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Информация о группе
Biomechanical are an English metal band, founded in London during the Summer of 2001. John K. also sang with Balance of Power, but in time he decided to leave that band and dedicate himself full-time to Biomechanical. The Biomechanical sound is distinguished by heavy riffs and complex song structures. The vocals are generally distorted, and bombastic, orchestral synthesizer sounds, formerly created by guitarist Jamie Hunt's use of a MIDI guitar, helped to create the complex sound of Biomechanical. In 2006, the band toured Europe with Exodus. Metal Hammer magazine tipped them as being one of the bands to watch for in 2007. In March 2007, the band toured with 3 Inches of Blood.

Three members of the band--Jon Collins, Chris Webb, and Jamie Hunt--recently quit the band over creative differences between frontman John K. Biomechanical have a new drummer Jonno Lodge and are now on the look out for other band members to go on the road after 'Cannibalised' is released.

The band split apart after John K. tried to seize control of the band and turn it into his personal project. John K. will continue as Biomechanical, while the rest of the band will form their own band with a new singer. Drummer Matt C. had departed a few weeks before the rest of the line-up.
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Current line-up

John K. (Yiannis Koutselinis) - Vocals & Keyboards
Jonno Lodge - Drums

Former Members

Matt C. - Drums
Chris Webb - Guitars
Jamie Hunt - Guitars
Jon Collins - Bass


2001 - Distorted (Demo)
2002 - Eight Moons (Full-Length)

2005 - The Empires Of The Worlds (Full-Length)

2007 - Cannibalised

United Kingdom (London)

Progressive Thrash Metal


Официальный сайт: http://www.biomechanical.co.uk/


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Форум: Thrash & Hardcore, Тема: Biomechanical

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