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Информация о группе
The porch to this melancholic kingdom of sadness and grief was opened in July’92, by vocalist Tear and drummer Flame, at the time under the name of INCARNATED. In the fall of the same year Mist joins the band, taking place as lead guitar player.

The first piece of dramatic art was conceived in October’93, the acclaimed promo-track "Death Blessed By A God", which was promoted near the main underground press and specialized labels, in a total of 500 free copies worldwide. The reactions to this debut release were extremely positive and heartening. Meanwhile, around September’94 a change of the band’s name was definitively necessary. DESIRE was born... In this period of some line-up changes, Dawn joins DESIRE, fulfilling and emphasizing the melodic and atmospheric sound of the band.

Due to the growing interest of some worldwide labels, an "Advance Tape" was recorded in March’95, featuring two new songs. Late’95, and after studying some deal offers, Portuguese Skyfall Records was chosen to release DESIRE’s dramatic concept album "Infinity... A Timeless Journey Through An Emotional Dream", happening only in July’96. The album offers seven epic chapters of deeply sad emotions and depressive feelings, combined with sorrowful orchestral atmospheres. "Infinity..." was considered by national and some international press, as one of the best Portuguese releases of that year and the first one introducing such a mournful, melodic and misanthropic sound genre in the Portuguese scene.

After some successful live presentations promoting the debut album and more line-up modifications, the band enters the studio in March’97 to record the second effort, the misanthropic tragedy mcd "Pentacrow", representing the band’s fifth year of existence. This work features some of the band’s massive achievements, containing over 45 minutes of tragic, melancholic and depressive musical landscapes, reinforcing even more the dark, doomiest and poetic side of the band. Being considered once again as one of the most successful releases of that year, DESIRE was invited, one month later, to open for Cradle Of Filth, during their "Dusk And Embrace" tour at Paradise Garage in Lisboa.

Meanwhile, in the beginning of ’99 the contract with Skyfall Records was rescinded due several reasons. After this period, the band experienced constant and major line-up changes, leading into a huge delay until the writing and recording process of a new studio album. Tempest joins on the bass and Ashes on the keyboards. Finally, in April’01, DESIRE entered L’Enfant Terrible Studios to record its third masterpiece, being the mixing process made at Edit Studios and the mastering work at the famous Finnvox Studios in Finland, by Mika Jussila.

The new romantic opus "Locus Horrendus – The Night Cries Of A Sullen Soul" reaches the light of day in May’02, the year of DESIRE’s 10th anniversary. Responses to the new self-financed effort have been tremendously enthusiastic, not only in Portugal, but above all worldwide, where DESIRE reached some high reviews (9/10, 10/10) in several magazines and web sites, being also considered one of the best albums of 2002 in many publications. One of those, were the highly recognized Doom-Metal.com from Holland, where the new album was voted as album of the month in August’02. This quote, made Doom-Metal.com staff to invite the band to play in the Spanish date of "Doomination of Europe 2003", among Morgion (USA), Mourning Beloveth (Ireland) and The Prophecy (England). It was also the first gig that DESIRE played abroad Portugal. With "Locus Horrendus", DESIRE also had the chance to play several concerts in Portuguese territory, with special incidence to Hard Club venue in V.N.Gaia where the band played as headliners and Le Son in Coimbra, opening for Sanguis Et Cinis (Austria). Also in April’03, the band were invited to play at Steel Warriors Rebellion Festival, in Barroselas, opening for Swedish Katatonia and Finnish Finntroll. In fall of September/early October, DESIRE tours Europe for the first time along with Evoken (US) and Officium Triste, playing shows in France, England, Holland and Belgium, with a large response from the European fans…

2004 starts with some live activity as well… The band is invited to perform alongside with Greek masters Rotting Christ in the "10º Mangualde Hard Metal Fest" and in the fall of the same year, DESIRE joins again to “Doomination Of Europe II” bill, this time, playing both portuguese dates with The Prophecy (England), The Eternal (Australia) and Abyfs (Spain).

The year of 2005, proceeds the new face of the band, with a huge live activity, which wasn’t so common in the past years… Playing a bit from the north to the south of Portugal, DESIRE starts spreading the melancholic word of romantic passion among the Portuguese audience, with excellent results. The "Locus Horrendus" album keeps selling after almost three years from its release and this made concert organizers to pay more attention to the band. In May, The Crow Lovers return to Paradise Garage in Lisboa, opening for Swedish Evergrey with a fantastic and balanced set, which took some new audience to the side of the band… Around this period, "Locus Horrendus" is licensed and released in Brasilian territory by Cathedral Rock Machine, which exposes the tragic art of the band in South American territory even more, since the good reception and critics from the band’s beginning…

Meanwhile, the band deals with some internal problems and line-up changes, but always focused in the writing and composing process of new material, while playing live as well.

Some labels showed interest in releasing DESIRE’s new material, but since the proposals weren’t that much interesting, the band decided, once again, to self-release the new EP “CrowcifiX”, released in early ’09, in digipak and 12”EP vinyl format, developing a higher level in the sorrowful and tragic sound, while opening a new powerful, balanced and brutal chapter, unexpected for some… a shelter for the band…

Presently and while promoting the new release and searching for a contract deal, the band is also working on the forthcoming full length album, expected to be released before the fall of the present year of 2010…

Corvus (Tear) - vocals
Mist - guitar
Raiden - guitar
Flame - drums

session musician:
Vasco - bass

1995 Advance Tracks 95 (Demo)
1996 Infinity... A Timeless Journey through an Emotional Dream (Full-length)
1998 Pentacrow(EP)
2002 Locus Horrendus - The Night Cries of a Sullen Soul (Full-length)
2009 Crowcifix (EP)


Doom Death

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Переслушал недавно их Locus Horrendus. Ещё раз убедился, что один из лучших образцов жанра, выдающаяся, можно даже сказать шедевральная работа.  Вроде бы к 2002 году это было уже и не в новинку, но как сделано, чёрт возьми, как сделано! Запросто встаёт в один ряд с такими шедеврами как Lacrimas Profundere "Memorandum", Saturnus "Veronica Decides To Die", Clouds "Doliu".

Don't tell me about rock-n-roll!...I know what is rock-n-roll!...Because I am rock-n-roll!
Свобода дана не всем. Кто-то должен нести ответственность (С) Рейнхольд Месснер

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Man Of Motley

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Да, группа отличная. Прекрасный образчик дум-дета с готическим уклоном. Сюда бы вокалистку, и получился бы классический вариант "красавица и чудовище", как это принято говорить про группы вроде Театра Трагедий или Тристания. Спасибо, что подсказали, я послушал два альбома - 1996 и 2002, и оба понравились. Не могу сказать, какой лучше, они разные. За шесть лет произошли заметные изменения в жанре, что отразилось и на группе, но получилось одинаково хорошо (хотя по стилистике мне ближе 96).

I will be seven
When we meet in Heaven

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Man Of Motley �����:
хотя по стилистике мне ближе 96

а я его то ли не слушал, то ли не запомнил, надо вернуться как-нибудь...

Don't tell me about rock-n-roll!...I know what is rock-n-roll!...Because I am rock-n-roll!
Свобода дана не всем. Кто-то должен нести ответственность (С) Рейнхольд Месснер

2075 | Дата рег-ции 7 Янв., 2004 | Отправлено: 16:31 - 8 Июля, 2020 63

Форум: Doom & Sludge, Тема: Desire

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