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Информация о группе
Deus ex Machina were formed in 1985 in Bologna (Italy); thus far, D.E.M. have released seven albums, and have also appeared on four compilations with other artists.

The artistic development of the group began with the realization of a rock-opera. It was based on an original story, inspired from a sense of the enduring struggle between Man and Nature. The opera received critical acclaim when it was performed; the critics described it as "unusual", "powerful" and "extremely elaborate". In fact, the above praise is that which has been most commonly ascribed to their music. This, coupled with their particular musical expertise and compositional skill, has led them to be described as stylistically uncategorisable, whilst maintaining the distinctive sounds of classic rock. Finally, the Latin lyrics originate from the need to reconcile the melodious nature of Italian (which is difficult to transpose into rock), and the immediacy and fluency of English. Latin presented itself as the ideal solution.

In 1991, D.E.M. and Kaliphonia agreed to record and release the rock-opera GLADIUM CAELI. The album maintains the integrity of a live recording, but was recorded in only two days in a studio. As a result of its being rendered in such a short time, certain technical flaws are evident, which have nonetheless added a spontaneous dynamic to the recording.

The arrival of Claudio Trotta on drums, and the group's continual search for stylistic and compositional evolution, led to the recording of their second album. Biographically named DEUS EX MACHINA, it was written and recorded between September 1991 and July 1992.
This marked a musical departure from GLADIUM CAELI and, once again, was well received by critics.

D.E.M. are justly proud of their trademark ethos: a permanent state of evolution. They have played a large number of live concerts, and feel they have gained a great deal of experience from doing so. This has helped to create a stronger bond within the group.

In 1993 they began composing new material: in the summer 1994 they went into recording studio to lay down the tracks for this album; it was an exacting task and took almost two years to realize.

DE REPUBLICA, the band's third album, came out at the beginning of 1995; it marked a progression along the same track that the band had followed in their previous recordings, but with still fewer compromises. During this time, the concert activities, as well as their recordings, have placed D.E.M. in the avant garde of rock, which has gained them an international audience.

A couple of live albums are the direct consequence of this: DIACRONIE METRONOMICHE, and the vinyl NON EST ARS QUAE AD EFFECTUM CASUS VENIT.

In the latest studio album EQUILIBRISMO DA INSOFFERENZA a brass section has been introduced in order to change once again the composing techniques of the band.

Still concerts in the USA...in the meanwhile the band works on a a new album and signs with Cuneiform Records, one of the most important alternative rock label.
Three years of very hard work brings to "Cinque" on 2002: "powerful sound", it's been considered the definitive work, the masterpiece of the band.

In 2004 the band plans to release some new songs in a live album preferring immediacy to studio recordings. And it's also time to celebrate the 20th birthday of the band (1985-2005): some concerts in Italy, France and Belgium to record a live CD and a DVD with recent concerts and "historical" stuff, to be released by Cuneiform in September 2006.

Claudio Trotta, drums
Alessandro Porreca, bass
Maurino Collina, guitar
Alessandro Bonetti, violin
Fabrizio Puglisi, keyboards
Alberto Piras, vocals

1990 Gladium Caeli
1992 Deus ex machina
1994 De republica
1996 Diacronie metronomiche (live)
1997 Non est ars quae ad effectum casus venit - LP (live)
1998 Equilibrismo da insofferenza
2002 Cinque
2008 Imparis


progressive rock/fusion


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Living Hexadecimal

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Заслуженная команда в своём жанре. По музыке Deus Ex Machina - это сплав итальянского прога 70х и прог-фьюжна в духе Mahavishnu Orchestra(во всяком случае сабж мне напомнил именно их). Композиционных наворотов в музыке довольно много, но при этом они не сводятся "усложнению ради усложнения". Так же довольно много диссонансных структур, которые придают характерный, странный и запоминающийся колорит. Кроме того, стоит отметить вокалиста, который исполняет все партии красивым оперным вокалом(не Венская Опера но всё же!), изящно прикрывая верхние ноты и переходя на фальцет. Все песни исполняются на итальянском.
Любимые альбомы это "Cinque" и "Deus ex machina".

In Galois fields, full of flowers primitive elements dance for hours climbing sequentially through the trees and shouting occasional parities . . .

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Форум: Jazz Rock/Fusion, Тема: DEUS EX MACHINA

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