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Здравствуйте, дорогие товарищи металлисты!Хочу предложить вашему вниманию несколько дисков для продажи.Я их заказывал по почте в Интернете, сейчас они стали мне не нужны.Все диски в хорошем состоянии, качество звука-192-320 кбит/сек, редко-128.Один диск стоит 300 рублей,но можно поторговаться, если кому че понравится.В основном на этих дисках музыка таких стилей:Metalcore,deathcore,numetal,alternativе,редко-Death и Death\black.Если вам что-либо приглянется из нижеперечисленных дисков, напишите на djdorst@yandex.ru или SMS на 89167040217(лучше на почту)

Диск 1.

A Life Once Lost-Hunter(2005)
All Shall Perish-The Price of existence(2006)
As I Lay Dying-Shadows are security(2005)
At the gates-Suicidal final art(2001)
Between the buried and me-Alaska(2005)
Black bomb A-Speech of freedom(2004)
Bleeding through-The truth(2006)
Breakwar-Rwutsya serdca(2003)
Bury your dead-Beauty and the breakdown(2006)
Deathchain-Deadmeat disciples(2003)
Dimension Seven-Infinite madness(2003)
Dying Fetus-Killing on adrenaline(1998)
Dying Fetus-Destroy the opposition(2000)
Dying Fetus-Grotesque impalement(2000)
Dying Fetus-Purification through violence(2003)
Dying Tears-Amnesia(2001)
E-Force-Evil Forces(2003)
Endthisday-Sleeping beneath the ashes of creation(2002)
Evergreen terrace-Sincerity is an easy disguise in this business(2005)
Figure four-Suffering the loss(2004)
Fourth dimension-Inevitability(2003)
Full blown chaos-Within the grasp of titans(2006)
God Forbid-IV Constitution of treason(2005)
Hate-Awakening of the liar(2004)
Hate eternal-Kings of all kings(2002)
Hatesphere-Ballet of the brute(2004)
Hatesphere-Blodred hatred(2002)
The haunted-The haunted made me do it (2000)
Hostile breed-Uzory Sramov-Zakony Voyni(2005)
Ill nino-One nation underground(2005)
Impious-The killer(2002)
Insision-Beneath the folds of flesh(2001)
Lost soul-Chaostream(2005)
Machinemade god-the infinity complex(2006)
Maroon-Endorsed by hate(2004)
Martyr A.D.-On earth as it is in hell(2004)
Misery signals-Of malice and the magnum heart(2004)
Neuraxis-Truth beyond recognition(2003)
Nonexist-Deus deceptor(2002)
Nonpoint-To the pain(2005)
Norma Jean-O god the aftermath(2005)
Perimetr-Healing by festering(2006)
Remembering never-God save us(2006)
Reveille-Bleed the sky(2001)
Roadrunner United-The all-star sessions(сборник,2005)
Save-Zacem tebe zhit(2004)
Shadows fall-The art of balance(2003)
Skinlab-Bound gagged and blindfolded(1999)
Skinless-Progression towards evil(1999)
Skinless-From sacrifice to survival(2003)
Skinless-Trample the weak,hurdle the dead(2006)
Slipknot-Live at paris,france(bootleg,2001)
Stardown-Insi deus(2006)
Stone sour-Come whatewer may(2006)
The crown-Possessed 13(2003)
The Forsaken-Manifest of hate(2001)
The red chord-Clients(2005)
Unearth-The oncoming storm(2004)
Walls of Jericho-All hail the dead(2004)

Диск 2.

7 Angels 7 Plagues-Until the day breathes and the shadows flee(2000)
7 Angels 7 Plagues-Jhazmynes lullaby(2001)
A dozen furies-A concept from fire(2005)
A thousand falling skies-The wilting(2004)
Age of ruin-The tides of tragedy(2004)
Agony scene-The darkest red(2005)
Avenged sevenfold- City of evil(2005)
Becoming the archetype-Terminate damnation(2005)
Buried inside-Suspect symmetry(2002)
Demonbreed-Closer to god(2005)
Devil Wears Prada-Patterns of the horizon(2005)
Eighteen vision-Yesterday is time killed(2000)
Eighteen vision-Vanity(2002)
Eighteen vision-Obsession(2004)
Embrace the end-Counting hallways to the left(2005)
Fall of a season-After the last breath(2003)
Fall of a season-Decades in a bleeding world(2004)
Folly-Insanity later(2004)
Full blown chaos-Prophet of hostility(2002)
Full blown chaos-Wake the demons(2005)
God forbid-Reject the sickness(1999)
God forbid-Out of misery(2000)
Hell within-Asylum of the humahn predator(2005)
Himsa-Courting tragedy and disaster(2003)
I killed the prom queen-Your past comes back to haunt you(EP 2005)
If hope dies-The ground is rushing up to meet us(2003)
The machete-Regression(2006)
Morphayne-Lies,hate e aliens(2006)
Most precious blood-Our lady of annihilation(2003)
Most precious blood-Merciless(2005)
On broken wings-Number one beautiful(2002)
On broken wings-Its all a long goodbye(2005)
Scars of tomorrow-All things change(2002)
Scars of tomorrow-Design your fate(2003)
Scars of tomorrow-Rope tied to the trigger(2004)
Scars of tomorrow-The horror of realization(2005)
STEMM-Songs for the incurable heart(2005)
Stone sour-Come whatewer may(bonus tracks 2006)
Throwdown-Face the mirror(2002)
Tomahawk-Mit gas(2003)
Trapped in life-Blood and gold(2001)
Trapt-Someone in control(2005)
Trivium-Ember to inferno(2003)
Twelve tribes-As feathers to flowers and petals to wings(2000)
Twelve tribes-The rebirth of tragedy(2004)
Twelve tribes-Midwest pandemic(advance 2006)
Undercroft-Danza macabra(2000)
Unearth-Above the fall of man(1999)
Unearth-Stings of conscience(2001)
Unearth-Our days of eulogy(2005)
Unearth-III In the eyes of fire(2006)
Kerrang presents remastered-Metallicas Master of puppets revisited(2006)
Vancouver-The moment(2004)
Versus the mirror-Home(2006)
Vines-Highly evolved(2002)
Vitality-Voracious malignity(2006)
Viu-Drakh-Take no prisoners,grind them all and leave this hell(2000)
Walls of jericho-A day and a thousand years(EP 2000)
Wasteform-Ignorance through sovereignty(2003)
Will haven-Carpe diem(2001)
With dead hands rising-Behind inquisition(2003)
Withinckokingrange-Most people just die(2005)
Wolfpack-Allday hell(2001)
Maroon-Captive in the room of the conspirator(2000)
Yakuza-Way of the dead(2002)
Zao-The fear is what keeps us here(2006)
Безумные усилия-Тяжелая жизнь(2004)

Диск 3.

Once over-The albatross(2006)
One man army-21st century killing machine(2006)
Osi-Office of strategic influency(2003)
Outcast-Total retaliation(2000)
Panzerchrist-Batallion beast(2006)
Paths of possession-Promises in blood(2005)
Ph8-Fortune favors the bold(2006)
Phoenix mourning-When excuses become antiques(2006)
Playing enemy-I was your city(2005)
Premonitions of war-The true face of panic(2002)
Premonitions of war-Left in kowloon(2004)
Premonitions of war/Benumb-Split cd(2005)
Pressure 4-5-Burning the process(2001)
Prime STH-Underneath the surface(2002)
Prophecy-Our domain(2002)
Psychomancer-Si ko man sur(2001)
Punished-Influence exerted effects(2004)
Purified in blood-Reaper of souls(2006)
Pustulated-Phatognomonic purulency(2002)
Pustulated-Inherited cryptochidism(2003)
Putrid pile-Collection of butchery(2003)
Raging speedhorn-We will be dead tomorrow(2002)
Raging speedhorn-Raging speedhorn(2003)
Raging speedhorn-How the great have fallen(2005)
Raunchy-Raunchy-Velvet noise(2002)
Raunchy-Confusiob bay(2004)
Raunchy-Death pop romance(2006)
Reach 454-Reach 454(2003)
Reborn in flames-Life or death(2005)
Rectify-Have mercy(2005)
Red-End of silence(2006)
Red chord-Fused together in revolving doors(2003)
Red death-External frames of referency(2005)
Redline-A portrait of a mirror image(2004)
Reflux-The illusion of democracy(2004)
Reprobation-The color of gore(2002)
Requiem-Government denies knowledge(2006)
Rise and fall-Into oblivion(2006)
Rival schools-United by fate(2003)
Runemagick-Black magick sorceress(2006)
Rytmihairio-Saatana on herra(2005)
Sadus-Out for blood(2006)
Saving daylight remains-Saving daylight remains(2006)
Scar symmetry-Symmetric in design(2005)
Scar symmetry-Pitch black progress(2006)
Scars of tomorrow-The beginning of(2006)
Scrambled defuncts-Hackled in gore(2005)
Scream in darkness-Krik v temnote(2006)
Secretum-Happy happy killing time(2003)
Semper fi-Strong weakness(2003)
Sepsism-Severe carnal butchery(2002)
Severed of existence-The limbs of humanity(2002)
Shades of dusk-Caress the despair(2006)
Shadows fall-With somber eyes to the sky(1998)
Shadows fall-Of one blood(2000)
Shadows fall-Fear will drag you down(2002)
Shadows fall-The war within(2004)
Walls of jericho-The bound feed the gagged(1999)

Диск 4.

Century-Faith and failure(2006)
Chakal-Demon king(2005)
Children of gaia-I pray to watch you bleed(2004)
Chimaira-This present darkness(2000)
Chimaira-Pass out of existence(2001)
Chimaira-The impossibility of reason(2003)
Chimaira-Reasoning the impossible(2004)
CKY-An answer can be found(2005)
Clifton-We never change(2006)
Clown-Remedy for bliss(2006)
Coal chamber-Giving the devil his due(2003)
Coalesce-012 Revolution in just listening(1999)
Cock and ball torture-Opus(sy) VI(2000)
Cock and ball torture-4 way split(2001)
Cock and ball torture-Sadochismo(2002)
Cock and ball torture-Where girls learn to piss on command(2002)
Cock and ball torture-Egoleech(2004)
Cold as life-Born to land hard(1999)
Cold as life-Declination of independence(2000)
Commit suicide-Synthetics(2004)
Contrabanda-100% hate(2000)
Converge-When forever comes crashing(2005)
Corey Taylor-Songs for the maggots(2004)
Corporation 187-Perfection in pain(2000)
Crematorium-For all our sins(2002)
Crematorium-The process of endtime(2005)
Crosscut-Directors cut(2004)
Cyst-Concussion symphony(2004)
Dagoba-What hell is about(2006)
Dark order-The violence continuum(2003)
Darkest hour-Hidde hands of a sadist nation(2003)
Dashboard confessional-The places you have come to fear the most(2001)
Dawncore-Entertainment for the rest(2001)
Dead by wednesday-Democracy is dead(2005)
Dead for days-Creating murderous domain(2004)
Dead hearts-Bitter verses(2006)
Dead in the water-Less days until the finel rest(2003)
Dead poetic-Four wall blackmail(2002)
Dead poetic-New medicines(2004)
Dead Soul Tribe-Dead Soul Tribe(2002)
Dead Soul Tribe-A murder of crows(2003)
Dead to fall-Everything i touch falls to pieces(2002)
Dead to fall-The phoenix throne(2006)
Deadsun-Degenerate matter(2004)
Deadsun-Falling away(2006)
Deadwater drowning-Deadwater drowning(2003)
Decapitated-Winds of creation(2000)
Decapitated-The negation(2004)
Decapitated-Organic hallucinosis(2006)
Deceased-Supernatural addiction(2000)
Decyfer down-End of grey(2006)
dEFDUMp-Makeshift polaris(2004)
Delian league-Truth in chaos(2005)
Demon hunter-Summer of darkness(EP 2004)
Demon hunter-The tribtych(2005)
Desecration-Gore and perversion 2(2003)
Despised Icon-The healing process(2005)
Destinity-Synthetic existence(2005)
Devil wears prada,the-Patterns of the horizon(2005)
Devil wears prada,the-Dear love a beautiful discord(2006)
Devildriver-The fury of our makers hand(2005)

Диск 5.

5 diez-Kamikadze(2006)
10 years-Killing all that holds you(2004)
10 years-The autumn effect(2005)
2Ton predator-In the shallow waters(1999)
2Ton predator-Boogie(2001)
2Ton predator-Demon dealer(2003)
3 inches of blood-Advance and vanquish(2004)
40 below summer-The mourning after(2003)
40 below summer-The last dance(2006)
40 grit-Nothing to remember(2003)
4 lyn-Take it as a compliment(2004)
74 minutes of brutality-Pure hate Records compilation(1998)
A bitter farewell-Tonight lines fall(2006)
A death for every sin-Gods final descent(2001)
A death for every sin-In a time where hope is lost(2002)
A fall farewell-The impermanence of beauty(2002)
A life once lost-The fourth plague,flies(EP 2001)
A life once lost-Hunter(2005)
A traitor like judas-Too desperate to breathe in(2003)
A well thought tragedy-Dying for what we love(EP 2006)
Aborted-Goremageddon The saw and the carnage done(2003)
Acacia strain,the-The dead walk(2006)
Action-Weeping of angels(2006)
After the burial-Forgiving a future self(2006)
Agents of man-Count your blessings(2005)
Agony scene-The agony scene(2003)
All out war-Condemned to suffer(2003)
All that remains-The fall of ideals(2006)
Am I blood-The truth inside the dying sun(2001)
American head charge-The feeding(2005)
Anata-Dreams of death and dismay(2001)
Anata-Under a stone with no inscription(2004)
Anata-The conductors departure(2006)
Ancient necropsy-Ancient necropsy(2003)
And oceans-Cypher(2002)
Andrew W.K.-I get wet(2001)
Ankla-Steep trails(2006)
Anodyne-Outer dark(2001)
Anodyne-Lifetime of gray skies(2004)
Anterrabae-Shakedown tonight(2004)
Apartment 26-Hallucinating(2000)
Arch Enemy-Black earth(1996)
Arch Enemy-Stigmata(1998)
Arch Enemy-Burning Japan(1999)
Arch Enemy-Wages of sin(2001)
Arch Enemy-Anthems of rebellion(2003)
Arch Enemy-Doomsday(2005)
Arsis-A celebration of guilt(2004)
Arson-Lacerate the sky(2002)
Arsonists get all the girls-Hits from the bow(2006)
Artery eruption-Reduced to a limbless sexslave(2004)
As blood runs black-Allegiance(2006)
As hope dies-Legions bow to a faceless god(2003)
As i lay dying-Beneath the encasing of ashes(2001)
As i lay dying-Frail words collapse(2003)
As i lay dying-A long march-The first recordings(2006)
At all cost-Its time to decide(2005)
minus-Structure of simplicity(2001)
Noua-Remember about(2003)
The red chord-Clients CD2(2006)
This is hell-Sundowning(2006)
Thorn.Eleven-A different view(2004)
Through the eyes of the dead-Bloodlust(2005)
Throwdown-Drive me dead(2000)
Throwdown-Face the mirror(2002)

Диск 6.

At the gates-The red in the sky is ours(1992)
At the gates-With fear i kiss the burning darkness(1993)
At the gates-Terminal spirit disease(1994)
At the gates-Slaughter of soul(1995)
Autopsy torment-Tormentorium(2003)
Autumn offering,the-Embrace the gutter(2006)
Beheaded-Ominous bloodline(2005)
Behind the sun-Broken hearts and shattered bones(2002)
Belphegor-Pestapokalypse VI(2006)
Bestial deform-Stop the christianity(2005+1 video)
Bethrayer-Ray of hope(2004)
Between the buried and me-Between the buried and me(2002)
Between the buried and me-The silent circus(2003)
Between the buried and me-The anatomy of(2006)
Black bomb A-Human bomb(2001)
Bleed the sky-Paradigm in entropy(2005)
Bleeding through-Dust to ashes(2000)
Bleeding through-Portrait of the goddess(2001)
Bleeding through-This is love, this is murderous(2003)
Bleeding through-The truth(2006)
Blindspott-End the silence(2006)
Blood has been shed-I dwell on thoughts of you(1999)
Blood has been shed-Novella of uriel(2000)
Blood has been shed-Spirals(2003)
Bloodjinn-Murder eternal(2000)
Bloodjinn-Leave this world breathing(2002)
Bloodlet-Three humid nights in the cypress trees(2002)
Bloodlined calligraphy-The beginning of the end(2004)
Bloodlined calligraphy-They want you silent(2005)
Bloodlined calligraphy-Ypsilanti(2006)
Bloodsimple-A cruel world(2005)
Bludgeon-World controlled(2006)
Boiler room-Cant breathe(2000)
Born from pain-Sands of time(2003)
Born from pain-In love with the end(2005)
Born from pain-War(promo 2006)
Breaking point-Beautiful disorder(2005)
Breakwar-5 koney(2001)
Breakwar-Rvutsa serdca(2003)
Bridge to solace-Of bitterness and hope(2003)
Bridge to solace-Kingdom of the dead(2004)
Bridge to solace-Where nightmares and dreams united(2006)
Brodequin-Instruments of torture(1998)
Brodequin-Methods of execution(2004)
Bullet for my valentine-Bullet for my valentine(2004)
Bullet for my valentine-The poison(2005)
Burn it down-Let the dead bury the dead(2002)
Burning skies-A premonition of things to come(EP 2003)
Burning skies-Murder by means of existence(2004)
Burnt by the sun-Soundtrack to the personal revolution(2002)
Burnt by the sun-The perfect is the enemy of the good(2003)
Bury your dead-You had me at hello(2003)
Bury your dead-Cover your tracks(2004)
Bury your dead-Beauty and the breakdown(2006)
Butterfly effect,the-The butterfly effect(EP 2001)
Butterfly effect,the-Begins here(2004)
Butterfly effect,the-Phoenix single(2005)
Butterfly effect,the-A slow descent(CDS 2006)
Butterfly effect,the-Imago(2006)
By night-Burn the flags(2005)
Byzantine-The fundamental component(2004)
Caliban-A small boy and a grey heaven(1999(
Caliban-Shadow hearts(2003)
Caliban-The opposite from within(2004)
Caliban-The undying darkness(2006)
Callisto-True nature unfolds(2004)
Camilla rhodes-Like the world love on the lips of a harlot(2005)
Cannibal corpse-Kill(2006)
Carnivore diprosopus-Madhouses macabre acts(2006)
Carnun rising-At the dawn of the new dark age(2003)
Carpathian-Nothing to lose(2006)

Диск 7.

Berzerker,The\2002 - Dissimulate
Berzerker,The\2005 - World Of Lies
Shadows Fall\2006 - Fallout From The War
Shadowsphere\2002 - Death And Dreaming (EP)
Shai Hulud\2003 - That Within Blood Ill-Tempered
Shatter\2005 - Power In Us
She Said Destroy\2006 - Time Like Vines
Shinedown\2003 - Leave A Whisper
Shinedown\2005 - Us And Them
Shiverdown\2005 - End Themes
Showdown\2004 - A Chorus Of Obliteration
Sick Of It All\2006 - Death To Tyrants
Sickshot\2006 - {1}
Side Effect\2002 - Corruption Of Innocence
Sikfuk\2003 - Gore Delicious
Sinai Beach\2003 - When Breath Escapes
Sinai Beach\2005 - Immersed
Sisthema\2005 - Sisthema
Six Ft Ditch\2005 - Unlicensed Cemetary
Six Reasons To Kill\2002 - Kiss The Demon
Six Reasons To Kill\2005 - Reborn
Skinlab\2004 - Nerve Damage(2 CD)
Skullbreaker\2005 - Total Thrash Terror
Slaves On Dope\2003 - Metafour
Slowgate\2005 - Nordic Rage
Smaxone\2005 - Regression
Soil\2001 - Scars
Soil\2004 - Redefine
Soil\2006 - True Self
Soils Of Fate\2000 - Sandstorm
Soils Of Fate\2003 - Crime Syndicate
Soilwork\1998 - Steelbath Suicide
Soilwork\1999 - The Chainheart Machine
Soilwork\2001 - A Predator's Portrait
Soilwork\2002 - Natural Born Chaos
Soilwork\2003 - Figure Number Five
Soilwork\2003 - The Early Chapters
Sol Asunder\2003- Sol Asunder
Solid State Logic\2006 - Disarray
Soul Forsaken\2003 - Tales Of The Macabre
Souls Harbor\2006 - Writings On The Wall
Spawn Of Possession\2003 - Cabinet
Spitfire\2006 - Self Help
Stabbing Westward\2001 - Stabbing Westward
Stabwound\2004 - Human Boundaries
Stampin Gound\2000 - Carved From Empty Words
Stampin Gound\2003 - A New Darkness Upon Us
Steriogram\2004 - Schmack!
Such A Beautiful Day\2006 - 7 Нот одиночества
Suffocate\2000 - Lustforheaven
Summers End\2004 - Summers End MCD
Super Ego\2000 - Click Here To Exit
Sw1tched\2005 - Ghosts In The Machine
Swarm Of The Lotus\2005 - The Sirens Of Silence
Sworn Enemy\2003 - As Real As It Gets
Syconaut\2001 - March of a New Division
Syconaut\2004 - Geodesic
Systematic\2003 - Pleasure To Burn
Taken\2001 - And They Slept
Taproot\2005 - Blue Sky Research
Terror\2006 - Always The Hard Way
Textures\2006 - Drawing Circles
The Crown\1998 - Hell Is Here
The Crown\2000 - Deathrace King

Диск 8.

A Life Once Lost\2000 - Open Your Mouth for the Speechless
A Life Once Lost\2003 - A Great Artist
Jungle Rot\1999 - Slaughter The Weak
Jungle Rot\2001 - Dead And Buried
Jungle Rot\2004 - Fueled By Hate
Just Swallow\2006 - Just Swallow
Kataklysm\2004 - Serenity in Fire
Kataklysm\2006 - In the Arms of Devastation
Keelhaul\1998 - Keelhaul
Keelhaul\2003 - Subject to Change Without Notice
Keep The Faith\2004 - See Your Tears
Killing Theory\2004 - Dead. Buried. Forgotten [NOT FULL]
Killswitch Engage\2004 - The End Of Heartache
Killswitch Engage\2005 - Alive or Just Breathing CD1
Killswitch Engage\2005 - Alive or Just Breathing CD2
Killswitch Engage\2005 - Killswitch Engage(Remastered)
Killwhitneydead\2004 - Never Good Enough For You
Killwhitneydead\2005 - So Pretty So Plastic (CD2)
Kings Evil\2001 - Deletion Of Humanoise
Kittie\2000 - SPiT
Lamb Of God\2000 - New American Gospel
Lamb Of God\2003 - As The Palaces Burn
Lamb Of God\2004 - Ashes Of The Wake
Lamb Of God\2004 - Pure American Metal
Lamb Of God\2005 - Burn The Priest
Lamb Of God\2006 - Sacrament
Ligeia\2006 - Your Ghost Is A Gift
Limp Bizkit\2005 - The Unquesionable Truth Part 1
Liquid Gang\2000 - Sunshine
Liturgy\2004 - Dawn Of Ash
Living Sacrifice\2002 - Conceived in Fire
Living Sacrifice\2005 - In Memoriam
Love In The Time Of Cholera\2005 - The Sun Through Glass
Lust of Decay\Infesting the Exhumed
Macabre\2003 - Murder Metal
Malignancy\2000 - Intrauterine Cannibalism
Malignancy\2001 - Ignorance Is Bliss
Malignancy\2003 - Cross Species Transmutation
Manhunt\2001 Revenge Volume One
Manic Depression\2003 - Who Deals The Pain
Manos\2000 Living Burial
Maroon\2000 - Captive In The Room Of The Conspirator
Maroon\2006 - When Worlds Collide
Martyr A.D\2000 - The Human Condition In Twelve Fractions
Mastodon\2006 - Blood Mountain
Mental Demise\2004 - Disgraceful Sores
Meshuggah\2005 - Catch 33
Miocene\2005 - A Perfect Life With A View Of The Swamp
Misery Index\2002 - Overthrow (remastered with bonus)
Misery Index\2003 - Retaliate
Misery Index\2004 - Dissent
Misery Index\2006 - Discordia
Misery Signals\2004 - Of Malice and the Magnum Heart
Mnemic\2003 - Mechanical Spin Phenomena
Mnemic\2004 - The Audio Injected Soul
Moray Eel\2005 - Psycho - Delusion
Most Precious Blood\2001 - Nothing In Vain
Mutilated\2003 - Devirginated Genital Pulp
Narziss\2003 - Hope Dies
Neuraxis\- Imagery
Neversmile\2006 - Миллиарды минут
No Innocent Victim\2001 - Tipping The Scales
No Innocent Victim\2005 - To Burn Again
No Retreat\2003 - Pray For Peace
Nonpoint\2000 - Statement
Nonpoint\2002 - Development
Nora\2001-Loser's Intuition
Norma Jean\2006 - Redeemer
Nostromo\2002 - EcceLex
Nostromo\2004 - Hysteron-Proteron
Nothingface\2003 - Skeletons
Odious Mortem\2005 - Devouring The Prophecy
Omissa\2006 - Identity Shattered
Unfold\2004 - Aeon Aony
Waco Jesus\2003 - Filth

Диск 9.

Ghostride\2004 - Cobra Sunrise
Glass Casket\2004 - We Are Gathered Here Today
Glass Casket\2006 - Desperate Mans Diary
Goaded\2005 - Goaded
God Among Insects\2006 - Zombienomicon
God Forbid\2001 - Determination
God Forbid\2004 - Gone Forever
Godsmack\2006 - IV
Gorgasm\2003 - Masticate To Dominate
Gorgasm\2004 - Neurotripsicks
Grave\2004 - Fiendish Regression
Grimfist\2003 - Ghouls Of Grandeur
Guttural Secrete\2004 - Artistic Creation With Cranial Stumps
Hacride\2005 - Deviant Current Signal
Harmony Dies\2003 - Impact
Haste The Day\2004 - Burning Bridges
Haste The Day\2005 - When Everything Falls
Hatchet Diaries\2006 - Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions
Hate Eternal\1999 - Conquering The Throne
Hate Eternal\2005 - I, Monarch
Hatecraft\2004 - Finally Free
Hateframe\2005 - Sign Of Demise
Hatesphere\2005 - The Sickness Within
Hatred\2000 - The Offering
Haunted, The\1998 - The Haunted
Haunted, The\2000 - The Haunted Made Me Do It
Haunted, The\2002 - One Kill Wonder
Haunted, The\2004 - Revolver
Headmeat\2006 - Mass Sociogenic Illness
Headplate\2002 - Delicate
Headshot\2003 - Diseased
Headstrong\2002 - Headstrong
Hearse\2004 - Armageddon, Mon Amour
Heaven Shall Burn\1998 - In Battle There Is No Law
Heaven Shall Burn\1999 - Split With Fall Of Serenity
Heaven Shall Burn\2001 - Asunder
Heaven Shall Burn\2001 - Whatever It May Take
Heaven Shall Burn\2004 - Antigone
Heaven Shall Burn\2005 - The Split Program Ii
Heaven Shall Burn\2006 - Deaf To Our Prayers
Heaven'N'Hell\2003 - Sleeping With Angels
Hedfirst\2005 - Scarismatic
Hell Is For Heros\2003 - Neon Handshake
Hostile Breed\2001 - GreenWound
Hostile Breed\2004 - The Second Cut
Human Mincer\2005 - Devoured Flesh
Hundred Reasons\2002 - Ideas Above Our Station
Hundred Reasons\2004 - Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge
I Killed The Prom Queen\2004 - When Goodbye Means Forever
If Hope Dies\2003 - Siege Equipment For Spiritual
If Hope Dies\2006 - Life In Ruin
Impure Wilhelmina\2000 - Afraid
Impure Wilhelmina\2003 - I Can't Believe I Was Born In July
In Flames\2006 - Come Clarity
In-Quest\2005 - The Comatose Quandary
Indorphine\2006 - Glowsticks For Clubbing Baby Seals
Inexist\2004 - Am I Senseless
Inhume\2003 - In For The Kill
Insomnium\2006 - Above the weeping world
Integrity\2003 - To Die For
Intwine\2004 - Perfect
ISOR\2004 - Post Mortem Peep Show
It Dies Today\2004 - The Caitiff Choir
Josiah\2004 - Verona
War Of Ages\2006 - Pride Of The Wicked

Диск 10.

Devourment\1999 - Molesting The Decapitated
Devourment\2005 - Butcher The Weak
Dew - Scented\2003 - Impact
Die Young\2004 - The Message
Diecast\2006 - Internal Revolution
Digested Flesh\2005 - The Answer To Infection
Dillinger Escape Plan, The\2004 - Miss Machine
Dimension Of Doomed\2006 - Sacramental Oblivion
Disavowed\2001 - Perceptive Deception
Disgorge (Mexico)\1998 - Chronic Corpora Infest
Disgorge (Mexico)\2000 - Forensick
Disgorge (Mexico)\2001 - Gorelics
Disgorge (Mexico)\2003 - Necrholocaust
Disgorge (U.S.A.)\2000 - She Lay Gutted
Disgorge (U.S.A.)\2002 - Consume The Forsaken
Disgorge (U.S.A.)\2005 - Parallels Of Infinite Torture
Dollsex\2006 - Suprematism
Down\2002 - A Bustle In Your Hedgerow
Downside\2003 - When It's All Burning
Dragbody\2001 - Flip The Kill Switch
Dragpipe\2002 - Music For The Last Day Of Your Life
Drawn And Quartered\2006 - Hail Infernal Darkness
Dripping\2002 - Disintegration Of Thought Patterns
Drowningman\2001 - Drowningman Still Loves You (EP)
Dry Kill Logic\2006 - Of Vengeance And Violence
Dust To Dust\2001 - Dust To Dust
Dying Fetus\1994 - Infatuation With Malevolence
E-Town Concrete\1998 - F$ck The World [Ep]
E-Town Concrete\1998 - Time 2 Shine
E-Town Concrete\2000 - The Second Coming
Earshot\2004 - Two
Earth Crisis\2001 - Last Of The Sane
Earthborn\2004 - On Deaf Ears
Earthtone9\2002 - Arc'tan'gent
Eighteen Visions\2006 - Eighteen Visions
Ektomorf\2002 - I Scream Up To The Sky
Ektomorf\2004 - Destroy
Ektomorf\2005 - Instinct
Ektomorf\2006 - Outcast
Element Eighty\2003 - Element Eighty
Endo\2003 - Songs For The Restless
Endrone\2006 - The Sins Within
Endstan\2006 - The Time Is Now
Endthisday\2002 - Sleeping Beneath The Ashes Of Creation
Enforsaken\2006 - Sinner's Intuition
Enmity\2002 - Vomit Forth Intestinal Excrement
Ens Cogitans\2006 - Deigital Conflict
Escape To Everything\2005 - Her Silence
Esoteric\2004 - Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum
Eternal Oath\2005 - Wither
Evereve\2003 - Enetics (Bonus CD)
Evergreen Terrace\2001 - Losing All Hope Is Freedom
Evergreen Terrace\2002 - Burned Alive By Time
Evergreen Terrace\2004 - At Our Worst
Evergreen Terrace\2004 - Writer's Block
Eye Upon Separation\2002 - I Hope She's Having Nightmares
Eyes Set To Kill\2006 - When Silence Is Broken The Night Is Torn
Facecage\2006 - III
Fall Of A Season\2004 - Decades In A Bleeding World
Fall Of Serenity\2004 - Royal Killing
Fall Of Serenity\2006 - Bloodred Salvation
Figure Four\2001 - When It's All Said And Done
Final Breath\2001 - Mind Explosion
Finch\2002 - What It Is To Burn
Five Foot Thick\2003 - Blood Puddle
Flesh Made Sin\2000 - Scenery Of Death
Flesh Made Sin\2002 - Masterwork In Blood
Flesh Made Sin\2004 - Dawn Of The Stillborn
Folly\2006 - Resist Convenience
Fordirelifesake\2004 - Dance.Pretend.Forget.Defend
Forever Never\2006 - APORIA
Fourth Dimension\2003 - Demo'lition
Fuck On The Beach & Ruido\2000 - Split

Диск 11.

Machine Head-Hellalive(2003)
All Shall Perish-Deconstruction.mpg
Apollo Four Forty - Ain't Talking About Dub.mpg
AVRIL #Sk8er.divx
Avril Lavigne -  I'm With You.avi
Avril Lavigne - Complicated (BTBO).asf
Avril Lavigne - Complicated (live MTV VMA 2002).mpg
Avril Lavigne - Complicated.avi
Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip (live).mpg
Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boi (MTV Asia awards 2003).avi
Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boy (BTBO).asf
Blink 182 - All The Small Things.avi
Blink 182 - Dammit.avi
Blink 182 - Josie.avi
Blink 182 - Rock Show.avi
Blink 182 - What's My Age Again.AVI
Blink182 -    FEELING THIS.MOV
Blink182 -  OBVIOUS.MOV
Blink182 -  VIOLENCE.MOV
Blink182 - Man Overboard.avi
Bloodhound Gang - Along Comes Mary.mpg
Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn.avi
Bloodhound Gang - Mope.mpg
Bloodhound Gang - The Ballad Of Chasey Lain.avi
Bloodhound Gang - The Inevitable Return.avi
bomfunk mc - b boy like girls.avi
bomfunk mc -live your life.mpg
BOMFUNK MC's - Freestyler.avi
Bon Jovi - It's My Life.asf
Cardigans - My Favorite Game.mpg
Cranberries - Zombie.mpg
DMX - Ain't No Sunshine.avi
DMX - Party Up.mpg
DMx Ft. Method, Nas & Ja Rule - Grand Finale (Video).mpg
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight.avi
Elvis vs JXL - A Little Less Conversation.avi
Eminem -  Real Slim Shady.mpg
Eminem - Just Lose It.avi
Eminem - Mockingbird.mpg
EMINEM - Without Me.avi
Evanescence - Everybody's Fool.avi
Fatboy slim - Gangster trippin'.asf
Fatboy Slim - Yamama.avi
Fatboy Slim-Rockafeller Skank.mpg
First Date.avi
GORILLAZ - Clint Eastwood.avi
Green Day - Basket Case.avi
Green Day - Minority.mpg
Guano Apes - Big In Japan.WMV
Guano Apes - Don't Give me Name.WMV
Guano Apes - Lords Of The Board..WMV
Guano Apes - Open your Yeres.WMV
Guano Apes - Rain.WMV
Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River.mpeg
Korn - Word up.m2v
Linkin Park - ''Forgt10''.wmv
Linkin Park - Crawling.mpg
Linkin Park - Faint.mpeg
Linkin Park - From The Inside.mpg
Linkin Park - In The End.mpeg
Linkin Park - Numb.mpeg
Linkin Park - One Step Closer.mpeg
Linkin Park - Papercut.mpg
Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong.avi
Linkin park ft.Jay Z-Bic pimpin-Papercut.avi
Linkin park ft.Jay Z-Dirt off your shoulder-Lying from you.avi
Linkin park ft.Jay Z-Izzo-in the end.avi
Linkin park ft.Jay Z-Jicca what and Faint.avi
Linkin park ft.Jay Z-Points of autopity-99 problems-one step closer.avi
Mariah Carey Ft. Busta Rhymes - I Know What You Want (Video).wmv
Matrix in Mortal Kombat Theme (Frames from matrixes).mpg
Moby - Lift Me Up.avi
Moby - Natural blues.asf
Moby - Porcelain.mpg
Nightwish - Bless The Child.mpg
Nightwish - Carpenter.mpg
Nightwish - FantasMic (mix).avi
Nightwish - Sacramental Of Wilderness.avi
Nightwish - Sleeping Sun.mpg
Nightwish - Wishmaster.avi
No Doubt - Don't Speak.avi
No Doubt - Ex-girlfriend.avi
Off spring-Defy you.avi
Offspring - Pretty Fly For a White Guy.mpeg
Offspring - She's Got Issues.avi
Offspring - The kids aren't alrigth.mpg
Offspring - Want you bad.avi
Offspring - Why Don't You Get A Job.mpg
P.O.D. - Alive.mpeg
P.O.D. - Youth Of The Nation.mpg
Pain - Shout Your Mouth.mpg
Papa Roach - Between Angels And Insects.mpg
Papa Roach - Last Resort (Uncensored).mpeg
Placebo - Every You Every Me.mpg
Pro-Pain - Pound For Pound.avi
Pro-Pain - State Of Mind.avi
Pro-Pain - Time.avi
Prodigy - Baby's Got A Temper.mpeg
Prodigy - Breathe.mpg
Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up.mpg
RHCP - Californication.mpg
RHCP - Otherside.asf
SOAD - Aerials.mpg
SOAD - Boom.mpg
SOAD - Chop Suey!.mpeg
SOAD - Spiders.mpg
SOAD - Sugar.mpeg
SOAD - Toxicity.mpeg
SOAD - War.mpeg
X-Ecutioners - It's Going Down.MPEG

Диск 12.

      Children Of Bodom-1997 - Something Wild
       Children Of Bodom-1999 - Hatebreeder
        Children Of Bodom-1999 - Tokyo Warhearts Live in Japan
         Children Of Bodom-2000 - Follow The Reaper
         Children Of Bodom-2003 - Hate Crew Deathroll
        Children Of Bodom-2005 - Are You Dead Yet
        Dracul - Die Hand Gottes (1994)
         Dracul - Follow Me (2003)
        Dracul - Speichel und Blut (1999)
        Dry Kill Logic - Darker Side Of Nonsense (2001)
       Fear factory- Archetype (2004)
         Fear factory- Concrete (2002)
        Fear factory- Hatefiles (2003)
         Fear factory-Burn CD5 (1997)
       Fear factory-Demanufacture (1995)
     Fear factory-Demanufacture [Digipak+] (1995)
      Fear factory-Digimortal (Digipak) (2001)
       Fear factory-Digital Connectivity (2002)
        Fear factory-Fear in Florida [Bootleg] (17.09.1998)
         Fear factory-Fear Is The Mindkiller CDEP (1993)
        Fear factory-Obsolete [Digipak] (1998)
       Fear factory-Remanufacture (Cloning Technology) [Japan] (1997)
         Fear factory-Soul of a New Machine (1992)
         Fear factory-Transgression (2005)
       Good Charlotte- The Young And The Hopeless (2002)
        Good Charlotte-Chronicles Of Life And Death
        Lostprophets - Star Something (2004)
Nightwish - Live To Tell The Tale(bonus).mp3
       Nightwish-1997 - Angels Fall First
      Nightwish-1998 - Oceanborn
       Nightwish-2000 - Wishmaster
       Nightwish-2000 - Wishmastour (Bonus CD)
        Nightwish-2001 - From Wishes To Eternity - Live
      Nightwish-2001 Nimphomaniac Fantasia
       Nightwish-2001 Over The Hills And Far Away
        Nightwish-2002 - Century Child
      Nightwish-2004 Once
       NOFX 45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough... CD1 (2002)
       NOFX 45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough... CD2 (2002)
       NOFX Bottles To The Ground (2000)
      NOFX Pump Up The Valuum (2000)
      NOFX The War On Errorism (2003)
        Pain-Live At Inferno (Bootleg) (2001)
       Pain-Nothing Remains The Same (2002)
        Pain-Pain (1997)
      Pain-Rebirth (1999)
        Spineshank - The Height of Callousness
        Tanzwut - Ihr Wolltet Spass (2003)
       Tanzwut - Labyrinth Der Sinne (2000)
       Tanzwut - Tanzwut (1999)
         Tanzwut - Tanzwut CD5 (2000)
      Umbra et Imago - Dunkle Energie [Limited Edition] (2001)
     Umbra et Imago-Bonus
        Umbra et Imago-Die Welt Brennt [live] (2002)
        Umbra et Imago-Feuer Und Licht CD5 (2001)
       Umbra et Imago-Gedanken Eines Vampires (1995)
        Umbra et Imago-Infantile Spiele (1993)
        Umbra et Imago-Kein Gott Und Keine Liebe CD5 (1997)
      Umbra et Imago-Mea Culpa (2000)
      Umbra et Imago-Mystica Sexualis (1996)
       Umbra et Imago-Remember Dito CDEP (1994)
        Umbra et Imago-Sex statt Krieg CD5 (1996)
     Umbra et Imago-Traume, Sex und Tod (1992)
      Umbra et Imago-UeI - Machina Mundi (1998)
        Umbra et Imago-UeI - The Hard Years, Das Live-Album (1997)
        Umbra et Imago-UeI - Weinst Du CD5 (1999)
Пилот-Концерт в Санкт-Петербурге

Диск 13.

Gorky park(2 albums)
Gorefest-Soul survivor(1996)
MyRuin-APrayerUnderPressureOfViolentAnguish (2000)
Бони НЕМ - Мелодии и ритмы зарубежной эстрады(1997)
Amorphis - Alone
Amorphis - Am Universum
Amorphis - Black Winter Day (Ep)
Amorphis - Elegy
Amorphis - Isle Of Joy (Bootleg)
Amorphis - My Kantele
Amorphis - Privilege Of Evil
Amorphis - Story - 10Th Anniversary
Amorphis - Tales From The Thousand Lakes
Amorphis - The Karelian Isthmus
Amorphis - Tuonela
Black metall(сборник 630 МБ-Burzum,Dark funeral,Darkwoods my betrothed,Eminenz,Hecate enthroned,Helheim,Isengard,Liar of golgotha,Nebular moon,Nocturnal mortum,Shamash,Skythrone,Solefald.Storm,Troll)
Black metall(сборник 550 МБ-Abyssos,Aeba,Evol,Forlorn.Golden dawn,Lord belial,Menhir,Mithotyn,Mork gryning,Mundanus imperium,Old mans child,Ragnarok,Raventhrone,Thyrfing,Waylander)
Butterfly Temple\2003 - Тропою крови по воле рода
Butterfly Temple-Колесо чернобога
Butterfly Temple-Сны северного моря
Death\01-Reign In Terror (demo) 1984
Death\02-Back From The Dead (demo) 1985
Death\03-Scream Bloody Gore 1987
Death\04-Leprosy 1988
Death\05-Spiritual Healing 1990
Death\06-Human 1991
Death\07-Individual Thought Patterns 1993
Death\08-Symbolic 1995
Death\09-The Sound Of Perseverance 1998
Death\Live in Eindhoven '98
Dimmu Borgir\01-For All Tid 1995
Dimmu Borgir\02-Devil's Path 1996
Dimmu Borgir\03-Stormblast 1996
Dimmu Borgir\04-Enthrone Darkness Triumphant 1997
Dimmu Borgir\05-Godless Savage Garden 1998
Dimmu Borgir\06-Spiritual Black Dimensions 1999
Dimmu Borgir\08-Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia 2001
Interitus Dei\Unholy
Lucifugum\На крючья да в клочья
Nocturnal mortum\Нехристь
Nocturnal mortum\Мировоззрение
Nocturnal mortum\Мировоззрение(Демо)
Samael-01 Into The Infernal Storm Of Evil (Demo) 1987
Samael-02 Medieval Prophecy (EP Demo) 1988
Samael-03 Macabre Operetta 1989
Samael-04 Worship Him 1991
Samael-05 Blood Ritual 1992
Samael-06 Ceremony Of Opposites 1994
Samael-07 Rebellion 1995
Samael-08 Passage 1996
Samael-09 Exodus 1998
Samael-10 Eternal 1999
Samael-11-Live Tracks
Samael-12 Passage 1998
Samael-13 Still Dreams In Violent Areas 1998
Samael-14 Solar Child 2001
Six Feet Under-Six Feet Under
Six Feet Under-Maximum violence
Six Feet Under-True carnage

Диск 14.

Adorned Brood+Opera IX-01-The Call Of The Wood (1995)
Adorned Brood+Opera IX-02-Sacro Culto (1998)
Adorned Brood+Opera IX-03-The Black Opera (2000)
Adorned Brood+Opera IX-04-Maleventum (2002)
Adorned Brood+Opera IX-05-The Shadows' Madame (2002)
Adorned Brood+Opera IX-06-Hiltia (1996)
Adorned Brood+Opera IX-07-Wigand (1998)
Adorned Brood+Opera IX-08-Asgard (2000)
Adorned Brood+Opera IX-09-Erdenkraft (2002)
Immortal\01-Unholy Forces Of Evil (EP) 1991
Immortal\02-Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism 1992
Immortal\03-Pure Holocaust 1993
Immortal\04-Live Zaandam (Bootleg) 1994
Immortal\05-Battles In The North 1995
Immortal\06-Blizzard Beasts 1997
Immortal\07-Live At Rockwave Festival (Bootleg) 12 July 1999
Immortal\08-At The Heart Of Winter 1999
Immortal\09-Live At Waldrock, Holand (Bootleg) 1999
Immortal\10-Damned In Black 2000
Immortal\11-The Sound Of Battle Never Ends (Live Bootleg) 2001
Immortal\12-Sons Of Northern Darkness 2002
In extremo-01-In Extremo 1997
In extremo-02-Gold 1997
In extremo-03-Hameln 1998
In extremo-04-Weckt Die Toten! 1998
In extremo-05-Die Verrueckten Sind In Der Stadt 1998
In extremo-06-Verehrt Und Angespien 1999
In extremo-07-Sunder Ohne Zugel 2001
In extremo-08-Feuertaufe 2000
In extremo-09-Heute Ist Die Rache Mein 2001
In extremo-10-Als Die Erde Eine Scheibe War... 2001
Machine Head-Supercharger
Napalm Death\001 Noise For The Musics Sake 2003
Napalm Death\002 Order Of The Leech 2002
Napalm Death\003 Enemy Of The Music Business 2000
Napalm Death\004 Words From The Exit Wound 1998
Napalm Death\005 Inside The Torn Apart 1997
Napalm Death\006 Diatribes 1995
Napalm Death\007 Fear, Emptiness, Despair 1994
Napalm Death\008 Harmony Corruption 1990
Obituary-01-Slowly We Rot 1989
Obituary-02-Cause Of Death 1990
Obituary-03-The End Complete 1991
Obituary-04-Live Dynamo Open Air, Eindhoven NL (Bootleg) 1991
Obituary-05-World Demise 1994
Obituary-06-Back From The Dead 1997
Obituary-07-Live In Montreal Quebec (Bootleg) 09-05-1997
Obituary-08-Dead 1998
Obituary-09-Anthology 2001
Obituary-10-The Cleansing 2001
Pro-Pain\01_1993 - Foul Taste Of Freedom
Pro-Pain\02_1994 - The Truth Hurts
Pro-Pain\03_1996 - Contents Under Pressure [Digipak]
Pro-Pain\04_1998 - Pro-Pain
Pro-Pain\05_1999 - Act Of God
Pro-Pain\06_2000 - Round 6
Pro-Pain\07_2002 - Shreds Of Dignity
Pro-Pain\08_2003 - Run For Cover
RHCP-Blood Sugar Sex Magik
RHCP- Freaky Styley
RHCP-Mothers milk
RHCP-One Hot Minute
RHCP-Out in L.A
RHCP-The Red Hot Chili Peppers
RHCP-The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
RHCP-What Hits

Также есть DVD:
Slipknot-Live at Dynamo 2000
Slipknot-Live at Rockpalast 2005
Stigmata-Pieces of life

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