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   Информация о группе:

        Основное (Eng)

       From Carpe Diem to FAQ
In 1994, the band was formed under the name Carpe Diem and soon became "the spearhead for Swiss made independent electro-pop music" (Bravo magazine). The band became popular in the international electro-scene after going on tour with acclaimed acts like Deine Lakaien, De/Vision, Mesh and Clan of Xymox. After supporting Apoptygma Berzerk during their “Welcome to Earth” tour in 2000, and releasing the two albums RE-SUBSTITUTE and SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY, Carpe Diem became firmly established in the music scene. After a long break and bandname complications which resulted in confusion and an uncertain legal situation, the band was finally back in 2003 with a new album and a new name, ready to answer the Frequently Asked Questions. As a tribute to the former band name, FAQ named their album released in March 2003 CARPE DIEM. The opportunity for a new start was used to take a new musical direction. After keyboarder Dino left the band just before the successful support tour with De/Vision, Phil asked his old friend Thomas Daverio (head and producer of Kartagon, formerly Panic On The Titanic) to join FAQ in Spring 2004. Pille was found and asked to take over the guitars in the same year and completed the trio.

Is Pornography Art?
The release of the promo single THE WORLD IS COLD ENOUGH, was followed by the longplayer IS PORNOGRAPHY ART?, in 2005. The mix of synth-pop melodies, combined with modern electro beats, loops and grooves and rockish guitar lines, was the bands best moment so far and the album found its place into the DAC Top 10 charts for several weeks. It helped FAQ to reach new shores and finding a new and bigger audience in and outside the electronic music scene. IS PORNOGRAPHY ART? is not only a versatile pop record, it’s a piece of art filled with VIPs.
For WE COME IN PIECES, Phil recorded a duet together with his longtime friend Stephan L. Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk), who gave the song a very intense, powerful and hymn-like touch. To give the record and its topic a face, Phil signed an exclusive contract with US-megastar and the world’s most famous porn queen, Jenna Jameson and her company clubjenna.com. She provided not only her photos for the record’s artwork, but also her voice for the track HEARTBREAKER, a song based on Jenna’s famous tattoo and trademark. HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE is another song dedicated to Jenna Jameson and is based on her best-selling biography “How to make love like a pornstar: a cautionary tale” co-written by esteemed journalist and author Neil Strauss. This collaboration with FAQ was Jenna’s second appearance in the music biz after doing a guest-performance in the Eminem video clip “Without me”. With Jenna Jameson, Stephan Groth and 16 carefully elaborated songs, FAQ delivered with IS PORNOGRAPHY ART? one of the most discussed progressive electro-pop albums of the year 2005.

On the road 2006-2008
In Autumn 2005, FAQ went performing the new material during the “Porn & Art” tour throughout Germany, Belgium and Switzerland together with the German avant-garde band QNTAL. Surprisingly, the intensity of the songs was boosted by a new visual concept which was especially made for that tour. The tour later continued in March 2006 together with Apoptygma Berzerk in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. This happened precisely 6 years after their first joint tour with APB! On December 2006, FAQ as back on the road again for their 3rd leg and played some Xmas shows in Germany together with Unheilig. After releasing the pre-album single/EP LEATHER APRON in Spring 2008, FAQ went back on the road for almost the entire year, to play live shows or to perform their notorious FAQ vs. RubberDoll fetish show together with worldwide acclaimed fetish model RubberDoll from Florida USA. With their live performance in Hollywood/Los Angeles in February 2008, FAQ reached new shores and appeared on a North American stage for the first time. After 38 cities, 16 countries, 2 continents and another extended Germany tour with Unheilig, it was time to come home to finally finish the forthcoming longplayer...

In Winter 2008, 120 years after the Whitchapel murders; after reading, researching, visiting and discussing the case with Ripperologists, Phil and FAQ opened a new file, a new casebook, about the most famous serial killer of all time. The man, who will always be remembered as the one, who gave birth to the 20th century. Who was Jack The Ripper? We don't know for sure, it's still a mystery and FAQ are certainly not the ones who will be able to reveal it. That's why the bands 5th official studio album WHITECHAPEL doesn't (try to) give any new answers or theories; it's rather Philip Noirjean's personal case study about the legendary and infamous Whitechapel murderer and the dark corners of Victorian England.

"Be our guest and join us on a tour through London East End district, and let's go back in time, into the streets of Whitechapel, 1888. Yours truly, xxx" (Phil, May 2009)

  © Myspace

  • philip noirjean - vox, guitar, 6-string bass, keys
  • pille - guitar, back vocals
  • andy waar - drums
  • 'the' beat rebmann - bass

   Концертные участники и бывшие:
  • thomas daverio - production
  • henning verlage - keyboards
  • thierry 'fakir' pache - guitars
  • martin schonenberger - drums
  • corinne sutter - violin
  • stephan zaugg - didgeridoo
  • rubberdoll - performance

  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (2000)
  • Carpe Diem (2003)
  • Is Pornography Art? (2005)
  • Whitechapel (2009)





    Синтпоп, другое

   Официальный сайт:





Аццкий металлер
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2005 - хороший альбом. "We Come In Peaces" выбивается более медленным темпом и меньшим акцентом на барабаны.

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Группа отправляется в синтипоп.
Неплохая группа.
Слушал только альбом Whitechapel. Там синтипоп смешанный с роком, напоминающий то, что сейчас исполняет Апоптигма Берзерк. Приятно, но без оргазмов.

"All the uniforms are shit, all the ideals are shit" (c)  Spiritual Front
"И я не знаю, каков процент сумасшедших на данный час,
 Но если верить глазам и ушам, больше в несколько раз" (с) В.

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Экая помесь альтернатив рока и синт-попа.Не плохая.Но на любителя.Мне нравится фьюче-поп с семплами,нагромождениями электроники и vox вокалом.
Здесь очень понравился звук,всё грамотно,звучит афигительно,как гитара,так и биты.Биты-средние частоты,гитара лишена низких и бьёт высокими и средними.Музыка в целом несложная,но и не амёбная.Не нравится излишняя слащавость из-за вокала.
Но группа хорошая.

Друзья:Снеговик,brutalman,Freewind Rider,Pahan666,elivener,Hartmann,Odium,YaLexx,Kolodets,Stream,metaldrummer,Лупик.

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Dethtrooper пишет:
Не нравится излишняя слащавость из-за вокала.

А что ты хотел от Дженны Джеймсон?

5497 | Дата рег-ции 2 Мая, 2007 | Отправлено: 2:59 - 15 Марта, 2010 4

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2009 тоже хороший альбом.

5497 | Дата рег-ции 2 Мая, 2007 | Отправлено: 12:14 - 25 Июня, 2010 5

Форум: Electro-pop, Тема: FAQ (music)

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