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Сегодня 15 Августа
Празднуют ДР: Romi, Alisa Mon, Saduint, Leo565, Anareta, MFB, suslovod, Shatten, Master Of Insanity, Samwise
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9 th Plague Apocatastasis reversed CD
Abaddon Incarnate Nadir CD
Abrasive Devotion CD
Abrasive Desire CD
Abrasive Awakening of lust CD
Absemia Morbopraxis CD
Absence Of The Sacred Era of the apostate CD
Absurd Conflict / Depressive Reality I'm your history! / Unintentional CD
Aeternus Dominion Psychotic CD
Agathocles Reds at the Mountains of Death CD
Alienation Mental Psychopathicolorspectrum CD+
Anatomy Overtreatment CD
Ancestral Volkhves Son of Iriyi CD
Androphagous / Toxic Revolution Exterminate / Noise destruction program CD
Angerpath Forgotten world CD
Animal Hate ... A witch shall be born digiCD
Apocalyptic Visions Leave none living CD
Apocalyptic Visions Doomsday device CD
Armageddon Clock Armageddon macht frei CD
As Gravity Fades What lies beneath mCD
Asphyxiate The Process of Mutilation CD
Asphyxiate Anatomy of perfect bestiality CD
Atrocious Abnormality Echoes of the rotting CD
Attack Of Rage Grindpeace CD
Attack Of The Mad Axeman Scumdogs of the forest CD
Avulsed Seven years of decay/Bloodcovered 2CD
Awaiting The Autopsy Couldn't tell the bodies apart CD
Axon Leper viper CD
Baal Passage To Eternity CD
Birdflesh Live at Giants of Grind CD
Black The Sky Simplistic mechanics of deformable bodies CD
Blastomycosis The putrid smell within CD
Blaze Inside Pure potenciality CD
Blessed Slaughter / Inferior Concha split cd CD
Blood of Christ ...A dream of remember CD
Bloodbastard Next to dissect CD
Bodysnatch Universe of gory tales mCD
Boiler Atula der druckluftkonig CD
Bomberos / Inbreeding Sick split cd CD
Bowel Stew Mondo Morbo CD+
Brief Respite Uneveness CD
Burial Divinity through eradication CD
Burn Victim Baptized in gasoline mCD
Butcher Abc Butchered At Birth Day mCD+
Butcher ABC Butchered feast of being mCD
Cardiac Necropsy 16 years of anal addict CD
Cardiac Necropsy / Insision / Koma / Lacerate / Vrykolakas Supreme brutal legions CD
Carnagia Blood Machine CD
Carnal Diafragma Preparation Of The Daddy's Steak CD
Castrum Hatenourisher CD
Cerebral Turbulency U.S. gravy CD
Cesspool Of Vermin Bestial necrophilia CD
Chirurgia Deep Silence CD
Choked By Own Vomits Shit autopsy CD
Chuck Schuldiner Zero tolerance CD
Clawn Deathles beauty of the silence CD
Clitoridus Invaginatus Putrid pussy warehouse CD
Clitorture / Goreality Disassembling the human form CD
Cock And Ball Torture Sadochismo CD
Combat Noise After the war... the wrath continues CD
Composted Sexual transmission: simplex slam mCD
Confusion Demos'lition CD
Convent The truth revealed CD
Corprophemia Arrived in pieces CD
Corpse Carving Grotesque Goratorium: Disemboweled Gorific Feast CD
Corpsing The stench of humanity CD
Corpulate Boundless expansion CD
Crionics Armageddon's evolution CD
Crypticus Dedicated to The Impure CD
Cuntgrinder / Satan's Revenge On Mankind / Hymen Holocaust 3-way penetration CD
Cyanosis Conceiving abhorrence CD
Daggerspawn Suffering upon the throne of depravity CD
Dawn Of Demise Lacerated mCD
Days Of Betrayal Decapitated for research CD
Dead Infection Dead singles collection CD
Decrepidemic The void of unexistence CD
Dementor Faithless CD
Depression Eine Ruckbesinnung CD
Desecration Forensix CD
Desensitised Virus of violence CD+
Devast Art of extermination CD
Diabolical Deserts Of Desolation mCD
Disciples Of Berkowitz Chronicles 1995-2007 CD
Disemboweled Corpse Chronic disembowelment CD
Disinterment Graveyard fornication CD
Dismal Lapse The nameless faceless CD
Doom Syndicate Beyond salvation CD
Doomraiser Lords of mercy CD
Downlord Random dictionary of the damned CD
DrDoom / Collision split cd CD
Dysmorfic Suffer And Die CD
Ebolie Elevation into Disintegration mCD
Ebonmortis Reconstruction by force CD
Eclectic Spawn Noosferic CD
Egemony Baptism of the unborn CD
El Santo Metamorphosis CD
Elbow Drop I love tupa-tupa GxCx CD
Eliminator Breaking the wheel CD
Embalmer 13 faces of death CD
Embalming Theatre / Swarrrm split cd CD
Embryonic Depravity / Gorevent Malignant opus of inherited depravities CD
Engorged Where Monsters Dwell CD
Epicrise Twin's contraception CD
Eternal The berserks' legion defiance CD
Evil Darkness Malignant supremacy CD
Evilentourage Dominion CD
Eviscerated Eviscerated CD
Exhale Festerfiction CD+
Exhumer Bloodcurdling tool of digestion CD
Expose Your Eyes Hatecult CD
Exterminance Vomiting the trinity CD
Extirpating The Infected Vaginal saw entorturement CD
Extremely Rotten Flesh The end CD
FAM Bullet(in) CD
Fangorn Fangorn CD
Fate Is Dying Your inablity mCD
Feast Of Corpses The sickness of mankind CD
Feastem Fear in concrete CD
Feeble Minded Pernicious intergrowth CD
Fermento Insignia CD
Fetocide Redefine CD
Flaying Commandments - violated CD
Flesh Consumed New order of intelligence CD
Fleshart / Harmony Dies Derangement CD
Fleshgore Wake up for freedom CD
Fleshgrinder Coroner's inqest suit CD
Foul Stench The bone mCD
Frightmare Bringing back the bloodshed CD
From Ashes Rise / Victims Split CD
From Beyond Death Exhibit A CD
Fuck The Facts / Mincing Fury AGCOQD Live split CD
Gelgamesh Last breath of the dying one CD
General Surgery / Butcher ABC split cd CD
Ghouls Until it bleeds CD
Gomorrha Body (p)art CD
Gore In sickness intent CD
Goreality Perverse depraved indifference CD
Goreobscenity Macabre violent instinct CD
Gorevent Abnormal exaggeration CD
Grind Inc. Inhale the violence CD
Gut The cumback CD+
Hateplow Moshpit murder CD
Hatred Surge Collection 2005-2007 CD
Headhunter D.C. God's spreading cancer CD
Heaps Of Dead Deceased dismembered and left to decay CD
Hell-Born Legacy of the Nephilim CD
Hideous Mangleus Shadows that kill CD
Hirax Thrash and destroy DVD
Holocausto Canibal Visceral massacre memorabilia CD
Horde Casket Landscape of cadavers CD
Horror Blast / Splattered Cavities Split CD
Human Rejection Decrepit to insanity CD
Hymen Holocaust Necromance CD
Hypnos Rabble manifesto CD
Hypnos Demons CD
Impaled The last gasp CD
Imposer Behold demons CD
In Articulo Mortis The time has come CD
Incarcerate / Internal Torture split cd CD
Incarnated Pleasures of consumption CD
Incesticide Incesticide mCD
Infection Code Intimacy CD
Inferia Fucking is a great way to get to know new people CD
Infernal Revulsion Dead but breathing CD
Infidel Destruction of mecca CD
Intestinal Alien Reflux Exogenoside CD
Intestinal Disgorge Sociopath CD
Intestinal Strangulation Pathological brutalistic fermentation CD
Jesus Corpus / Innards Decay / Pusvomit 3 way brutality CD
Kiju Nothing to pray for CD
Koreopsis Resin mCD
Kraanium The art of female sodomy CD
Kreon Impact winter CD
Lahdon Aika Tuomitta digiCD
Life At Zero Vile piles CD
Low Twelve This side toward enemy CD
Maggot Shoes Fear terrorism CD
Maledictive Pigs Bloodshed CD
Malevolent Creation Retrospective CD
Malodorous Amaranthine redolence CD
Mastic Scum The EPs collection 1993-2002 CD
Mastic Scum Scar CD
Mastic Scum Zero CD
Maximum Perversion / Ebolie Fuck ya ears and drink ya beers CD
Meat Shits Whoreible vol1 CD
Melancholy Pessimism Dreamkillers CD
Misery Index / Mumakil Ruling class cancelled mCD
Mixomatosis Neurofibroma mixoide CD+
Modus Delicti / Clitoridus Invaginatus / Dismemberment split cd CD
Mortal Agony Dobermann CD
Mortally Infected The age of eclipsed humanity mCD
Moulded Flesh In the hands of evil CD
Mourning Blinded by hate CD
Mulk Putrilogie CD
Murder Therapy The Therapy mCD
Napalm Death Leaders not followers mCD
Necromayhem Expiation mCD
Necrovile The pungency of carnage CD
Negation / Cardiac Necropsy / Extreme Decay / Masochist / BTBG Breeding the sick species CD
Neuropathia Graveyard cowboys CD
No Heaven Awaits Us Irony of pure hatred digiCD
Nocturnal Devotion Virus... CD
Nothin' Suss / Queef Huffer split cd CD
Ominous Intercorpse CD
Paganizer No divine rapture CD
Paganizer Deadbanger / Promting total death / Dead unburied / Warlust 2CD
Paracoccidioidomicosisprostitissarcomucosis Aromatica germenextitacion en orgias de viscosa y amarga putrefacion CD
Paracoccidioidomicosisprostitissarcomucosis / Butcher Abc Split CD
Parental Advisory The wither process CD
Paroxysm Scars of the art CD
Paroxysm ... alles kann, nichts muss!!! CD
Parricide Patogen CD
Parricide / Incarnated / Reexamine The 3 ways of brutality CD
Parricide / Patologicum / Deformed Cut your head before they do CD
Patologicum / Gruesome Malady Split CD
Plastic Grave Noizy Graves & Plactic Chronicles CD
Polymorph Innocent suffering CD
Poppy Seed Grinder Humanophobia CD
Porkfarm Blood harvest mCD
Postmortem Constant hate CD
Prejudice / Carnal Decay / Infant Bile Grotesque first action CD
Profanation Dead body fuck CD
Protest Have a rest, please CD
Psychofagist Psychofagist CD
Psychomancer Butchered CD
Punished Earth Corporate dictatory CD
Punished Earth Ruined empire CD
Punished Earth Frankenstein CD
Pussyvibes Pussy gore galore CD
Putrefukation Vortex of zombified mortuary procedures CD
Putrefy / Blasphtized / Vomitous Rectum split cd CD
Putrid Inbred Scavenger CD
Rape Pillage And Burn Songs of death.. Songs of hell mCD
Reinfection They die for nothing CD
Repulsive Dissection Murder-suicide mCD
Retaliation Enticing mCD
Roncsipar Antimonumentum CD
Rottenness II (compilation) CD
Rottenness Sickening chronologies CD
Rottrevore Iniquitous CD
Sanctifier Awaked by Impurity Rites CD
Sanity's Dawn The EP years + live audio terror CD
Sanity's Dawn / Mechanical Separation split cd CD
Sanitys Dawn / Mindflair split cd CD
Sapremia With winter comes despair CD
Sapremia Hollow (+ bonus) CD
Sea of Tranquillity The omegan ruins CD
Sea Of Tranquillity / Pax Mortis Dead of winter / Defiant CD
Security Threat The truth is out CD
See You In Hell Market yourself CD
Self Human Combustion / Viscera/// split cd CD
Separatist The motionless apocalypse CD
Sickening Ignorance supremacy CD
Signs Of Dying Desire is suffering CD
Skull Collector Depravity indulged through flesh corporal parts CD
Social Revolver Drive on!!! CD
Sordid Armed to their grinning teeth CD
Sordid Sordid remains CD
Soulless Profanation Summoning heresy CD
Splatter Whore Kaviar die-hards mCD
Splatter Whore City of the sleazehounds CD
Squash Bowels Love Songs CD
Stillbirth Plakative aggression CD
Subterranean Fecal Root Anthems of the antisocial underground CD
Super Fun Happy Slide The undislodgable nugget scenario CD
Surgical Dissection Disgust CD
Tard Disgorging guttural regurgitations CD
Thalarion Hellium CD
The Cleansing Poisoned legacy CD
The Everscathed Razors of unrest CD
The Forensic The becoming CD
The New Plague Shackled and enslaved CD
Thornesbreed The splendour of the repellent CD
Thy Flesh Consumed Pacified by oceans of blood CD
Tomorrow's Victim / Perverse / Moulded Flesh split CD CD
Torn Apart Craving pale flesh mCD
Trimegisto Subterranean stream CD
Truculency Eviscerate the paraplegic CD
Tu Carne / El Muermo split cd mCD
Undersave After The Domestication Comes The Manipulation mCD
Unleashed Anger Straightforward CD
Unnatural Life CD
Untamed Fuck the fucking fuckers CD
Utopia Utopia CD
V/A Razorback Records compilation The horror hive CD
V/A Thrash Metal Warriors Hirax, Sabbat, Kat, Slaver etc... CD
Vanhelgd Cult of Lazarus CD
Veneral Disease Superior Supremacy CD
Vrykolakas Spawned from hellfire and brimstones CD
Vulvulator Obscenario CD
VX / Coprobaptized Cunthunter / Oneroid Blood Pressure split cd CD
Wormrot Abuse CD
Yogth-Sothoth The dark waters are shaken CD

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