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Информация о группе
Cypher was founded in spring 2002 by T (vox, guitars) and Sander (guitars). The name "Cypher" alludes to a loss of individuality, self and identity, a theme pervading Cypher's 2003 "Forward Devolution" promo, with song titles as "Statues of Flesh", "Force Fed Hate" and "Forward Devolution" . Furthermore, the band's name adverts to concealed meanings in both lyrics and music. Numerous reviews in the media were very positive, many predicting a record deal. The line-up was completed in 2004, when Frank joined the band on drums: Lineup: T : vox, guitars Sander : guitars Pioko : bass Frank : drums

In 2006 Cypher inked a record deal with Rusty Cage records and released their debut album "Darkday Carnival", an album that explores the darker side of the human condition, lyrics masked by more than 2000 years of deceit and corruption, musically progressing towards a more intricate and dynamic style without losing their brutal, relentless edge. Darkday Carnival: Pervaded with sickness, perverted with corruption and depraved by immorality, a true sonic blow to the soul...

July 2007 : Bass player Pioko leaves the band. Stepping in on bass is Joost van der Graaf who is best know for his work as lead vocalist/bass for 90's metal band Creepmime and is also a member of I-Chaos.


Tobias - Vocals/Guitars
Sander van der Meer - Guitars (Compos Mentis (Hol))
Joost van der Graaf - Bass (Creepmime, I-Chaos)
Frank - Drums


"Darkday Carnival" 2006
"Forward Devolution" Demo 2003




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"Darkday Carnival" образцовый Death / Thrash mix!
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Играет: Cypher "Darkday Carnival"
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Форум: Thrash & Hardcore, Тема: Cypher

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