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Информация о группе
One such band was ANTI-BOFORS, emerging in 1989 from the suburbs of Nyköping. ANTI-BOFORS released a 7” on their own label No Records, then found a new vocalist and wisely changed their name to DISFEAR. In October 1992 the band recorded their eponymous debut EP in Sunlight Studios under the guidance of famed ENTOMBED producer Tomas Skogsberg. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, DISFEAR went back to Sunlight and cut the classic MCD 'A Brutal Sight Of War,' released in August 1993. This time, the crust crowd was enthralled! 'A Brutal...' recieved rave reviews in Kerrang! and was voted 1993 Top Hardcore album in Rock Hard, the German bible of earsplitting music. All this media attention was followed by a tour in Germany with Swedish pals UNCURBED. DISFEAR received several offers from bigger labels, but the boys somehow lost the inspiration, did an unexpected u-turn and split up. Fortunately, this was only a minor case of confusion, because in late 1994 the band got together again, this time with Jallo Lehto (NO SECURITY/TOTALITAR) on drums.

In April 1995, DISFEAR returned to Sunlight to record their full-length debut 'Soul Scars,' released on Distortion in May 1995. The album got top reviews and to promote the release, DISFEAR toured Sweden with a couple of similar bands. The gigs went down a storm and were a perfect warm-up for the forthcoming UK-tour with English legends DOOM as special guests. Back in Sweden, more gigs were waiting, but with a different bill than before. BREACH, RAISED FIST, MONSTER and LEGAL WEAPON (U.S.) were all quite brutal, but not at all like DISFEAR. The cunning idea was to introduce the band to a wider audience. It was during these gigs Jallo Lehto realized that drumming wasn't really his thing anymore so he quit the band. DISFEAR replaced him with Robin Wiberg who joined the guys for a massive headling tour of Europe. The summer of 1995 sure was busy. In June DISFEAR appeared at the huge festival in Hultsfred, Sweden. This was an important gig and the place was packed to maximum capacity. DISFEAR also headlined a couple of other festivals in Sweden followed by a second trek through Europe. The band did both festivals and clubs with among others punk stalwarts G.B.H (UK) and metalized speed freaks D.R.I. (US). After the tour DISFEAR left Distortion and signed a deal with French label Osmose Productions.

Before the recording of 'Everyday Slaughter,' the first album for Osmose, a Scandinavian tour with legendary punks G.B.H was completed. 'Everyday Slaughter' was released in October 1997, followed by a smaller tour in Sweden with permanently drunk labelmates GEHENNAH before yet another European tour with Swedish deathsters DISMEMBER. Back in Sweden more shows with GEHENNAH were waiting. In March 1998, longtime vocalist Jeppe decided to leave the band. His replacement was none other than ex-AT THE GATES vocalist Tomas "Tompa" Lindberg, one of extreme music’s best screamers. With this new and re-vitalized line-up, more shows and festivals in Sweden and Europe followed.

But a new vocalist was not the only thing that changed. The band also recruited new drummer Marcus Andersson, with founding fathers Björn Pettersson (guitar) and Henke Frykman (bass) completing the line-up. At this point DISFEAR left Osmose and found themselves with no label support.

Bloodied, but unbowed, DISFEAR muscled their way through the music scene bullshit. Some people saw this hiatus as a sign of DISFEAR calling it a day. Wrong! Equipped with a freshly inked Relapse deal, DISFEAR finally recorded a batch of brand new songs, some of the tunes going as far back as 1997/98, but most of the material was finished in the year of 2000.

The newest album, 'Misanthropic Generation,' was the reason why DISFEAR entered Studio Soundlab along with producer Mieszko Talarzyk (NASUM, EXHUMED, REGURGITATE, KRIGSHOT, etc.). Fifteen songs, including two uncompromising covers, were executed. And the covers you ask? Well, how about "Hycklarfolket" (NO SECURITY) featuring Jallo (ex-NO SECURITY) on drums and "Med En Hälsning Från Helvetet" (BOMBANFALL). Besides the covers, tracks such as "To Kill The Pain That Is Life," "26 Years Of Pain," "Rat Race," "Powerload," the title track "Misanthropic Generation," and "Demons, Demons, Demons" bashed listeners senseless.

DISFEAR were soon featured on the the Relapse-sampler Swedish Assault. These songs were all recorded before the 'Misanthropic Generation' sessions, among them a blazing cover of "Revolution Reprise" by ZEKE, the high-speed unmuffled motorheads wearing thick glasses. Other names to look for on 'Swedish Assault' include GENOCIDE SS and SAYYADINA.

Since the release of 'Misanthropic Generation' and 'Swedish Assault,' DISFEAR snared several high-profile gigs. After adding Uffe Cederlund (ENTOMBED) as their second touring guitarist, DISFEAR went on the Close Up Magazine-sponsored “Close Up Made Us Do It” tour with ENTOMBED and fellow countrymen RAISED FIST. This tour coincided with DISFEAR’s first ever cover feature in January 2004 (Close Up #63). The band also got to share the stage with d-beat originators DISCHARGE in Umea, Sweden at Punkfest 7 in early March 2004.

Now while DISCHARGE opted for a lame attempt at speed metal, DISFEAR have gotten even angrier. But the sonic spectrum has grown as well. It's not only about steamrolling the listener, there is more to it than that. DISFEAR is much more manic than ever. Get the jolt of your life - just open your hand and catch the live wire called DISFEAR. That is, if you survive the initial shock of noise and violence…

Tomas Lindberg: Vocals
Marcus Andersson: Drums
Bjorn Pettersson: Guitar
Henke Frykman: Bass

Powerload 7'ep
'Misanthropic Generation' CD 2003

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Последние новости от сабжа!
Sweden's DISFEAR are set to kick off their North American headlining tour with a pre-tour celebration in conjunction with Relapse Records, the Philly Roller Girls and R5 Productions this Thursday May 11th at Manny Brown’s (512 South Street) in Philadelphia, PA. DISFEAR will be hanging out all night long during this event that will run from 8:00 pm to 12 midnight EST and feature a raffle to help raise funds for the Relapse Records sponsored Philly Roller Girls derby team, The Heavy Metal Hookers, where attendees will have a chance to win DISFEAR and Relapse Records merchandise, concert tickets and more. This party will also celebrate the coming of The Heavy Metal Hookers debut bout this Sunday, May 14th at Millennieum Skateworld in Camden, NJ.

The following night, DISFEAR will be performing the first show of this tour in Philadelphia at the First Unitarian Church (22nd and Chestnut) with label-mates RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER and others. From there, the crust-rock destroyers will be hitting major cities in the North, East, Mid-West and Canada with fellow label mates MISERY INDEX along with Strong Intention and more during the course of the tour. A complete listing of DISFEAR tour dates can be found below.

This is DISFEAR’s second North American visit since the release of their Relapse debut, Misanthropic Generation. Upon returning home from this tour, they will finish up work on the follow-up album to Misanthropic Generation that is expected to see a late 2006 / early 2007 release via Relapse.

Updated DISFEAR news / tour information will be made available via the Relapse Records website: www.RELAPSE.com and the DISFEAR website: www.DISFEAR.com.

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Форум: Thrash & Hardcore, Тема: DISFEAR

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