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Fall Of An Empire

Информация о группе

Born in ash and thunder in 2012,
Fall of an Empire emerged on the scene with a plan to take the upstate of South Carolina by force.
With that goal in mind they soldier forth into the front lines to join their brethren in the fight to rebuild the castrated local music scene. They come with sharp teeth and claws that tear. They come with axe and sword and talon. Their battle cry can be heard shaking the foundations of the deepest underground hovel and echoing off the blackest mountain peaks. So hold tight to your oaken shield and brace for the charge. Led by Brent Carroll on guitar, Fall of an Empire wastes no time sinking it’s teeth to the bone with riffs that hearken back to a darker time. At the center of band is a two man siege engine made up of stone and fury. Breaking silly conventions is Shane Smith with thunderous charge-leading fuzz-laden basslines and backed by the majestic and cerebral drum conjurings of chronomancer Brad Muñoz. And, roaring over top of this well oiled vigilante machine of death and destruction is front man Kenny Lawerence who’s soul is bared in gut wrenching agony as he echoes out every love or hate filled syllable as the group’ s fearless singer. So the next time you feel the earth tremble beneath your miles-hardened-feet, wonder to yourself if Fall of an Empire has taken it upon themselves to once again topple the pillars that hold the kings of this world high on their lofty pedestals as they stand by waiting for chance at a killing blow, to kick dust over the corpse of another fallen empire.


Brent Carroll- Guitar/vocals
Shane Smith-Bass
Cody Edens - Guitar
Kenny Lawrence-Lead Vocals
Brad Munoz-drums


Songs of Steel and Sorrow - 2014
Croweater: An Echo in the Bone - 2016
Croweater 2: The Last Wishes of Kings - 2017


South Carolina, USA.


Heavy Rock. Stoner Rock, Classic Rock


Официальный сайт: http://www.facebook.com/fallofanempireband/?ref=page_internal


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Croweater 2: The Last Wishes of Kings - 2017

Об альбоме: http://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/fall-of-an-empire/croweater-2-the-last-wishes-of-kings/

Мне свежак изрядно вкатил!!!

Клевый грувовый heavy rock, атмосферный и отлично сыгранный, чутка припроженный!
Хорошо ребята продолжают!

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Форум: Stoner, Blues Metal, Grunge, Тема: Fall Of An Empire

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