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Информация о группе
Cold, sterile and machine-like – this is what Falkenberg, Sweden’s BY NIGHT embody and what their Lifeforce debut “Burn The Flags” sounded like. Precise rhythms and spare fragments of melodies gave birth to a purely misanthropic atmosphere and garnished outstanding results. The Swedish “killing machine” immediately created a buzz for themselves with a little help from being heralded as “Sweden’s Best Unsigned Band” by Close Up Magazine prior to getting signed to Lifeforce and hitting the European roads with the likes of Ektomorf and Deadsoil after getting signed.

BY NIGHT’s highly anticipated second full length "A New Shape Of Desperation" combines the straight forward metal sounds of their previous aural outings as well as providing a progressive/technical edge to their all over sound. BY NIGHT chose to work with acclaimed producer Christian Silver at Studio Mega (The Crown, Impious, Beseech) once again to create their newest oeuvre. The structures of "A New Shape Of Desperation" are tight and impressive in its speed and intensity. Every track is filled with heavy riffs, powerful, precise drumming and harsh vocals that anyone can mosh to and identify with in the realm of extreme music. To get a vague idea of what this quintet sounds like, think of a highly corrosive marriage of Death, Thrash and heavy hitting hardcore in the vein of Meshuggah, Fear Factory, The Haunted, Opeth and Extol. The end result is more than just a sum of its parts and influences, BY NIGHT embody true forward thinking metal and the future of extreme music to come. Without a doubt, “A New Shape Of Despair” will leave you distraught and breathless.

Adrian Westin - vocals
Andre Gonzales - guitar
Henrik Persson - guitar
Marcus Wesslen - bass
Per Qvarnström - drums


Split CDep w/ Cipher System (2004, Lifeforce Records)

Burn The Flags CD (2005, Lifeforce Records)

A New Shape Of Desperation (2006, Lifeforce Records)


death/thrash metal with progressive elements


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Играет: BY NIGHT "Burn The Flags"
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Форум: Thrash & Hardcore, Тема: BY NIGHT

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