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Symphonic/Power Metal

Lunatica came to be in the winter of 1998. The first songs written by Alex Seiberl and Sandro D’Incau provided the basis for the band’s sound. After a strenuous search for a vocalist, Andrea joined Lunatica in 2000 and was able to elevate the songs to a whole new level. Her beautiful voice crowned the debut album “Atlantis”. This release exceeded all expectations and the band was catapulted into the limelight to perform numerous concerts, including Metaldays (the largest Open Air festival in Switzerland). For the production of the second album, “Fables & Dreams”, Lunatica was able to welcome Sascha Paeth and Miro on board. Both worked on productions for Rhapsody, Kamelot, Edguy, and many more. They provided the band with a powerful sound for their now more mature songs and allowed the band to work diligently on perfecting the arrangements. “Fables & Dreams” was released on February 16, 2004 in Switzerland und skyrocketed to number 13 of the Swiss Internet charts. An international release followed in September of the same year via the Italian label Frontiers Records (TOTO, etc.). The response from fans and critics was overwhelming and in the first week of its release, “Fables & Dreams” reached the number 12 spot of the Japanese HMV-charts. The band embarked on a European tour in the spring of 2005 and also performed a headlining gig at the Night of Rock Open Air in Austria. In 2006, the highly anticipated successor “The Edge of Infinity” was released. Once again, Sascha Paeth and Miro took over the production duties and the album received excellent reviews from all over the world. Lunatica had found their unique style. Fans showed their appreciation by catapulting the album into the Swiss LP charts. The single “Who You Are” received massive airplay by Swiss radio stations due to its catchy hooklines. The band performed numerous live shows in their native Switzerland and abroad. Furthermore, the band was welcomed by radio and TV stations, which brought a newfound popularity to Lunatica. In Japan, they were able to top the success of their previous releases, as “The Edge of Infinity” made it to number 8 in the HMV-charts. Though juggling a hectic schedule, Lunatica found the time to work on new material. During the songwriting process, guitarist André Leuenberger left the band due to personal reasons. Marc Torretti, already known for his stand-ins on several live occasions, took over the position shortly before Lunatica signed a deal with Napalm Records. In accordance with the band motto, “Never change a winning team”, Lunatica left for Wolfsburg in order to record their fourth album “New Shores”. Guest vocals were again provided by John Payne (ex-Asia), and Lunatica had the privilege to work closely with Hollywood soundtrack composer Michael Levine on an exclusive song. Lunatica's fourth album unveils a genuine masterpiece. Soulful Symphonic Melodic Metal refined with the crystal clear vocals of frontwoman Andrea gives way to enchanting melodies, multifaceted compositions, and symphonic passages that build the foundation for each song without ever compromising the metal aspects of this work. The Swiss combo masterfully fuses its diverse influences, creating a homogenous and compact end result that is crowned by sweeping choruses and emotive movements. Sascha Paeth (Edguy, Kamelot) takes on the production responsibilities, bringing the sound of "New Shores" to a whole new level. Those interested in moving on to greener pastures will find the perfect opportunity to do so in Lunatica.

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Слева направо:

Marc Torretti - гитара
Sandro D'Incau - гитара
Emilio MG Barrantes - бас
Andrea Dätwyler - вокал
Alex Seiberl - клавишные
Ronny Wolf - ударные

Полноформатные альбомы:

2001 - Atlantis
2004 - Fables & Dreams
2006 - The Edge of Infinity
2009 - New Shores



2001 - Atlantis

2004 - Fables & Dream
ifolder part 1
ifolder part 2

2006 - The Edge Of Infinity

2009 - New Shores

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Freewind Rider

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слышал только первый альбом. Релиз из серии "не вызывает никаких эмоций"

940 | Дата рег-ции 26 Мая, 2007 | Отправлено: 16:16 - 19 Фев., 2009 41

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если бы весь альбом был как песня Into The Dissonance, я бы наверное просто зафанател от этой группы. Песня просто бомбовая, красивейшая мелодика + очень приятный вокал

http://www.froster.org - ведущий украинский метал портал

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Я вот вчера второй раз послушал и просто-таки влюбился в последний альбом. Пока ничего более конкретного сказать не могу, возможно потом напишу сколько нибудь развернутое мнение.

Now the wind calls
The storm from the past
Night falls, and I'm longing for the woods...

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Dunia пишет:
ПОП-ХИТ: Who You Are!

Красивая баллада, даже трогательная, вызывает определенные порывы на подъем).

716 | Дата рег-ции 16 Дек., 2006 | Отправлено: 12:05 - 8 Янв., 2019 44

Форум: Power, Heavy, Speed, Тема: Lunatica

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