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Информация о группе

Doublestone is a Cult Boogie, Doom band from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Their EP, “S/T”, from January 2013 (very few copies left) was very well received through out the scene and helped Doublestone establish themselves as a band to keep a close look out for.

In the summer 2013, Doublestone recorded their debut album in a dirty basement in Copenhagen, with producer Tony Reed of Mos Generator/Stone Axe/Heavy Pink. The year before, Tony recorded the doom legends in Saint Vitus and loved to work on tape (reel-to-reel). He was the perfect match for the band. On the 6th of November 2013, Doublestone released their debut album “Wingmakers” on Levitation Records.

The heavy grooves of “Wingmakers” takes you back to the early days of Doom/Heavy rock, while following up on the new Scandinavian wave of Stoner/RetroRock. The simple trio set up proves itself once again and through the raw sound of live recording on tape, Doublestone blast’s out one great track after another.

"...Could it be the birth of cult boogie?"

"This album is going to explode within the Stoner Rock scene over the next few weeks. Mark my words. Doublestone are on the verge of greatness!!!"

"...Matter of fact, 'Wingmakers' puts Kadavar's latest album to shame here, withso much more feel and nuance that it becomes hard to understand thedisparity between the two bands in terms of profile. 'Wingmakers' is jam packed with heavy riffs which decay before your eyes in a sinister forest of compositional exploration."

"You don't even have to listen that assertively and you'll pick up little smatterings of every corner of classic rock. Nothing's leftunexplored, psych, prog, southern rock, the early beginnings of the genre and its latter days alike, and naturally being good ol' Danes, there's nice subtle touch of Nordic twang underwriting the wholething. It's quite a feat, managing to be so textured and diverse with out falling over yourself or being too complex and bewildering."

"Zwischensämtlichen "Retro-Rock" Bands heutzutage gehört "Wingmakers" mit Sicherheit zu einem der stärksten Albenseines Genres."

"...,the title track, “Wingmakers”, is perhaps one of the best trackson the album as I can’t really help myself from tapping my foot tothe rhythm of the highly infectious riff. As the lyric “Trapped ineternity / no sign of light / a floating entity / drawn away to theother side” enters, I must admit I’m sold to this simple blend ofsemi-psychedelic imagery of the lyrics and the powerful riff thatsounds like something straight out of the 70’s – due in no smallpart to producer Tony Reed’s magic touch."

"...Thisis not trippy acidic satanist biker rock, like Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, nor is it Jethro Tull-evoking flutedriven evil hippietunes like Jess and the Ancient Ones or Blood Ceremony. Doublestone delivers basic occult boogie rock with that simplicity that the danish do so well."


Bo Blond - Guitars, vocals
Kristian Blond - Bass, vocals
Mike James B. - Drums


Set the World Ablaze - 2012 ЕР
Doublestone - 2012 ЕР
Wingmakers - 2013


Copenhagen, Denmark




Официальный сайт: http://www.facebook.com/doublestone/timeline?ref=page_internal


Аццкий металлер
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Датские викинги, пораженные бациллой оккультизма!

Об их дебютнике и двух епихах писал в обзорной теме.
В этом году ожидается  multi language 2nd album from Doublestone "Djævlen's Egn" ("Devil's Region") !?

Ну а пока

Cult boogie b​-​sides 2013​-​14 - released September 4, 2015

Об альбоме: http://doublestone.bandcamp.com/album/cult-boogie-b-sides-2013-14

Отличные телеги!

Поучаствовал конкретно небезызвестный Tony Reed of Mos Generator, как собственно и на дебютнике.

6512 | Дата рег-ции 6 Июня, 2006 | Отправлено: 0:26 - 19 Фев., 2016 1

Аццкий металлер
Цитата | В оффлайне | IP

Maphusail пишет:
В этом году ожидается  multi language 2nd album from Doublestone "Djævlen's Egn" ("Devil's Region") !?

Наконец-то прямо на днях валится свежак!!!

Doublestone, "Devil’s Own/Djævlens Egn". Vinyl/CD/Digital out through Ripple Music on May 5, 2017 !!!!

6512 | Дата рег-ции 6 Июня, 2006 | Отправлено: 18:29 - 2 Мая, 2017 2

Аццкий металлер
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Devil's Own / Djævlens egn - 2017

Об альбоме: http://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/doublestone/devils-own-djaevlens-egn/

Свежак, как и предполагалось, оказался на двух языках!!!

Неплохо, но в общем ничем особым не поразили.
Тем не менее, марку держат датчане.
Лучшая телега - Devil's Own !!!

6512 | Дата рег-ции 6 Июня, 2006 | Отправлено: 16:49 - 6 Мая, 2017 3

Форум: Stoner, Blues Metal, Grunge, Тема: Doublestone

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