GOD / STENCH OF CORPSE Split, USA / Switzerland, grindcore, sf, splitCDR
ANARCHUS / C.S.S.O. Split Live CD, Mexico / Japan, grindcore, obliteration, split
ANARCHUS, Tribute To - Beyond Good and Evil, intl. Disgorge (mex), Ravager, Morbosidad, Bowel Stew, Oxidised Razor american line
ANESTESIA Satisfied, Czech Republic, fast agressive thrash metal, cephalic
APOPHIS Heliopolis, Germany, melodic doom / death, morbid
BLIND GUARDIAN Fly, Germany, heavy metal inspired by Tolkien, nuclear blast, MCD
CAD Deadnation, Slovakia, raw grindcore, downfall
CADAVEROUS - Hide In Details, Turkey, death / thrash, CDr demo
CALM - Ex..., Poland, melodic death metal (pro-printed inlay and discprint), demonic, CDr
CASTIGATE Bring Me The Head Of Jesus Christ, Germany, death metal, system shock
CASTRUM - Mysterious Yet Unwearied, Ukraine, medieval death metal, bloodbucket
CHAINSAW - The Journey Into The Heart Of Darkness, Poland, power metal, empire
CHAMBER OF SHRED Epitome, Spain, technical brutal death metal, sf, MCD
COMA VOID - Stormking twilight, USA, epic black metal, metal age
CONTEMPT - When Angels Begin To Cry, Slovakia, brutal death metal, empire
CORE - Through Chaos and Disharmony, Brazil, death metal, sf
COURTYARD Refusal, Turkey, melodic death metal (pro-printed layout & printing on disc), CDr demo
CRAZY ABOUT SILENCE - When Death Surges Forth, Belgium, furious death core, several bleed
CREMASTER Pumpernikel, Poland, thrash metal, empire
CRIONICS - Human Error: ways to selfdestruction, Poland, sympho black metal, empire
CROPMENT - Braindrain Timeslavery, Switzerland, brutal death metal, sf, MCD
DEAD ORCHESTRA - Sounds Like Time Tastes, USA, death / thrash, massacre (promo) (sh)
DEISEAL - Relationship Of Hate, France, black metal, black crystal
DESECRATED DREAMS - Feelings Of Guilt, Slovakia, symphonic black metal, metal age
DESENSITISED - Thriving on Carnage, The Netherlands, grindcore, bleedin' hemorrhoid, MCD
DESORATOR - Signs of Coma, Japan, old school death metal, voyaki, MCD
DESPISE / IMPERIAL FOETICIDE Split, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, grodhasin, split
DESTROYING DIVNITY Created, Czech Republic, intense death / black, grodhasin
DETEST Dorval, Denmark, death metal, progress (promo)
DETRIMENTUM - A Monument of the suffering, UK, brutal death metal, grindethic, MCD
DEVASTE Soulseducer, Germany, raging brutal death metal, paraphonia
DIABOLIC Supreme Evil, USA, death metal, metal age (promo)
DIPNOI FKDDD, Brazil, thrash metal, moonza
DISGUISE - Human Primordial Instinct, Italy, black metal, sf
DOOM - World Of Shit, UK, crust, sf, CD-R demo
DRAIN OF IMPURITY - Sorrid acts of torture, Turkey (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint), drain, CDr demo
DREAMKILLERS - Fairgrounds for Insanity, Australia, alternative thrash metal, velvet urge, MCD
EPIDEMIC CAUSE - Far East, Japan, industrial death metal, shadows of Michelangelo, MCD
ESCUTCHEON - Unexplained Deep Space Phenomenon, The Netherlands, cosmic death / black, tb
EVIL DIVINE - Dawn Before The Dawn, USA, black metal, metal age
EXCREMENT Scorched, Finland, death metal, invasion, MCD (promo)
EXPLODING ZOMBIES - Several Severed Heads, USA, death / grind, emetic
EXPULSION Man Against, Sweden, death / doom, godhead
EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Live And Loud, UK, grind, sf, CDr demo
FACTEUR ZERO - Douce Barbarie, France, death / thrash, sf, MCD
FAERGHAIL - Blood will follow Blood, Finland, melodic death black, northern sound, MCD
FEROX - Prepare for War, Germany, death metal, rabaz
FERRO IGNIQUE - World Wide War, Germany, raw black metal, folter
FETAL DECAY / DETRIMENTAL - The Last Martyrity / Beware, Russia / USA, brutal death metal / brutal death, relics, split
FLATLINED - One Step Closer to Eternal Rest, USA, metalcore, lifeless
GENOCIDE - We rape the sky, We rape the hell, Mexico, grindcore, magnecidio
GODS OF EMPTINESS - Blind Obedience Madness, Austria, grindcore, noise art, MCD
GOLEM Death Never Dies, Italy, heavy / black metal, diamond, MCD
GORE BEYOND NECROPSY - Noisexcretass Asshole, Japan, grindcore, sf, CDr demo
GRIMNESS - At the Beginning God Created Scum, Italy, grindcore (pro-printed layout & printing on disc), everydayhate, CDr
GRIND MINDED - Your Suffering Will Be Legendary, The Netherlands, death / grind, filthy, MCD
GULU LOCUS - Chocol-Hate, Italy, slow death metal, nocturnal
GUT - The Singles Collection, Germany, goregrind, sf, CDr demo
HELD UNDER / SEVER / VEXATION - Paths of Destruction, USA, deathcore / sludgecore / death metal, encrypted, 3 way split
HELLBRIGADE Hellbrigade, USA, metalcore, sf, MCD
HELL ON EARTH / HILL OF THE DEAD Split, USA, death metal / deathcore, crimes against humanity, split
HORDE OF WORMS - The Uncreation, Canada, Canadian Blast Metal, bloodbucket
HYSTERIA - Abbysal Plains Of Chaos, France, death / black metal, infernal waves, MCD
INFERNAL ANGELS - Vigilia Secunda, Italy, black metal, sf, CDr
INFERUS - Cult to the Lord of the Evil Light, Brazil, black metal, southern spirits
INFESTUM Infestum, Belarus, pagan black metal, battle hymn, MCD
INNER WAR - The Profane Vulgar, USA, death metal, metal age
INNOMINANDUM - To Improve Fit For Smaller Heads, Austria, death'n'roll, mdd, MCD
INTO THE GORE - Pain must be amplified, Greece, brutal death / grind, metal age
JONBENET RAMSEY - The Forsaken Porning Of Prepubescent Anus, USA, death / grind, latex solar beef
LAY DOWN ROTTEN - Paralyzed by Fear, Germany, melodic death metal, remission
LE CRI DU MORT - Le Cri Du Mort, Germany, gothic metal, sf, SCD
LIGHT IS THE LANGUAGE - The Void Falls Silent, USA, death / grind avant-garde, gladiator
LUCIFERI EXCELSI / AAHAS Split, Austria, grim black metal, black empire, split
LUNGORTHIN Morgrom, Germany, black metal, folter
MALEFACTOR - Death Falls Silent, USA, death metal, metal age
MARDUK Hearse, Sweden, black metal, regain, MCD
MARIA CHUANA Mesuge, Slovakia, thrashcore, sf
MAY RESULT U Slawu Rogowa Naszich, Serbia, pagan black metal, rock express
MAY RESULT - Svetogrdje (The Blasphemy), Serbia, pagan black metal, rock express
MERCYFUL FATE - The Unholy Sounds of the Demon Bells, intl., Dan Swano, Deceased, Vital Remains..., still dead
MIND RIOT Peak, Finland, doom / rock, godhead
MISCREANT Oppressive, Russia, death / thrash metal, blacksmith
MISFORTUNE Midnightenlightened, Sweden, melodic black / death, blackend, MCD
MISTYFATE - Embracing The Death, Colombia, melodic death metal, decade
MIXOMATOSIS / DEMISOR / GORED FACE - Night of living grinders, Spain / Sigapore / USA, grindcore, grindmind, 3 way split
MOLOT VEDIM Asylum, Russia, black metal, serpent's lair
MORBID ANGEL, Tribute To - Tyrants from the Abyss, intl., Zyklon, Luciferion, Vader, Angelcorpse, Krisiun, Behemoth..., empire
MORBID SILENCE - Dark Labirynth, Czech Republic, dark metal, sf
MORCEGOS - Extreme Point, Brazil, old school death metal, sf (sh)
MORTAL AGONY Necrobutchering, Germany, brutal death metal, chainsaw fisting, MCD
MORTUARY HACKING SESSION - Delightful Carvings, USA, grindgore, last house on the right, MCD
MOZEK MOTORS - Twin Tower Torture Sessions, Germany, sick cyber grind, sf, CDr + 3"EP
MUTALA - Carnivorous Disposition, Italy, death metal, nocturnal
MUTILATION - Conflict Inside, Poland, brutal death metal, empire
MY DEEPEST INNER - Generation X, Germany, thrashcore, sf, SCD
NATHANIEL - Hidden Inside A Spirit, Poland, technical death / thrash (pro printed full colour cover), demonic CDr
OBLOMOV - Mighty Cosmic Dances, Czech Republic, sympho black metal, radiation noise
OBSCENO / THROB OF OFFAL - Alcanzando un Orgasmo descumunal / Fungi of Gore, Brazil, goregrind, sindrome, split
OBSCURE VORTEX - Was Einst War, Germany, old school raw black metal, tower-black
PERNICIOUS - Blood Lust, The Netherlands, death metal, firebreath
PERVERSIST Necrophilharmony, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, pigeon shit
PERVERSIST - Machine Grind Surgery, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, pigeon shit
PHANTOMS OF FUTURE - Phantoms of Future, Germany, indie rock, epic, MCD (box)
PHANTOMS OF FUTURE - Loco Poco, Germany, indie rock, epic (sh)
PHANTOMS OF FUTURE - This Flight Tonight, Germany, indie rock, epic
PHANTOMS OF FUTURE Chimera, Germany, indie rock, epic (sh)
PHANTOMS OF FUTURE - Cruel Times, Germany, indie rock, epic
PHANTOMS OF FUTURE - Chapter III - Trance Album, Germany, indie rock, gusch / efa
POLYMORPH - Innocent Suffering, Germany, brutal death metal, guc
POST MORTEM - Mankind Autopsy, France, brutal death metal, sf, MCD
PROFANITY - Slaughtering Thoughts, Germany, brutal death metal, cudgel
PROTEST - About Human Idols, Slovakia, death metal, metal age
PROTEST - Have a rest, please, Slovakia, death metal, metal age
PULVERIZER - Second To None, The Netherlands, death metal, firebreath, MCD
RAVENDUSK - Shadow Past, Poland, doom metal, metal age
RECIDIVUS / ANTHROPOPHAGICAL WARFARE - Anesthesia / Bestial genocide, Brazil, death metal, moondo, split
RECUEIL MORBIDE - Hurt By Human Race, France, brutal death metal, deadsun (sh)
REDOX - Sharpened Knives, Spain, heavy / thrash, voliac, MCD
REGREDIOR - Forbidden Tears, Lithuania, pure death metal, shiver
REZIN - Bong-Hits, USA, thrashcore, sf
RHYMES OF DESTRUCTION - A Sun Revolution, Belgium, symphonic black metal, shiver
RIPHEAD / DROGHEDA Violencia, USA, death thrash / death grind, extreme millennium, split
ROSSOMAHAAR - Quaerite Lux In Tenebris, Russia, sympho-black metal, sound age
RU36 - Dumpster In The Sky, USA, melodic hc / punk, ten strip
SACRED SIN - Mastery of Holy Imperial Art, Portugal, brutal death metal, blackened moon
SACROSANCTUM Fragments, Czech Republic, experimental gothic doom rock metal, metal age
SADISTIC - The Last Firebase, The Netherlands, old school death metal, sf, MCD
SAMMATH NAUR - Self-Proclaimed Existence, Poland, cosmic black metal, empire
SANCTIMONY - Eternal Suffering, Latvia, technical death metal, father
SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS / BLASPHEMER / HUMANITY FUCKED TO GORE - Pre-natural Whilling / Life Kills / Into Sickest..., Russia / Italy / Russia, brutal death / deathgrind / brutal death, relics, 3 way split
SECRETUM - Happy happy Killing Time..., Germany, thrash / death metal, metal age
SEEDS OF SORROW - Bleeding Eyes, Austria, death / black metal, demonware
SEZARBIL - The End of Sacred Faith... Occido, Occidere..., Czech Republic, black metal (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint), CDr demo
SHADOWS LAND - Terminus Ante Quem, Poland, black / death metal, empire
SOLEKAHN - Suffering Winds, France, brutal death / black, imperial maze, MCD
SOUTHERN STORM 1999, Bosnia, symphonic power metal, one
SPINEGRINDER - A Visual Symphony of Horror, France, grindcore, extremist, MCD
SUBTERA - Nothing and Death, Brazil, intense ultrafast death / grind, morte pacifica
SUN. HAS. CANCER - Kamikaze Spirit, Czech Republic, brutal-metal-industrial, grodhasin
SUPREMACY - Through Endless Torment, Slovenia, brutal death metal, empire
TALES OF DARKNORD - Stalingrad - War Episodes, Russia, technical death metal, more hate
THE ESCHATON CREED The Eschaton Creed, Scotland, death metal, CD-R demo
THE KEVORKIAN SOLUTION - Invokation (randomselector4.8), UK, cyber grindcore, deathstill
THE KUNTAUTCULT - From the Pits, The Netherlands, grindcore, displeased
THE ZEPHYR - Impure & Divine, Mexico, fast, raging black / death metal, american line
THORNSBREED - The Splendour of the Repellent, Germany, blasphemous death metal, animate
THRONEAEON - With Sardonic Wrath, Sweden, brutal death metal, hammerheart (promo)
THY DISEASE - Cold Skin Obsession, Poland, black / death metal, metal mind
TINIEBLAS - Dark Infernal Light, Puerto Rico, ritualistic black metal, thrash corner
TOMBTHROAT - Evil Fucking Zombie Riot, Germany, death metal, sf
TOMMYKNOCKERZ - In The Course Of Time, Austria, thrash metal, sf, MCD
TORTURE INCIDENT / BRUTAL INSANITY - Voice Your Disgust / Smash Hits, Singapore / UK, goregrind, chop2death, split
TRONUS ABYSS - The king of Angels in the Abyss, Italy, black metal, pagan moon organization (sh)
TU CARNE / EL MUERMO - En Un Pellejo De Cerdo, Spain, goregrind, extremist, MCD
TUMOUR / M.D.K. / KADAVERFICKER / TOTAL PENURIA / VOMIT SEX - Blood and Sickness, The Netherlands / Brazil / Germany, goregrind, duende maltido, split
UNDERCROFT Evilusion, Chile, death metal, pavement (promo)
UNSILENCE - A Walk Through Oceans, UK, doom metal, golden lake, MCD
UPPERCUT - Shroud Shifter, Germany, death metal, guc, MCD
URBAN ALIENS - Corporate punk for rich people, Canada, fun hc / punk, new core music
URSCHULLUM - Psyco Noiz From Da Psyco Hoad 666, Czech Republic, hard core, 99
V / A Altars Of Mad Death France, Kronos, Kabbal, Recueil Morbide, death metal, diamond, digi
V / A COCKS & CUNTS intl., incl. Dying Fetus, Skinless, Haemorrhage, SCD, Agx, Malignant Tumour, brutal / death & grind only, bleurk, compilation
V / A Deathophobia intl., incl. Aborted, Inhumate, Inquest, Exmortem, Forgotten Silence, Agathocles, Nomad, death / doom / black / grind, earth ad, 3CD
V / A Hymns Of Rebellion II intl., incl. Ephel Duath, Aghora, doom / experimental, golden lake
V / A IMPHALTE vol. 1 - intl., incl. Depraved, Visceral Dissection, Anatomy, Disgorged Foetus, Gorestench, death & grind only, imphalte, compilation
V / A IMPHALTE vol. 2 - intl., incl. Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Atavism, Enemy Soil, Disgorged Foetus, death & grind only, imphalte, compilation
V / A LELAHEL METAL vol. 1 - intl., incl. Mangled, Hellborn, Cirith Gorgor, Darth, Patologicum, death / grind / doom, lalehel metal, compilation
V / A Metal Massacre 10 USA, incl. Confessor, Slaughter (can), Murdercar, Solitude, Wench, thrash metal, metal blade, compilation
V / A Metal Massacre 11 USA, incl. Havoc Mass, Epidemic, Mystic Force, Spudmonsters, thrash metal, metal blade, compilation
V / A NEOBLAST Compilation 3: Blast From the Underworld intl., incl. Spawn of Possession, Virulence, Korum, Kabbal, death / black / doom, neoblast, compilation
V / A Realm of Grind intl., incl. Agathocles, Total Fucking Destruction, Gorerotted, Damnable, Nefas, Toxic Bonkers, Selfhate, brutal / death & grind only, dywizja kot, compilation
V / A The Kanada Compilation Canada, Infernal Majesty / Custom / The Harpoons, thrash metal, lifestyle, 3 way split
V / A Ugly Music For Ugly Minds intl. Alchemist, Nasum, Pentagram, Cretin, Mastodon, Gadget, Zeke, Burst, Leng Tch'e, Dysrythmia, relapse
V / A Visionaires of the Macabre vol. 1 USA / Canada / Malaysia, incl. Cryptopsy, Pessimist, Eternal Suffering, Acheron, death, black, doom, lost disciple, compilation
V / A Witching Black Records intl. Throneum, The Chasm, Nordafrost, Gaurithoth, Atomizer, black metal, witching black
V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Songs of fairies, Serbia, atmosferic / medieval neoclassical ambience, rock express
VENEREAL DISEASE - Mondo Macabro, Spain, splatter grindcore, hecatombe
VERY WICKED Goregutgreedy, Germany, brutal death / grind, chainsaw fisting
VESANIA - God The Lux, Poland, black metal, empire
VICIOUS CRUSADE - Forbidden Tunes, Belarus, folk / doom / death / thrash metal, metal rec.
VICTIM Cocktail Of Bruatlity / Faces Of Death, Germany, death metal, eclipse
VIKING CROWN - Unorthodox Steps Of Ritual, USA, black metal, hammerheart (digi)
VOMIT REMNANTS / GORATORY / WORMED Premature Burial, Japan / USA / Spain, brutal death metal, macabre mementos
WARBLADE - A Crisis in the Gray Space, USA, melodic death metal, oak-knoll
WAYD Barriers, Slovakia, technical death metal, metal age
WHAT WEAPONS BRING WAR - What Weapons Bring War, USA, grundcore, encrypted, MCD
WITH DEAD HANDS RISING - The Horror Grows Near, USA, brutal deathcore, life sentence, MCD
WITH DEAD HANDS RISING - Behind Inquisition, USA, brutal deathcore, life sentence
WRECKER Humanicon, France, dirty death / grind, sf, MCD

5 euro each

1917 / SLOW DEATH / SLOW AGONY - Sudamerica Brutal, Argentina / Venezuela / Paraguay, death metal, hurling
7th NEMESIS / PUNISHMENT - Chronicles Of A Sickness, UK / France, brutal death metal / death core, skullfucked, split
AARDVARKS Conglomerate, Germany, aggressive thrash metal, yahuar malleou
ACID DRINKERS - Amazing Atomic Activity, Poland, thrash metal, metal mind
ACID DRINKERS - Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!, Poland, thrash metal, metal mind
ADVERSARY Forsaken, USA, death metal, cursed
ADVERSARY - The Winter's Harvest, USA, death metal, cursed
AGATHOCLES - Live in Leipzig, Germany 1991, Belgium, mince / grindcrust, half life
ALFA ERIDANO AKHERNAR The Magnificent Rebirth Of A Mighty Old Empire, death / black metal, concret
ALGOL / SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY - Whispers From An Empty Room, USA, atmospheric black metal, paragon, split
ANATHEMA The Silent Enigma, doom metal, metal mind
ANTROPOMORFIA - Engendro Brutal, Spain, old school death metal, necromance
ARE YOU GOD? - Espelho De Carne, Brazil, grindcore, 2+2=5, MCD
ARV - I.D., Norway, black metal, metal age
AS GRAVITY FADES - What Lies Beneath, Switzerland, metalic hardcore, fastbeast ent
ASCENDANCY - Rise Of Dead Empire, USA, technical brutal death metal, sf, MCD
ATAVISM / DRAIN OF IMPURITY / MINCER Brutalmageddon, Greece / Turkey / Italy, goregrind, coagulated, 3 way split
AUTOPSY Shitfun, USA, death metal, peaceville (promo)
AXON - Leper Viper, Mexico, raw death metal, deus mortuus
BAAL - State Of Aggression, Mexico, melodic black / death, american line
BANE OF EXISTENCE - Humanity's.splintered.slavation, USA, brutal death metal, fleshfeast
BATTALION - Into Harms Way, Australia, war black metal, asphyxiate
BEEF CONSPIRACY - Hung Drawn And Quarter Poundered, UK, brutal death /grind, grindethic
BEEF CONSPIRACY / ROTTEN COLD / DIN-ADDICT / MDK / ENTRALIS - Seven gates of hell, UK, Austria, Hungary / Brazil, 7 x grindcore, chop2death, 7 way split
BEYOND SERENITY - Total Control, Germany, brutal death, dark one
BIFROST Mythistory, The Netherlands, pagan metal, hammerheart
BIRDBRAINS - Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich, Singapore, old school grindcore, phlegm
BLACK MASS - Voices Of Fate, USA, death / black, primitive
BLOOD STAINED HOST - Individual Theatre, Italy, gothic / doom, the twelfth planet
BLOODTHRONE - Shield Of Hate, USA, black metal, forever underground
BORN OF THORNS - New Horizon, Finland, melodic death metal, oak knoll, MCD
BRAVE - Searching for the Sun, USA, progressive doom metal, dark symphonies
BUNDER NEKROMUNDA / RZEŹNIA - Da Split, Poland, goregrind / grindcore, surgical diathesis
BYATIS - In The Abysses Of Memory, France, brutal death metal, sf
C.H.C. / EMBOLISM - Another war, another lie / Live in chez republic, Brazil / Slovakia, grindcrust / brutal deathgrind, destroyer, split
CARDIAC NECROPSY / INSISION / KOMA / LACERATE / VRYKOLAKAS - Supreme Brutal Legions, Singapore / Sweden / Indonesia / Thailand, 5 different visions of brutal death metal, vrykoblast, 5way split
CARNAL LUST - Whore of Violence, France, brutal death metal, diamond
CARPE TENEBRUM - Dreaded Chaotic Reign, Norway, sympho black metal, hammerheart
CARPE TENEBRUM - Mirrored Hate Painting, Norway, majestic black metal, hammerheart
CARVED IN FLESH - Us Seen Through Tears, USA, death metal, sf
CELEBRATUM Instinct, Norway, black metal, metal age
CERNUNNOS - The Beast, USA, black metal, sf
CIDISPHERE - Interment..., Turkey, technical death metal, hammer muzik
CONVENT - The Truth Revealed, Poland, brutal death metal, awaken
CORPSEVOMIT - Raping The Ears of Those Above, USA, old school death metal, blackened moon
COUNT DE NOCTE - Carpe Noctum, Finland, melodic black metal, mad lion
CRIPPLE BASTARDS, tribute to, intl., Groinchurn, Birdflesh, Denak, Final Exit, Rot , T.F.D., obscene
CROTCHDUSTER - Big Fat Box Of Shit, USA, avant-garde metal / parody, earache (promo)
CRYPTIC REVELATION - The Truth Is Out There, Japan, death metal, deathortion, MCD
CYPRESS HILL - Lick A Shot, USA, hip hop, columbia, SCD
DARK FAITH - The Sentence of Satan, Spain, black metal, war is imminent (digi)
DARK LEGION Bloodshed, Poland, brutal death metal, deadsun
DARKANE - Rusted Angel, Sweden, extreme thrash metal, regain
DARKENED SKIES - Dawn of Dreams, Puerto Rico, melodic death metal, khaosmaster, MCD (digi)
DARTH - Buttfucked By Destiny, Germany, death metal, crude
DEAMON - Synopsis of Sin, Canada, brutal death metal, ghetto blaster
DECAY - Mutilating... Gutting, guttural goregrind, obliteration
DECEPTION - Permanent Torment, Poland, brutal death metal, nice to eat you
DECIEVERION Decieverion, USA, black death, non compos mentis
DECOMPOSING SERENITY / SUGAR PLUM FAIRY - Poultry Organ Toys, USA, grindcore, metal gate
DENY THE URGE Subsequent Confrontation, Germany, technical death metal, guc
DESECRATION Inhuman, UK, death metal, copro
DEVILS WHOREWHOUSE - The Howling, Sweden, Misfits tribute band, regain
DEVILYN XI, Poland, death metal, conquer
DIFENACUM Autoconflicto, Spain, intense grindcore, hecatombe
DIFER NOM BASTA Bolagen, Mexico, brutal death metal, american line
DIONYSOS Such Is Life, The Netherlands, thrashcore, sf
DISEMBOWEL Zero Turns To One, Greece, grinding death metal, sf
DISEMBOWEL Hanged, Drawn And Quartered, Germany, brutal death metal, MCD
DISFIGURED CORPSE - Mega Ultra Intergalactic Core 2000, Czech Republic, space grindcore, epidemie
DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Not To Be Undimensional Conscious, Austria, death metal, nuclear blast (sh)
DISHED - Reason of Suffering, Poland, brutal death metal (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint), CDr
DISSENTER - Bloodlust & Blasphemy, Poland, brutal death metal, sf
DRAGONGRASS - Beyond The Valley Of Hinnom, Canada, heavy metal, sf
DROGHEDA / MORTICITE Split, USA, grind, extremist, split
ECLYPSE - Applause: Ihvh Elohim Met, Poland, black / death metal, redrum
ECTOPIA - Sickly Private, Belgium, goregrind, sf, MCD
EERIE - Hollow Stare, Bulgaria, doom / death metal, brutallica
ELEMENTS - Another Point, Canada, technical death / thrash, hyper active, MCD
EMBOLISM - And We All Hate Ourselves, Slovakia, death / grind, erebos
ENCABULOUS - Abandoning The Flesh, Australia, pure death metal, venomous, MCD
ENFORSAKEN - Embraced By Misery, USA, death metal, lifeless
ENGORGE - Death... Fuck... Blackness, USA, black metal, dark horizon
ENGORGED / GRUESOME STUFF RELISH Split, USA / Spain, goregrind, last house, split MCD
ERYTROSY Delight, Slovakia, brutal death metal, metal age
ESQARIAL Amorphous, Poland, technical death metal, pagan
EXPULSION Overflow, Sweden, death / doom metal, godhead
EXVENTER - Procederum Finit, Russia, brutal death metal, coyote
EYE SEA Bloodgeon, Germany, brutal death metal, shredded, MCD
FAITH NO MORE - A Small Victory, USA, remixes by youth, slash, SCD
FALCHION Legacy Of Heathens, Finland, melodic doom / folk, worldchaos
FATAL PORTRAIT - An Elusive Instinct of Lascivia, Spain, black metal, downfall
FLESH FEAST - Flesh Feast, Canada, brutal death metal, cdn
FLESHART - Art Brut, Greece, brutal death metal, grindethic, MCD
FLESHGRIND - Live In Germany, USA, brutal death metal, united guttural
FLESHLESS - Sensual Death Immitation, Czech Republic, brutal death / grind, obscene
FORENSICK - Splattered Innards, Spain, brutal death / grind, genital heroes
FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES Defy, Czech Republic, death / grind, napalmed
FUNERAL RITES Necroeater, Japan, black metal, painkiller
FUNERATUS / DESCEREBRATION - Upcoming Apparition / Diabolical Grinder, Brazil, death metal, millenium, split
FURBOWL - The Autumn Years, Sweden, death metal, black mark (sh)
GARBAGE DISPOSAL - Union Carbide, Czech Republic, death / grind, reactor
GERBE OF LIFE / REPUDIATE Split, France, brutal death / grind, skullfucked, split
GLEARGH / RISING TERROR / L.A.R.D.O.N. Destroy To Conquer, Italy / France / France, grindcore, splitCD
GNOSTIC Evoking The Demon, USA, black metal, ordealis
GODS OF EMPTINESS Disobedience, Austria, grindcore, spv
GOREFUCK - Lust For Torture, Italy, brutal death / grind, coagulated
GOREOPSY - Intentional Disfiguration, Slovakia, brutal guttural death / grind, life fluid, MCD
GROMM - Happiness its when you are dead, Ukraine, black metal, ravenheart
HANDFUL OF HATE - Blood Calls Blood, Italy, black metal, downfall, MCD
HELLCHILD Bareskin, Japan, deathcore, howling bull
HELLCHILD - Circulating Contradiction, Japan, deathcore, howling bull
HELLVETO - Medieval Scream, Poland, true pagan black metal, ritual execution
HIMINBJORG Third, France, black metal, red stream
HOLDER - Merciful Scourge, Brazil, old school death metal, mutilation
HOLOCAUST - Demoniac Bible, Spain, brutal death metal, hecatombe, MCD
HORNCROWNED - The Rise of Satan's Artillery, Colombia, war black metal, demonic attack (digi)
HORRID - Evil Birth 1989-2002, Italy, old school death metal, more hate
HORRID - Reborn In Sin, Italy, death metal, deadsun
HYBRID EXONERATION / EFFECT MURDER - Cortex / Pathology of Society, Poland, brutal death / grind, redrum666 split
HYBRID VISCERY - Grindcore Contamination, Belgium, brutal death / grind, coyote
ILL FARES THE LAND Nonentity, Belgium, brutal death / grind, uxicon
IMPEDIGON - ...As Desires Fade, Belgium, melodic death metal, lsp
INCARRION - Into The Exposed Abyss, USA, brutal death metal, united guttural, MCD
INSANE ASSHOLES - Stralci di oblio, Italy, grind / crust, sf
INVERTED - There Can Be Only One..., Sweden, death metal, shiver
JIM MARTIN - Milk and Blood, USA, ex Faith No More guitar player solo metal album, spv
KABBAL - Synthetically Revived, France, pure death metal, diamond
KITTIE Spit, USA, all female nu metal, epic
KOREOPSIS - Guttural Woods, Switzerland, brutal death / grind, asterion, MCD
LACRIMAE - Course To Arsoning, Mexico, melodic black metal, american line
LANIENA MENTIS - Turn Into A Man, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, nice to eat you
LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions, The Netherlands, goregrind, bones brigade, MCD
LE CRI DU MORT - In Part Divine, Germany, gothic metal, sf
LEEWAY - Open Mouth Kiss, USA, hard core, firece
LEGACY OF HATE - The Killing, Austria, old school slow death metal, sf
LEGION Conqueror, USA, death metal, dark horizon
LOATHING / DEEPRED - This Is a Face of Humanity, France / Finland, brutal death metal, several bleed, split
LOWBROW - Sex.Violence.Death, USA, old school death metal, crook'd
LUNATIC GODS - Sitting by the Fire, Slovakia, death metal, hrom
LUNATIC GODS - Inhuman and Insensible, Slovakia, experimental death / black metal, hrom
LUNATIC GODS - The Wilderness, Slovakia, experimental death / black / doom, shindy
M 87 - Noctilucent Threnody, UK, dark ambient, supernal music
M.O.D. The Rebel You Love To Hate, USA, thrashcore, nuclear blast
MALEDICTIVE PIGS Soul Surgery, Germany, brutal death metal, cudgel
MALEVOLENT - Diabolical Machinations, USA, brutal death metal, sf, CD-R demo
MALIGNANT ETERNAL Alarm, Norway, melodic black metal, napalm
MANGLER - Are You Ready For Something Like This, Russia, brutal death / grind, dreaming about cannibalism, MCD
MANHOLE - All Is Not Well, USA, modern hard core, koch
MARTYR - Murder x / End Of Game, Czech Republic, death metal, system shock
MASTECTOMIA / MIXOMATOSIS - Thirteen Days Project / Sang Corrupte, Poland / Spain, brutal deathgrind / goregrind, downfall, split
MAZE OF TORMENT - The Force, Sweden, death metal, corrosion, MCD
MENTAL ABBERATION - Victim Of It's Own Sort, Germany, brutal death metal, sf
MESRINE / TRAUMATISM / NYCTOPHOBIC Split, Canada / Canada / Germany, goregrind, e.n.d., split
MINDFLAIR / RUNNING GUTS Split, Germany / France, grind / noise, bones brigade, splitMCD (slipcase)
MISANTHROPIC Soulreaver, Germany, dark death metal, xtreem
MISERICORDIA - Erase The Skies, Sweden, black metal, downfall, MCD
MITHRAS - Forever Advacing... Legions, UK, brutal technical death metal, golden lake
MIXOMATOSIS - Bienvenidos al mundo dol terror, Spain, goregrind, coyote
MORBID SAVOURING Insensitivicious, Finland, old school grindcore, murder the world
MORNING AGAIN / 25 TA LIFE Split, USA, hard core, goodlife, split MCD
MORTALITY Structure, Australia, modern death / thrashcore, warhead
MOTHERNIGHT Mothernight, Spain, gothic / doom, locomotive, digi
MY MINDS MINE - 48 reasons to Leave this Planet, The Netherlands, grindcore, selfmadegod
NEFORMAT - Breathe With Hatred, Russia, death / grind, blacksmith
NEOLITH Immortal, Poland, death / doom metal, flaming arts
NEPHASTH - Conceived By Inhuman Blood, Brazil, death metal, empire
NEXUSSEIS - Four Seconds To Die, Spain, cold dark ambient, iberian moon
NIGHT IN GALES Sylphike, Germany, melodic death metal, sf, MCD
NIHILISTIKRYPT - Required Sacrifices, Estonia, death metal, sf, CDR
NO SOULS LOST Eulogy Of Genocide, USA, death metal, sf
NOMEN MORTIS Misanthrone, Slovakia, death metal, downfall, MCD
NUCLEAR DEATH - For Our Dead / All Creatures Great And Eaten, USA, death / grind, extremist
OBLITERATE - Tangled Ways, Slovakia, grindcore / death metal, extremist
OBLITERATE - The Feelings, Slovakia, death / grind, erebos
OBLITERATE / DIN-ADDICT - 9$ / 8 euro Against Your Will / Planet U.S.A., Slovakia / Hungary, skud, split
OMNIUM GATHERUM - Rectifying Human Rejection, Australia, brutal death / grind, life fluid
OUIJA - Riding Into The Funeral Path, Spain, black metal, repulse
PAROXYSM Revelation Is Denied, Canada, technical death metal, tgwn
PATHOLOGY STENCH - Acction Mutante, Slovakia, brutal death metal, shindy
PENTAGORIA - ...And The Sky Bled Gore, USA, brutal death metal, sf
PHANTASMA Gospel, Slovakia, black / death metal, downfall
PLASMA / RADICALIS AMPUTATIO / SPERMSWAMP - 3-Ways Take Your Skin To Do A Lantern, Germany / Hungary / Canada, porno goregrind, rottenpyosis, 3 way split
PORPHYRIA / SOULLESS - Mayhemic Blast / The 1st Act of Desecration, Poland, brutal death metal, redrum666, split
POSTHUMOUS - My Eyes They Bleed, Brazil, melodic black metal, evil horde
PSYCHRIST - The Abysmal Fiend, Australia, death metal, warhead (promo)
PUTREFACTION - WarBlood And Rottenness, Brazil, death metal, sf
PUTREFACTOR - Symptoms of Societal Rot, USA, death metal, sf
PUTREFIED Bodybits, The Netherlands, brutal death metal, sevared, MCD
PUTRIDITY / INFATUATION OF DEATH - Ten Acts of Death Metal Terror, Poland, brutal death metal, redrum, split
QUEIRON - Impious Domination, Brazil, death metal, mutilation
REBAELLIUN - Bringer the War, Brazil, brutal death metal, hammerheart, MCD
REBAELLIUN - At War, Brazil, brutal death metal, hammerheart, MCD
REGORGE - Kingdoms Of Derision, Scotland, brutal death metal, dead again
REPUGNANCE - Maximum Perversum, Spain, death / grind, uxicon
RETCH - Reinsertion of Aborted Remnants, USA, goregrind, unmatched brutality, MCD
ROTTEN MINDS Necrogallery, Spain, ultra brutal death / grind, hecatombe
SACRUM Darkstricken, Poland, melodic doom metal, empire
SALTUS - Słowiańska Duma, Poland, pagan black, sf
SCEPTIC - Unbeliever's Script, Poland, death metal, empire
SECURITY THREAT - The Truth Is Out, USA, grindcore / power violence, selfmadegod
SELFHATE - At the Begining..., Poland, political grindcore / powerviolence, selfmadegod
SERENADE - The Serpent Dance, Scotland, progressive death metal, golden lake
SERMON - From Death To Death, Russia, death / black metal, wild rags
SEVENTH GATE, THE - None So Bloody As The Kingdom Of Christ, USA, death / grind, satan rock
SIGNS OF DYING - Desire of Suffreing, USA, brutal death metal, deathgasm
SIX REASON TO KILL / ABSIDIA - Morphology of Fear, Germany, metalcore, per koro / bastardized, split
SKULLVIEW - Kings of the Universe, USA, heavy metal, massacre
SOLDABLURKTHAL Insectophily, France, brutal death / grind, bleurk
SOLGRAV - Auringon Hauta, Finland, pagan metal, nocturnal woodlands
SOULEDGE - Exterminate the World, Colombia, masive thrash / death, the blast
SOULLESS / PANDEMIC GENOICDE / ARMINIUS Split, Poland / Poland / The Netherlands, pure death metal, old temple, CDr
SOULSTORM - Darkness Visible, Canada, death metal, epidemic
SPACESHITERS - Grinding Dancers From Outa Space, Germany, goregrind, noisi
SUHRIM - Unidentified Flying Bodyparts, Belgium, brutal death metal, hybreed
SUNRISE - Generation of Sleepwalkers, Poland, vegan deathcore, sanctuary
SURGICAL DISSECTION - Absurd Humanism, Slovakia, brutal death / grind, nice to eat you
TERRORIST Mata O Muere, Argentina, brutal death / grind, deus mortuus
THE BEAST - Fixed By the Devil, Belgium, black metal, painkiller, MCD (sh)
THE DEADBEATS - In Full Blown Stereo, Sweden, death & roll, fueled up
THE FORENSIC - Legions of Death, Mexico, death metal, american line
THE FORGOTTEN - L'aldila, USA, misanthropic black metal, paragon inc
THE TWO MINUTES HATE Villains, Canada, metalcore, sf
THIRD DEGREE - Six Year Of 666 (discography), Poland, crusty death / grind, czerwony diabełek
THORWALD / PULMONARY FIBROSIS - Medical Dissector, Slovakia / France, goregrind, bizarre leprous, split
THY DISEASE - Rat Age (Sworn Kinds Final Verses), Poland, black / death metal, empire
TORN TO PIECES - Mastering The Arts Of Death, Germany, death metal, cxxt bxxcher
ULCERATE FESTER Sonatorrek, The Netherlands, melancholic doom / death metal, cyber
UMBAKARAIL - In Unity "Paienne", France, black metal, deadsun
UNDINISM - Born With An Erection, Australia, grindcore, prolapse
UNHEALTHY DREAMS Nightmares Give Away To Apocalypse, France, black metal, sf
UNNATURAL Life, Spain, brutal death metal, burning dogma
V / A BLACKEND vol. II, intl., incl. Dark Funeral, Arcturus, In The Woods, Dissection, Emperor, Satyricon, Destroyer 666, black metal, blackend, 2 CD compilation
V / A CONTAMINATED VI intl., incl. Nile, Suffocation, death / grind, relapse, 2CD
V / A Pain Unlimited Sampler vol. 1 - intl., incl. Chemical Breath, Media In Morte, Decision D, Krhoma Death, Gorement, death, thrash, crypta, compilation
V / A Repulsive Assault intl., incl. Deranged, Immolation, Demilich, Adramelech, Vomitory, Avulsed, brutal death / grind, repulse
VARATHRON - Lament of Gods, Greece, black metal, pagan, MCD
VASTION - Closed Eyes To Nothing, USA, brutal old school death metal, retribute
VELOCIDAD ABSURDA - Fisico Tortura Emocional, Spain, brutal death / grind, sf, MCD
VELOCIDAD ABSURDA / KEVLAR SKIN - Estigmas Involutons / Zero Conciousness, Spain, ultra brutal death / grind, hecatombe, split
VERMIN - Millenium Ride, Sweden, death'n'roll, no fashion
VIGILIA MORTUM Bloody Remorse, Estonia, brutal death metal, blacksmith
VIRUS / KEVLAR SKIN - Specialized Human Robot / The Human Room, Australia / Spain, brutal death / grind, life fluid, split
VISION OF THE NIGHT - En Visioning the New Age, Canada, brutal death metal, bloodbucket
VOICE OF HATE - Gods of Hell and Earth, Spain, furious grind, voliac
VOICE OF HATE Handling Of Flesh, Spain, furious grind, voliac
VOMIT THE SOUL Human Insanity, Italy, brutal death / grind, sf, MCD
WARSORE - Sweet Revenge, Australia, grindcore, vomit noise
WARSPITE - Gallery of the Macabre - Studies of death and Darkness, Germany, death / grind, crimes against humanity
WICKED INNOCENCE Worship, USA, weird thrashcore, headfucker
WITCHBLADE I, Chile, progressive power metal, picoroco
WITCHES' SABBATH - New World Plague, Spain, black /death metal, necromance
WOLFEN SOCIETY - Conquer Divine, USA, old school death metal, house of death, MCD

6 euro each

A MIND CONFUSED Anarchos, Sweden, death / black, near dark
ABACINATE Portrayal Of The Gray Man, USA, death / thrash, sf, MCD
ABADDON INCARNATE Nadir, Ireland, brutal death / grind, sentinel
ABANDON - Never-ending Black Torrent Of Death, UK, black metal, todestrieb
ABOMINANT Conquest, USA, death / black metal, deathgasm
ABOMINANT Ungodly, USA, death / black metal, deathgasm
ABRASIVE Devotion, Germany, brutal death / grind, nice to eat you
ABSENT / WORLD OF SHIT - Errare Humanum Est / Laugh at Everything, Poland / Germany, brutal death metal / brutal death / grind, redrum666, split
AGATHOCLES / H.407 - For What? For Who?, Poland, mince core, apathic view, split
ALICE IN CHAINS Dirt, USA, grunge, columbia (sh)
ALIENATION MENTAL - Four Years... Time Full Of Brutality, Czech Republic, brutal death / grind, burning dogma
ANAEMIA - Stupidity of the Lambs, Spain, grindcore, soulreaper, MCD
ANCIENT NECROPSY - Ancient Necropsy, Colombia, brutal death / grind, nice to eat you
ARCHAIC - Akelarre / Regressor, France, funeral doom metal, obskure sombre
ARTISIAN Na Beiste Bhon Talamh, USA, black metal, grindethic
ASGAARD - Ex Oriente Lux, Poland, dark / doom metal, metal mind
ASKALON Armageddon, Poland, brutal death metal, moonbow empire
ASTAROTH Sklavengott, Austria, black metal, ccp
ATROPHIA RED SUN - Twisted Logic, Poland, technical death metal, empire
BEYOND FATAL - Sanctuary In Misery, USA, brutal death metal, bloodsoaked
BLACKEND Sloth, Germany, thrash metal, mdd
BLOOD VOMIT - Up From The Grave, USA, brutal death metal, bloodsoaked
BLOODY GORE - Blood Driven Vehemence, Indonesia, brutal death / grind, uxicon, MCD
BODY COUNT - Violent Demise the Last Days, USA, hard core, virgin
BOUND AND GAGGED - Fornicate The Gutted, USA, brutal death metal, united guttural
BUTCHER ABC - Butchered At Birth Day, Japan, death / grind, obliteration
CADUCITY - The Weiliaon Wielder Quest, Belgium, death / doom metal, shiver
CAEDERE - Mass Emisision, The Netherlands, death metal, goregiastic
CARNAVAGE The Hairless Fat Carnage Deed, Algeria, grindcore, apathic view, MCD
CARPATHIAN FOREST - Over A Decade Of Perversions, Norway, black metal, avantgarde
CELTIC FROST - Parched With Thirst Am I Dying, Switzerland, thrash metal, noise (sh)
CEMETERY - Detriment Image, Indonesia, ultra brutal death metal, sevared
CENOTAPH - Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium, Turkey, ultra brutal death metal, united guttural
CONGRESS - Blackened Persistance, Belgium, hard core, plus bonus CD-R, good life
CONGRESS - Angry With The Sun, Belgium, hard core, good life
CORPORAL RAID Xenophilism, Italy, goregrind, bizarre leprous
CORPSING The Stench Of Humanity, UK, death metal, grindethic
CRIMSON MOON - To embrace the vampyric blood, USA, black metal, abyss
CRIMSON ORCHID - Chapter XIII: Nightmares & fairytales, USA, metalcore, sf
CRITICAL MADNESS Killable, Czech Republic, goregrind, crystal
CROMM CRUAC - Meadows of Madness, The Netherlands, technical death metal, firebreath
CROPMENT - Spiral Of Violence, Switzerland, death metal, fastbeast
DARKSIDE NYC - Ambitions Make Way For Dread, USA, metalcore, gainground (digi)
CRUCIFIX Where Angels Rot, Denmark, brutal death metal, sf, CD-R
CRYNIGHT Intra Tenebrae, Spain, death metal, sf
DATURA - Impulse 80, Ukraine, brutal death, coyote
DEAD - Les Stars Du Rock Porno, Germany, grindcore, obliteration
DEATH OF MILLIONS Frozen, USA, brutal death metal, dies irae (digi)
DEATH OF MILLIONS - Statistics and Tragedy, USA, brutal death metal, blackend
DECEASED - The Radiation Years, USA, death metal, cursed
DECEPTION - Nuclear Wind, Poland, brutal death metal, redrum
DECOMPOSING SERENITY Well stop when youre dead (maybe), USA, goregrind, vomit noise
DEFECATION - Intention Surpassed, USA, grindcore, nuclear blast
DEFLESHED - Royal Straight Flesh, Sweden, death metal, regain
DEFLESHED - Fast Forward, Sweden, death metal, regain
DEFORMED - Project Torture 005, Poland, death / grind, skullfucked
DESPISE / LUST OF DECAY Split, Czech Republic / USA, ultra brutal death metal, sf, split MCD
DETERIORATE - The Senectuous Entrance, USA, old school death metal, pulverizer (sh)
DEVILIUM - Pagan At War, France, intense brutal death metal, criminal
DEVISER - Running Sore, Greece, hellenic black metal, lsp
DEVISER - Thy Blackest Love - The Early Years, Greece, cult black metal, sleaszy rider
DISASTROUS MURMUR - Marinate Your Meat, Austria, death metal, cudgel
DISGRACE Superhuman Dome, France, death metal, morbid
DISGUST - Years Of Torment, Canada, brutal death / grind, sf
DISGUST - In Aeternum..., France, brutal death metal, shock wave
DISGUST / INVEIGH - Bleed The Gemini, Canada, brutal death / grind, big metal, split
DISINTERMENT - Gravey And Fornication, USA, brutal death metal, nice to eat you
DISLOYAL - The Kingdom Of Plague, Poland, technical death metal, redrum 666
DISTURBED - The Sickness, USA, nu metal, giant
DRED A Path To Extinction, Austria, death / thrash metal, sf, MCD
EARTH - Star Condemn'd, Australia, doom death metal, iron fist
ENTREAT Deincubation, Slovenia, melodic death metal, moonlee
EQUINOX - Journey Into Oblivion, USA, death / black metal, still dead
ESTUARY - To Exist And Endure, USA, death metal, ibex moon
EVIL - XII-XX, Poland, grind / crust, n.i.c.
EVISCIUM - Underneath The Buried, USA, death metal, still dead
EXTINCTION - The Black Hex, UK, black metal, todestrieb
FAILED HUMANITY - The Sound Of Razors Through Flesh, UK, brutal death / grind, candlelight
FATE OF ICARUS - Cut Your Throat Before They Do, USA, great death / grind, willowtip (sh)
FERMENTO Insignia, Spain, brutal death metal, voliac
FIT OF ANGER - Fit Of Anger, USA, hardcore, king fisher
FLESHRIPPER / OBLITERATION Split, Germany, old school brutal death / grind, suffer
FOIL - Rocket USA, Australia, industrial, dark oceans
FORCE FED FLESH - The Human Virus, USA, brutal death metal, malicious intent, MCD
FORNICATION - Unleashed Wrath, Brazil, brutalized
FORSAKEN - Anima Mundi, Malta, doom metal, golden lake
FUCK THE FACTS / FEEBLE MINDED My Anorexia, Canada / Czech Republic, grindcore, grodhasin
FUCK THE FACTS / SERGENT SLAUGHTER - Overseas Connection, Canada / France, grindcore, meat 5000, split
FUNERAL INCEPTION - Anthems Of Disenchantment, Indonesia, brutal death metal, warpath
GATEKEEPER Gatekeeper, USA, brutal technical death metal
GHASTLY / FLAME - A Morbid Split, Australia / Finland, black metal / blackthrash, asphyxiate
GODLESS TRUTH - Burning Existence, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, deadsun
GOLGOTHA - Land Of Death, Poland, death metal, baron
GOREOPSY - Co.-Ed Killer, Slovakia, brutal guttural death / grind, life fluid
GRIND BUTO - Welcome To Annihilation, Indonesia, grindcore, bloodbath
GRUESOME MALADY - Infected With Virulent Seed, India, goregrind, bizarre leprous
HELHEIM - Yersinia Pestis, Norway, viking metal, massacre
HIPPIE MASSAKER - Trampel Schaden, Germany, evil r'n'r, sf
HOG CALLER / HEADCRUSH - Proper Parasite Mannerisms, USA / The Netherlands, grindcore, last house on the right, split MCD
HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL Opusgenitalia, Portugal, brutal death metal, cudgel agency
HOLY MOSES - World Chaos, Germany, thrash metal, bootleg
HOMOIRATUS Apocalypse, Greece, futuristic death metal, sf
HUNTER Requiem, Poland, thrash metal, mystic (digi)
HUNTER Medeis, Poland, thrash metal, mystic (digi)
IMPERIAL SODOMY - Tormenting the Pacifist, France, brutal death metal, criminal
IMPIOUS HAVOC - Monuments of Suffering, Finland, grim black metal, total holocaust
IMPURE - In Disrecpect To Mankind, Germany, brutal death metal, cdn
INDUNGEON - The Misanthropocalypse, Sweden, melodic death / thrash metal, invasion
INFERIA - Release For Burial Orgies, Finland, brutal death metal, nice to eat you
INFERNAL - The Infernal Compendium, Spain, black metal, tribulacion
INFERNAL / EXELSUS DIABOLI - The Reapers Of God, Spain, black metal, mighty hordes, split
INFERNAL HATE - The wisdom of obscure dimensions, Colombia, brutal death metal, goregiastic
INGROWING / DEFLORACE - Perverted Look At The World, Czech Republic, brutal death / grind, leviathan
INRI - Hyper Bastard Breed, The Netherlands, brutal death metal, coldblood industries
INSIDE CONFLICT - Headless..., France, mosh core, next sentence
INVASION - Berserk Artillery Barrage, USA, death metal, forever underground
KALIBAS Enthusiastic Corruption Of The Common Good, USA, grindcore, willowtip, MCD
KATAPLEXIA - Catastrophic Scenes, Finland, brutal death metal, xtreem
KILL HUMANITY - Ki1ling, Russia, brutal death / grind, coyote
KOLDBORN - First Enslavement, Denmark, brutal death metal, diehard
KONKHRA Come Down Cold, Denmark, death metal, diehard (promo)
KOTS - Serial Suicide, The Netherlands, cyberporngrind, bizarre leprous
KRETAN - Christian corpse mutilation, USA, guttural death metal, comatose
LANDFILL Assassins, USA, industrial noise, order of the dead's head
LUGBURZ Triumph Of Antichrist, Poland, black metal, circle of tyrants
LUNACY - Grey Silence, Switzerland, innovative thrash metal, witchhunt, MCD
M.A.C. OF MAD Badluck, Czech Republic, grindcore, l'inphantile collective (digi)
MALEFICIA - Songs Of The Nightbird, Finland, black metal, pakana
MALIGNANT TUMOUR - Dawn Of A New Age, Czech Republic, grindcore, insane society (digi)
MALKUTH - Destroying The Symbols of Lies, Brazil, fast black metal, necrodemon
MAN MUST DIE - ...Start Killing, UK, hyper speed death metal, retribute
MANATARK Crimson Hours, Estonia, black metal, metal age
MARTRIDEN Martriden, USA, death / black metal, sf, MCD
MARTYR - To Confirm When Destruction Comes, The Netherlands, black metal, regimental
MAYHEM, Tribute To - Originators Of The Northern Darkness, intl., incl. Immortal, Dark Funeral, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Absu, Carpathian Forest..., avantgarde
MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM - Inconsistent World, Czech Republic, brutal death, epidemie
MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM Dreamkillers, Czech Republic, brutal death metal, epidemie
MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM - Evil Planet, Czech Republic, brutal death / grind, epidemie
MELEK - THA - Perfect World Eradication, France, minimalistic dark ambient, kubernoise
MENTAL DEMISE - Disgraceful Sores, Ukraine, grinding brutal death metal, madness moral insanity
MESRINE - Jack Is Dead, Canada, goregrind, power it up
MINCING FURY AND GUTTURAL CLAMOUR OF QUEER DECAY - Eye For Eye, Czech Republic, goregrind, last house of the rite, MCD
MIND SNARE Hegemony, Italy, pure death metal, sf, MCD
MIND SNARE - The Noble Ancestry, Italy, pure death metal, forever underground
MINDCOLLAPSE - Vampires Dawn, Sweden, death metal, vod
MOLESTED SENSES - No Friends Here, USA, death metal, still dead
MONOLITH - Ego Through Fashion, Austria, grindcore, sf, MCD
MORDRED Vision, USA, funky thrash, noise, MCD
MORGUE Bonecrunch, France, brutal death metal, fleshfeast, MCD (sh)
MORT - Godless Dominion, Germany, black metal, pestilence
MYOPIA Concentration Of Suffering, Canada, brutal death metal, cdn
MYTILE VEY LORTH Disillusion, Australia, black / death metal, prime
NECROBASS - Kings Of Grind, Russia, grindcore, not like most
NECROPHAGOUS Disgusted, USA, brutal death metal, skeptic, MCD
NEGLECT - End It!, USA, hard core, we bite, MCD
NEURAL TUBE DEFECTS Educhate, Italy, cyber goregrind, nuclear abominations, CD-R
NEUROPATHIA - Graveyard Cowboys, Poland, grindcore, selfmadegod
NODE Sweatshops, Italy, melodic death metal, scarlet
NOISECORE FREAK - Experiments From The Rust Factory, Canada, harsh grind, deadsix
NON - FICTION Preface, USA, progressive power metal, spv
NON - FICTION - It's A Wonderful Lie, USA, progressive power metal, spv
NORDOR - Nordorian Manifestations, Greece, black / death metal, sleaszy rider
OCEANS OF SADNESS - For We Are, Belgium, death / black metal, lsp
OSSUARY INSANE - Demonise The Flesh, USA, death / black, galdre
OXIDISED RAZOR - ...Carne...Sangre..., Mexico, goregrind, obliteration
PAGANIZER - Dead Unburied, Sweden, classic death metal, machiavellian
PANCHRYSIA / ICONOCLASM - The Ultimate Crescendo Of Hell, Belgium, black metal, shiver, split
PAPERCUT HOMICIDE - From Filth Comes Grace, USA, weird death / thrash / grind, retribute
PARRICIDE Illtreat, Poland, brutal death metal, surgical diathesis
PARRICIDE / PATOLOGICUM / DEFORMED - Cut Your Head Before They Do, Poland, brutal death / grind, crude, 3 way split
PATOLOGICUM - Hecatomb Of Aberration, Poland, open minded goregrind, crude
PATOLOGICUM / GRUESOME MALADY - Aura of Atrophy, Poland / India, goregrind / grind, fat ass / everydayhate, split
PERVERSITY - In The Garment Of Lust, Slovakia, brutal death metal, perennial quest
PETRIFIED Layers Of Despair, France, brutal death / grind, sf, MCD
PHALOGORE - Child Burner, Colombia, brutal death metal, brutalized
POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER - Avantground Undergrind, Belarus, brutal gore death / grind, dreaming about cannibalism, MCD
PREJUDICE - Dominion of Chaos, Belgium, technical & brutal death metal, painkiller
PREJUDICE Reality, Belgium, thrash / death metal, painkiller
PROHIBITORY - In Death We Trust, Mexico, pure death metal, toai
PROPHECY - Foretold... Foreseen, USA, brutal death metal, goregiastic
PSYPHERIA Embrace The Mutation, USA, technical brutal death metal, heretic sound
PURULENT SPERMCANAL - Legalize For Cannibalism, Czech Republic, gore grind rock, leviathan
PURULENT SPERMCANAL - We Pity We Didn't Kill You All, Czech Republic, gore grind rock leviathan
PUSTULATED - Pathognomonic Purulency, Colombia, ultra brutal death metal, goregiastic
PUTREFIED - Live Plugged And Crushing, The Netherlands, brutal death metal, sevared
REEK OF SHITS - Bloody Obstetric Technology, Czech Republic, goregrind, bizarre leprous
REEXAMINE - Laughing Dolls In The Purple Sunshine, Japan, death / grind, bloodbath
REINFECTION - Peace Through Killing, Poland, brutal death / grind, goregiastic
REPROBATION - The Colour Of Gore, USA, brutal death / grind, forever underground, MCD
RETALIATION The Execution, Sweden, grindcore, headfucker
ROT - Old Dirty Grindcores, Brazil, grindcore, 2+2=5
ROTTENNESS - Blasphemous Gore Enjoyment, Mexico, brutal death / gore, emerald city (sh)
SABBAT - Sabbatical Holocaust, Japan, black metal, time before time
SACRUM - Mass Genocide, USA, death / thrash, sf, MCD
SACRUM - Res Sacra Miser, Poland, melodic doom metal, sound of decay
SACRUM - The Symbol, Poland, melodic doom metal, awaken
SAMMATH - Verwoesting Devastation, The Netherlands, raw sadistic black metal, folter
SANATORIUM - Celebration of Exhumation, Slovakia, ultra brutal death metal, forensick, MCD
SANATORIUM Fetus Rape, Slovakia, ultra brutal death metal, forensick, MCD
SANCTIFICATION - Misanthropic Salvation, Sweden, death metal, remission
SAPROFFAGO - Bestial Horrible Thoughts, Colombia, brutal death / grind, goregiastic
SARGATANAS - Knights Of The Southern Cross, Mexico, brutal death metal, barbarian wrath
SARGATANAS REIGN - Euthanasia... Last Resort, Sweden, technical brutal death metal, i hate
SAVATAGE - Fight For The Rock, USA, heavy metal, edel
SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS - Catacomb Abattoir, Russia, ultra brutal death metal, relics
SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH - Puke Pile, USA, gore death / grind, united guttural
SENSFIELD Building, USA, melodic hardcore, revelation
SEVENDUST Sevendust, USA, nu metal, tvt
SEVERANCE - What Lies Ahead, USA, death metal, burning dogma
SEVERED REMAINS - A Display Of Those Defiled, USA, brutal death metal, comatose
SHADOWS OF SUNSET - Reflection From Afar, Finland, death / black metal, fadeless, MCD
SIKSAKUBUR - The Carnage, Indonesia, brutal death metal (pro-printed full colour inlay and discprint), extreme souls, CDr demo
SIX REASON TO KIL - Kiss the Demon, Germany, metalcore, alveran
SKELETON OF GOD - Urine Garden / Bleached In The Sun, USA, death / grind, deathgasm
SOULLESS / EXECRATOR - Innhrritance By The Wicked Empire, Poland / Italy, brutal death metal, eyes of the dead, split
SPAWN OF SATAN / BLOODSICK Split, USA, unholy death metal, hell's headbangers
SPAWNED BY ROT - Beyond Random Torture, Canada, brutal death / grind, sf
SPINECAST - Disease of Worthlessness, USA, brutal death metal, sf
STABWOUND - Bloodsoaked serenades, Sweden, brutal death / grind, the flood, MCD
STRIBORG - Misanthropic Isolation in the Heart of the Rainforest, Australia, black metal, asgard
STRIKE ANYWHERE - Exit English, USA, hardcore / punk, jade tree
SUTURE / LEHAVOTH / LEUKORRHEA - The sick the dead the rotten, USA / Israel / USA, brutal death / grind, the spew, 3 way split
TALES OF BLOOD Horrors Of The Flesh, France, old school death metal, painkiller, MCD
TANKARD - The Tankard, Germany, thrash metal, sams
TENGKORAK - Konsentrasi Massa, Indonesia, brutal death / grind, bloodbath
TERMINALLY YOUR ABORTED GHOST Inanimately Soundless, USA, death / grind, the spew, MCD
THANATOS - Beyond Terror, The Netherlands, old school death metal, red stream, MCD
THANATOS - Angelic Encounters, The Netherlands, cult death / thrash, hammerheart (digi)
THE EQUINOX OV THE GODS - Fruits and Flowers of the Spectral Garden, Sweden, dark doom metal, unisound (sh)
THE GREAT DECEIVER - Cave In, Sweden, death metal, bridge, MCD
THE RECKONING - Deathlike Millenia, Belgium, melodic black metal, shiver
THE RED KING Vitreolum, USA, dark ambient, dark symphonies, digi
THREE VICTIMS - Loathing Societal Conformities, Australia, brutal guttural death / grind, sf, MCD
THRONEAEON - Neither of Gods, Sweden, brutal death metal, hammerheart
TORTURER - Live From The Ashes, Chile, death / thrash, bloodbath
TOTAL RUSAK Exploding The Carnial, Indonesia, ultra brutal grinding death, obliteration
TOXIC BONKERS - Seeds of Cruelty, Poland, death / grind / crust, selfmadegod
TRANSGRESSOR - Recollected limbs, Japan, death metal, bloodbath
TRAUMASIDE / WASTEFORM Split, USA, brutal death metal, step up, split
TROCKI Bez Końca, Poland, grindcore, n.i.c., digi
TVANGESTE Firestorm, Russia, symphonic black metal, worldchaos
TZUN TZU - Without Zero, Australia, brutal death metal, dissident, MCD
UDUMBAL - Ahi Budhnya, Belarus, occult esoteric art, monstrous star
UNDERTHREAT Deathmosphere, Colombia, death / thrash, barbarian
UNHALLOWED - Punch Fucking Blasphemy, USA, brutal death metal, sf
UNTAMED Fuck The Fucking Fuckers, France, brutal death / grind, meat5000
URANUS - Doctrine Of Immortality, Greece, pagan heavy / black, sleaszy rider
V / A Bizarre Vinyls Greece / Poland / Belgium, incl. Utopie, Autophagia, Squash Bowels, BRS, Twisted Truth, Decomposition, grind as fuck, bizarre leprous, compilation
V / A FUDGEWORTHY Records intl., incl. Anal Cunt, Meat Shits, G.G.Allin, Undinism, Slough, Minch, Rot, Groinchurn, Gonkulator, grind, noise, black fudgeworthy, compilation
V / A GRIND CORE'S DEATH ROW intl., incl.Vital Remains, Cianide, Impaler, At The Gates, death metal, grindcore, compilation
V / A Polish & Brazilian Assault, Poland / Brazil, incl. Decapitated, Lost Soul, Abohrrence, Nephasth, relapse, 2CD
VADER - Beware The Beast, Poland, death metal, empire, MCD
VAMPIRIA - Among Mortals, Spain, symphonic black metal, war is imminent (digi)
VERMINOUS Impious Sacrilege, Sweden, old school death metal, xtreem
VISCERA INFEST - Demo Single CD 2005, Japan, goregrind, obliteration
VISCERA TRAIL - Piled Up Dead, Israel, goregrind, epitomite
VISCERAL DAMAGE - Garden Of Mutilation, Spain, brutal death / grind, xtreem
VOIVOD Phobos, Canada, nuclear thrash metal, metal mind (sh)
WADGE - The Road To Hana, Canada, grindcore, regurgitated semen
WASTEFORM - Ignorance Through Sovereignity, USA, brutal deathcore, xtreem
WELKIN - Angel Inside, Belgium, unique massive brutal death metal, the spew
WINTER BESTOWED - Within My Labyrinthine Heart, Canada, technical death metal, sf, MCD
WORMEATEN - Tortured Cadaveric Humanity, Colombia, death / grind, brutalized
WTN - Rotting In Pestilence, Singapore, splatter grindcore, razorback
XIUHTECUHTLI The X Lucifer Division, Mexico, black metal, executer 666
ZOMBIE RITUAL Zombies From Tokyo, Japan, death / thrash metal, apathic view, MCD
ZORA - Undisciplinated Violent Aggression, Italy, brutal death metal, malicious intent

7 euro each

40 BELOW SUMMER - The Morning After, USA, nu metal, roadrunner
ABADDON INCARNATE - The Last Supper, Ireland, brutal death metal, season of mist
ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE - Systematic Terror Decimation, Indonesia, ultra brutal death / grind, from beyond
AGATUS - The Weaving Fates, Greece, black / death metal, iron pegasus
AHRET DEV - Ahret Dev, Poland, brutal death metal, dywizja kot (sh)
ALL OR NOTHING H.C. - Sacrifice Discipline Bliss, USA, melodic hardcore / punk, on the rag
AMORPHIS - My Kantele, Finland, melodic doom metal, relapse, MCD
ANCIENT NECROPSY - Deformed King's Mummification, Colombia, brutal death / grind, goregiastic
ANTIGAMA Discomfort, Poland, grindcore, extremist
ANTIGAMA / DEFORMED - Roots of Chaos, Poland, grindcore, deformeathing
ARCTURUS - The Sham Mirrors, Norway, symphonic black avantgarde, ad astra
ARKONA - Raw Years 1993-95, Poland, black metal, under the sign of garazel
ARTERY ERUPTION - Gouging Out Eyes Of Mutilated Infants, USA, brutal death metal, goregiastic
ARTES NEGRAS - Let There Be Death..., Argentina, black / thrash metal, furias
ASTROFAES - Those Whose Past Is Immortal, Ukraine, black metal, supernal
ATAVISM / PUTREFIED GENITALIA - Post Mortem Bloodshed / Forced Self Castration, Germany, brutal death / grind, sf, splitCD
ATHEIST - Piece Of Time, USA, technical death metal, NMG
AVULSED Reanimations, Spain, brutal death metal, xtreem
AXAMENTA - Ever-Arch-II-Tech-Ture, Belgium, melodic death / black, shiver, digiCD
BANE - Vehemence:the cathartic remnants of chaos virtue and time, USA, brutal technical death metal, sf
BASTARD SAINTS / NEFAS - Ropes Above An Abyss Of Fury, Italy, brutal death / grind, the flood, splitMCD
BATTALION - Winter Campaign, Belgium, old school death metal, shiver
BAZZAH - Kingdom Of The Dead, Malaysia, black metal, from beyond
BEHEMOTH - Pandemonic Incantations, Poland, black / death metal, novum vox mortis (sh)
BELZEC - The Art Of Holocaust, Peru, nihilistic black metal, mythic metal
BETHLEHEM - Mein Weg, Germany, black metal, red stream, digi
BILE - The Shed, The Netherlands, brutal death / grind, no escape, MCD
BIOLOGICAL MONSTROSITY / NECRO TAMPON / FEACES ERUPTION Split, USA / Canada, grindcore, everydayhate, splitCD
BLOOD OBSESSION - Death Surrounds, USA, death metal, sf
BLOOD RED THRONE - A taste for Blood, Norway, death metal, hammerheart, MCD
BLOODCHURN - Ravenous Consumption, USA, brutal death metal, unmatched brutality
BONGZILLA - Shake: The Singles, USA, sludge / doom / stoner metal, barbarian
BOWEL STEW - Necrocannibal rites, Italy, sick gore / grind, disgorgement of sqash bodies
BRUCE DICKINSON - Skunkworks, UK, heavy metal, castle communication
BURN VICTIM - Baptized In Gasoline, USA, death / grind, redrum
CARCASS - Misshapen Operations, UK, death / grind, bootleg
CARDIAC ARREST - Heart Stopping Death Rot, USA, old school death metal, sf, MCD
CARNAL - True Blasphemy, Colombia, brutal death metal, goregiastic
CARNAL LUST - Rebirth In Hate, France, brutal death metal, diamond
CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE - They Keep To Coming Back, The Netherlands, brutal death / grind, mangled maggot, MCD
CATCHTHIRTEEN - Left To Bleed, USA, hardcore, lifeless
CEREBRAL EFFUSION - Smashed & Splattered Organs, Spain, brutal death metal, goregiastic
CEREBRAL TURBULENCY - Forces Closing Down, Czech Republic, death / grind, khaaranus
CEREBRAL TURBULENCY - Kres Test, Czech Republic, death / grind, khaaranus
CEREMONY - The Days Before The Death, USA, death metal, hammerheart
CLOVIS - Smiling Through Broken Teeth, USA, melodic emo hardcore, muse (sh)
COCK AND BALL TORTURE Sadochismo, Germany, goregrind, moral insanity
COFFIN TEXTS - Gods Of Creation, Death & Afterlife, USA, technical brutal death metal, brutalized
COLOUR TRIP - Full Time Function, Germany, hardcore, armageddon
COLOUR TRIP - Colour Trip, Germany, industrial hardcore, massacre
COMECON - Fable Frolic, Sweden, death metal, century media
CONVERGENCE FROM WITHIN - Only The Strong, USA, brutal death metal, forever underground
CONVULSE Reflections, Finland, death'n'roll, relapse
CORPORAL RAID / BREDOR - Xenophilism / Ode To The Lunacy, Italy / Russia, goregrind, coyote
CORPSE CARVING - Grotesque Goratorium - Disemboweled Gorific Feast, Italy, goregrind, despise the sun
CORPSE CARVING / HUMAN MASTICATION - Masticate The Corpse, Italy / Philippines, goregrind / brutal death / grind, sonic corruption, splitCD
CORPSEFUCKING ART - The Art Of The Fucking Corpse, Italy, brutal death / grind, despise the sun
CORPSEFUCKING ART - War Of The Toilet Gear, Italy, brutal death metal, goregiastic
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - America's Volume Dealer, USA, stoner and sludge, metal-is (sh)
CORRUPTION Ecstasy, Poland, doom metal, sick / dsfa (sh)
CRAWLSPACE - Enter The Realm of Chaos, Belgium, mosh core meets death metal, final beat down
CRIMSON FALLS - The True Face Of Human Nature, Belgium, melodic death metal, shiver
CRYPTIC WARNING - Sanity's Aberration, USA, technical thrash metal, sf
DAGORLAD - The End Of The Dark Ages, Belgium, black metal, lsp
DAMNABLE - Completely Devoted, Poland, brutal death / grind, cudgel
DAMNATION Resist, Poland, death metal, metal mind
DANZIG Blackacidevil, USA, Danzig, hollywood
DARKNESS ETERNAL - Misanthropic Annihilation, Canada, black / death metal, autopsy kitchen
DAWN OF DECAY - New Hell, Sweden, death / thrash metal, vod
DEAD INFECTION - Brain Corrosion, Poland, goregrind, obliteration
DEAD INFECTION - The Lethal Collection, Poland, goregrind, spitfire
DEADBODIESEVERYWHERE Deadbodieseverywhere, USA, hardcore / power violence, death vomit
DEAMON - Descend Dethrone, Canada, brutal death metal, cdn
DEEDS OF FLESH - Path Of The Weakening, USA, brutal death metal, erebos
DEEPRED - Prophetic Luster, Finland, brutal death metal, forensick
DEFACED CREATION - Serenity In Chaos, Sweden, death metal, vod
DEFEATED SANITY - Prelude To The Tragedy, Germany, death metal, grindthetic
DEFEATED SANITY - Psalms Of The Moribund, Germany, death metal, grindethic
DEIVOS - Hostile Blood, Poland, death metal, butchery
DEMISE - God Insect, Poland, death metal, demonic
DENIGRARE Venganza, Mexico, brutal death / grind, alarma
DEPRESSION / MESRINE Split, Germany / Canada, death / grind, 2+2=5, splitCD
DERANGED - High on Blood, Sweden, brutal death metal, regain
DESECRATION - Process Of Decay, UK, brutal death metal, epitomite
DESTRUCTION - Metal Discharge, Germany, thrash metal, nuclear blast, 2CD
DEVOURED DECAPITATION - Ammuniton for The Land Battle, Colombia, brutal death / grind, gran syndrome
DIMMU BORGIR - Destroying Tilburg 2001, Norway, black metal, bootleg
DIN-ADDICT - Music For Opened Minds, Hungary, grindcore, bizarre leprous
DIRTY INFAMOUS - Die On Pure Adrenaline, Indonesia, brutal death metal, bizarre leprous
DISGORGE - Chronic Corpora Infest, Mexico, brutal death / grind, american line
DISGRACE - Vacuum Horror, Horror Vacuum, France, death'n roll, crawfish, MCD
DOG FAMILY - This Is A Dog And..., Poland, modern metalcore, metal mind
DOG FAMILY - Esc., Poland, modern metalcore, metal mind
DOMINATION THROUGH IMPURITY - Essence of Brutality, USA, technical death metal, comatose
DRAWN AND QUARTERED - To Kill Is Human, USA, brutal death metal, moribund
DYSCRASIA - Septical Stomach - Pumped Remnants, USA, brutal death metal, united guttural
ECLIPTIC SUNSET - Of Torment And Grief, Argentina, medieval black / doom, furias
EJECUTION Observation, Argentina, hypnotic doom metal, furias
EMBALMING THEATRE - Sweet Chainsaw Melodies, Switzerland, grind, power it up
EMPTINESS - Guilty To Exist, Belgium, black / death metal, painkiller
EMPYREAN SKY - The Snow White Rose of Paradise, USA, progressive death metal, wormwood
ENDURA - Black Eden, UK, dark ambient, red stream
ENGRAVE - The Rebirth, USA, aggressive thrash / death, sod
ENMITY - Vomit Forth Intestinal Excrement, USA, brutal death / grind, amputated vein
ENTHRAL - Subterranean Movement, Norway, black metal, displeased
EPICRISE / BALLGAG - Kublo 69 / Tales Of Cornered Bitch, Ukraine, porno goregrind, ukrach, splitCD
ETERNAL RUIN / LEUKORRHEA - Denied Existence, USA, brutal death metal, amputated vein, split CD
EVERY TIME I DIE - Hot Damn!, USA, metalcore, ferret
EVOCATION Evocation, Sweden, death metal, merciless, digiCD
EX DELIRIUM Thrashuman, Belgium, thrash metal, painkiller
EXCARNATED - Homicidial Decimation, Australia, brutal death / grind, sf
EXPIRATION Deviated, Spain, brutal death metal, repulse, 3"MCD
FAECES ERRUPTION / TUMOUR - No, Just Braindead / Another Head Taken, The Netherlands, goregrind, last house in the right, splitCD
FETISH 69 - Anti Body, Austria, industrial, release
FETOCIDE Redefine, Germany, death metal, obscure domain
FISTFUCK - 23 Songs In The Same Hole, Canada, grindcore, grind it
FLESH GRINDER - Coroner's Inquest Suit, Brazil, brutal death metal, goregiastic
FLESHMOULD - The Lazarus Breed, Belgium, technical brutal death metal, shiver
FLESHTIZED - Here Among Thorns, USA, brutal death metal, forever underground
FOETOPSY - In the Bathroom, USA, brutal death metal, barbarian, MCD
FORCE Force, Japan, grindcore, howling bull, MCD
FULLMOON - United Aryan Evil, Poland, pagan black metal, monstrous star
FUNGOID STREAM - Celaneus Fragments, Argentina, doom metal, furias
GATHERING DARKNESS - Beholders Of The Pain Planet, Spain, brutal death metal, grotesque
GEMISUADI - Life Like An Animal-Fuck, Like An Animal, USA, brutal death metal, amputated vein
GODLESS NORTH - Summon The Age of Supremacy, Canada, black metal, breath of night
GODSMACK Faceless, USA, nu metal, universal
GODSMACK Godsmack, USA, nu metal, universal
GODSMACK Awake, USA, nu metal, universal
GOLGOTHA - New Life, Spain, death metal, metal age
GORATORY - Orgasm Induced Diarrhea, USA, brutal death / grind, amputated vein
GOTHIC - Prelude To Killing, France, brutal death / grind, sf, MCD
GRIDE - 1996-2003, Czech Republic, grindcore, plazzma
GRIEVANCE Grievance, Norway, black metal, head not found, MCD
GRIEVANCE - The Phantom Novels, Norway, black metal, head not found
GROG - Odes To The Carnivorous, Portugal, brutal death metal, shock wave
GUT - The Singles Collection, Germany, goregrind, moral insanity
GUT - Odour Of Torture, Germany, goregrind, moral insanity
HATE Intense, Canada, death metal, hyper active
HATEPLOW - Moshpit Murder, USA, brutal death metal, blackend
HAWG JAW - Send Out The Dogs, USA, sludge / doom, throne
HELLIAS - Blind Destiny, Poland, thrash metal, luciforus art
HERMAPHRODIT - Fekal Party, Czech Republic, grindcore, epidemie
HEULEND HORN - From The Caucasus To Gotland, Argentina, epic black metal, furias
HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL / MIXOMATOSIS - Morbosa Carnosidade Putrefacta, Portugal / Spain, goregrind, deus mortuus, split CD
HOPESFALL - The Satelite Years, USA, space hardcore, trustkill
HORROR BLAST - Sublime Vile Anomalies, Brazil, death / grind, embrace my funeral
HOUWITSER - Embrace Damnation, The Netherlands, brutal death metal, displeased
HYBRID VISCERY - The History Of Torture, Execution & Sickness, Belgium, brutal death / grind, burning dogma
IMPETIGO - Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, USA, death metal, moral insanity
IMPETIGO - Horror Of The Zombies, USA, death metal, moral insanity
IMPETIGO - Buio Omega, USA, death metal, obscene, MCD
IMPIETY - Paramount Evil, Singapore, death / black metal, agonia
IMPRECATORY - Mortal Intestines Decay, Indonesia, grindcore, sevared
IMPURE Hemicoproteraphy, Spain, brutal death metal, goregiastic
IMPURE - Something Evil, Germany, brutal death metal, sf
IN AETERNUM - Past And Present Sins, Sweden, black / thrash metal, orion music
INCESTUOUS - Brass Knukle Abortion, USA, brutal death metal, united guttural, MCD
INFAMY - The Blood Shall Flow, USA, brutal death metal, qabalah
INFECTED PUSSY Gynecrolorgy, France, goregrind, sf
INFESTATION - Mass Immolation, UK, brutal death metal, pavement
INGURGITATE - Blackest Origins..., USA, brutal death metal, comatose
INVASION Conquered, USA, death metal, the plague
KADATH - Cruel!, Germany, brutal death metal, teutonic existence
KATAXU - Hunger of Elements, Poland, majestic black metal, supernal
KILL II THIS Deviate, UK, hardcore / metal, visible noise
KILLAMAN Killaman, Sweden, death / grind, displeased
KONKHRA - Weed Out The Weak, Denmark, death / thrash metal, diehard
KORP - Thorns Of Centuries Unfold, Sweden, black / thrash metal, vod
KRABATHOR - Full Mortification, Czech Republic, death metal, monitor
LENGTH OF TIME - How Good The World could Be... Again, Belgium, metalcore, goodlife
LIFE AT ZERO - Vile Piles, USA, brutal death metal, nice to eat you
LORDES WERRE - Canticles Of Armageddon, USA, thrash metal, RIP
LOST SOUL - Scream Of The Mourning Star, Poland, death metal, relapse
LOUDBLAST - A Taste Of Death, France, xiii bis, digi
LUCIFUGUM - Stigma Egoi, Ukraine, black metal, drakkar
LUDDITE CLONE - The Arsonist And The Architect, USA, intelectual grind, relapse, MCD
MACABRE OMEN - The Ancient Returns, Greece, black metal, monstrous star
MACHETAZO / ABSCESS Split, Spain / USA, death / grind, ironia, split CD (sh)
MAGGUT - Into The Gore, Japan, goregrind, bloodbath
MAGNANIMUS - Storm Of Chaotic Revelations, Chile, old school death metal, rawforce
MALEVOLENT CREATION Warkult, USA, death metal, nuclear blast
MALEVOLENT CREATION - The Will To Kill, USA, death metal, nuclear blast
MANEGARM - Urminnes Havd - The Forest Sessions, Sweden, viking metal, displeased, MCD
MANGLED - Ancient Times, The Netherlands, death metal, pavement
MANIAC KILLER - Amusing Anecdotes For The Depraved, Australia, grindcore, no escape
MAPLE CROSS - Next Chapter, Finland, thrash metal, verikauha
MASSACRE OF THE UMBILICAL CORD - I'm Surprised He Hasn't Killed Anyone, USA, grinding mathcore, magic bullet, MCD
MESHUGGAH Raretrax, Sweden, technical death / thrash, nuclear blast
MINISTRY - Filth Pig, USA, industrial thrash metal, warner (sh)
MISERY Curses, Australia, death metal, venomous
MITTERNACHT - The Desolation Of Blendenstein, Argentina, dark ambient, furias
MOKER - Translating The Pain, Belgium, brutal death metal, shiver
MORSGATT - Butt Mud, Germany, grindcore, nice to eat you
MORTICIAN - Chainsaw Dismemberment, USA, brutal death metal, relapse (sh)
MORTUARY DRAPE - Buried In Time, Italy, black metal, avantgarde
MOULDED FLESH - In The Hands Of Evil, Poland, brutal death metal, deus mortus
MURDER SQUAD - Unsane, Insane And Mentally Deranged, Sweden, death metal, pavement
MYSTIFIER - The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here, Brazil, black metal, osmose, MCD
NAPALM DEATH - Leaders not Followers, UK, Napalm Death metal, relapse, MCD
NAPALM DEATH - Bootlegged In Japan, UK, Napalm Death metal, koch
NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM Pussymist, Ukraine, goregrind, grindfest
NECROLOGY - Malignancy Defiled, The Netherlands, brutal death metal, gwn (sh)
NECRONOMICON - Pharaoh of Gods, Canada, technical brutal death metal, hypnotic
NECROPHAGIA - Black Blood Vomitorium, USA, death metal, red stream, MCD
NECROPHIL - Cannibal Sex, Poland, brutal death metal, bad taste
NEFAS - Seven Times Seven, Italy, brutal death metal, bones brigade (sh)
NEURO - VISCERAL EXHUMATION - Mass Murder Festival, Brazil, goregrind, no escape
NEUROPATHIA - Satan Is A Cunt, Poland, grindcore, no escape
NIDEN DIV 187 - Impergium / Towards Judgement, Sweden, black metal, barbarian
NIHIL OBSTAT - Inherited Primitive Behaviors, Colombia, brutal death metal, goregiastic
NME - Unholy Death, USA, Venom like metal, moribound (sh)
NOKTURNAL MORTUUM - Return Of The Vampire Lord. Marble Moon, Ukraine, black metal, oriana
NOKTURNE - Curse Of Nazarene, USA, black metal, red stream, digi
NOMICON Halla, Finland, experimental black metal, sagitarius
NUNSLAUGHTER - Devil Metal, USA, death metal, hell attacks
NYCTOPHOBIC Insects, Germany, grindcore, morbid
NYCTOPHOBIC - Blast From The Past, Germany, grindcore, khaaranus
NYIA - Head Held High, Poland, death / grind avantgarde, candlelight
OATH TO VANQUISH - Applied Schizophrenic Science, Lebanon, technical death / grind, grindhetic
ONTOGENY - Pillars Of Perversion, USA, technical death metal, sf
OUTCAST / MOKER Brutaldeathcore, Belgium, brutal technical death metal, rotten to the core
OVERKILL - Feel The Fire, USA, thrash metal, spv
OXIDISED RAZOR / AUTOPHAGIA - Venganza / Amorphous Ptoma On Decay, Mexico / Greece, goregrind, deus mortus, splitCD
PANCHRYSIA - In Obscure Dephts, Belgium, black metal, lsp
PANDEMIA Riven, Czech Republic, death metal, rawforce
PARRICIDE Crude, Poland, brutal death metal, jackhammer
PARRICIDE - Kingdom Of Downfall, Poland, brutal death metal, mad lion
PATOLOGICUM / NECROCANNIBAL - Lothar Schramm Lipstick Killer, Poland / Portugal, goregrind, rottenpyosis, splitCD
PERVERSITY - Words Like Poison, Slovakia, brutal death metal, forensick
PESSIMIST - Blood For The Gods, USA, brutal death metal, lost disciple
POSSESSED, Tribute To - Seven Gates Of Horror, incl. Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Pentacle, Sinister, Angelcorpse..., karmageddon media, digiCD
PREJUDICE / CARNAL DECAY / INFANT BILE - Grotesque First Action, Belgium / Switzerland, brutal death / grind, grotesque, 3way splitCD
PRION - Time Of Plagues, Argentina, death metal, furias
PROTOTYPE Trinity, USA, thrash metal, massacre
PSYCHONEUROSIS - Dead But Not Forgotten, Poland, grindcore, grindfest
PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR - S/T, Czech Republic, grindcore, l'inphantile collective, digi
PURULENT SPERMCANAL - Have The Munchies, Czech Republic, goregrind, sf
PUSTULATED - Inherited Cryptorchidism, Colombia, brutal death metal, goregiastic
PUTREFUKATION - Vortex of Zombified Mortuary Procedures, USA, brutal death / grind, despise the sun
PUTRID PILE - The Pleasure Is Suffering, USA, brutal death metal, goregiastic
QHWERTT Cloudland, Argentina, drone doom like Sunn O))), furias
QUORTHON Album, Sweden, Quorthon, black mark
REBAELLIUN Annihilation, Brazil, brutal death metal, hammerheart
REEK OF SHITS - Deface Mind, Czech Republic, goregrind, bizarre leprous
REPROBATION - Undoing Creation, USA, brutal death / grind, forever underground
REQUIEM AETERNAM Philosopher, Argentina, melodic black / death metal, furias
RISE ABOVE - Sound Systematic Grind, Japan, grindcore, eclipse
S.O.D. - Live At Budokan, USA, crossover, steamhammer
SABU / PEOPLE HATE / FIRING SQUAD Split, USA / Sweden / Poland, grindcore, everydayhate, 3 way splitCD
SACRIFICIAL Autohate, Denmark, death metal, mighty music
SAMAEL Rebellion, Switzerland, dark metal, century media, digi, MCD
SANATORIUM - Internal Womb Cannibalism, Slovakia, brutal death metal, forensick
SANITYS DAWN - The EP Years + Live Audio Terror, Germany, grindcore, power it up
SATANIC SLAUGHTER - The Early Years: Dawn Of Darkness, Sweden, death / black, necropolis
SCALAFREA - Ingenuity of the Death Machine, USA, technical death metal, sf
SEMEN - An Intense Experience Molesting Corpses With Fetid Stench, Mexico, goregrind, american line
SENGAIA Maelstorm, The Netherlands, fusion death core, garden of exile, MCD
SERIAL BUTCHER - Genocide Landscape, Belgium, brutal death metal, deep send, MCD
SEVERE TORTURE - Misanthropic Carnage, The Netherlands, brutal death metal, hammerheart (promo)
SHADOW DANCERS - Dying For Love, Norway, black / doom, so it is done, MCD
SHADOW SEASON - The Frozen, Norway, death / black, sound riot, MCD
SHADOWBREED - Only Shadows Remain, The Netherlands, death metal, painkiller, digi
SHANK 456 - The Big Payback, USA, hard core, century media
SHEOLGENA - The Dark Chambers... (Shukra Kteis, Maher - sathanas - Baz), Chile, death metal, rawforce
SHINING - The Darkroom Sessions, Sweden, black metal, perverted taste
SHRINKER Shrinker, USA, melodic emo hardcore, muse
SIKFUK - Gore Delicious, USA, gore death metal, united guttural
SIKFUK - Teabagged At Birth, USA, gore death metal, goregiastic
SIKFUK / KRETAN - Fingercutting The Beheaded, USA, splatter death / gore, comatose
SINISTER - Savage or Grace, The Netherlands, death metal, nuclear blast, 2CD
SNUFFERGRINDER Snuffholic, Poland, cybergrind, apathic view
SOILS OF FATE - Crime Syndicate, Sweden, brutal death metal, forensick
SOILS OF FATE - Highest In The Hierarchy of Blasting Sickness, Sweden, brutal death metal, forensick
SORE - Gruesome Pillowbook Tales, Germany, death metal, suffer
SOULFLY 3, USA, nu metal, metal mind
SPASME - Deep Inside, Canada, brutal death metal, sf
SPLATTERED CADAVER - Merciless Butchery, USA, ultra brutal death / grind, united guttural
STILLBORN / AZARATH - Death Monsters, Poland, death metal, time before time, splitCD
STOMA - Scat Aficionados, The Netherlands, goregrind, bizarre leprous
STRUCTURE OF LIES Abacus, USA, death / grind, deep six
SUFFOCATION - Pierced From Within, USA, brutal death metal, metal mind
SUHRIM - The Cunt Collector, Belgium, brutal death metal, shiver
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - How I Will Laugh Tommorow When I Can't Even Smile Today, USA, crossover, virgin
SUMMERTIME DAISIES - The Clarity of Impurity, Canada, death metal, lame (sh)
SUNWHEEL - Monuments Of The Elder Faith, Poland, black metal, supernal
SUTURE - Morbid Sculpture Demonology, USA, brutal death metal, amputated vein
SWIRLING SUNWHEELS - The Strong Shall Prevail, Canada, black ambient, musetra
TENEBRIS - Catafalque / Comet, Poland, technical death metal, crude / bad taste
TERMINALLY YOUR ABORTED GHOST - Slowly Peeling The Flesh From The Inside Of A Folded Hand, USA, brutal death / grind, macabre mementos
THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT - The Apotheosis, The Netherlands, death metal, cold blood
THORAZINE Geneticide, Canada, brutal death metal, deathgasm
THOUGHT INDUSTRY - Recruited To Do Good Deeds For The Devil, USA, rare and live tracks, metal blade
THRONEUM - Mutiny of Death, Poland, death metal, pagan
THUS DEFILED - Through The Impure Veil Of Dawn, UK, black metal, dark trinity
TORN - Violent Ecstasy, Finland, death metal, severe (sh)
TORSOFUCK - Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy, Finland, porno goregrind, goregiastic
TORTURER - The Flames of Purification, Chile, death metal, rawforce
TOURETTE SYNDROM Gabbergrind, Germany, cybergrind, apathic view
TREPAN DEAD - Obsessional Dysfunctions, France, brutal death / grind, sf
TUMOUR - Too Large For Digestive Capacity, The Netherlands, goregrind, urethra
TUMOUR - Stories Of The Undead, The Netherlands, goregrind, last house on the right
UNDERTAKERS - Vision Distortion Perversion, Italy, death / grind, nocturnal music
UTUK XUL - The Goat Of The Black Possession, Colombia, black metal, from beyond
V / A Fuck You We're From Denmark Denmark, incl. Sacrificial, Dominus, Fallen Angel, Morpheus..., death / thrash, progress
VENEDAE - Siedem Kamiennych Oblicz, Poland, pagan black, eastside
VIRAL LOAD - Hillybilly Whore Hackin' Revival, USA, ultra brutal death metal, sevared, MCD
VISCERAL EVISCERATION - Incessant Desire For Palatable Flesh, Austria, death / doom metal, napalm
VITALITY - Voracious Malignity, USA, brutal death metal, comatose
VOIVOD Kronik, Canada, nuclear thrash metal, metal mind
VOIVOD - The Best of Voivod, Canada, nuclear thrash metal, noise
VORDWEN - Woodland Passage, Finland, black metal, no colours, MCD
VORTEX - Imminence Of Death, Canada, deathcore, galy
WALTARI - Pala Leipaa - Ein Stuckchen Brot, Finland, folk rock, vielklang (sh)
WALTARI - Space Avenue, Finland, folk rock, spin
WALTARI - Torcha!, Finland, folk rock, emergo (sh)
WAR - We Are... Total War, Sweden, black metal, furias
WELKIN - The_Origin, Belgium, brutal death metal, shiver
WHIPLASH - Insult To Injury + Live New York, USA, thrash legend, displeased
WHISPER X Warside, France, death metal, sf
WITCHMASTER - Violence & Blasphemy, Poland, thrash / black metal, pagan
WOMB / DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY Split, USA, death metal, necroharmonic
YAOUL MICTLAN - Guerreros De La Tierra De Los Muertos, Mexico, black metal, american line

10 euro each

CANNIBAL CORPSE Vile, USA, death metal, metal blade
CANNIBAL CORPSE Worm Infested, USA, death metal, metal blade, MCD
INCANTATION Primordial Domination, USA, brutal death metal, ibex moon
SERPENTIA - And The Angels Descended To Earth, Poland, melodic black / death, sf, MCD CD-R (with autograph)

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