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BATHORY mastermind Thomas "QUORTHON" Forsberg was found dead in his apartment in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday, June 7, informed sources have reported. The 39-year-old son of Black Mark Records owner Bцrje Forsberg, widely considered to be one of black metal's founding fathers, died of an apparent heart failure. More information as it becomes available.

~ Founding BATHORY Member says: 'QUORTHON Had Much More To Offer' ~
Legendary video director and founding BATHORY member Jonas Еkerlund has spoken to Sweden's Expressen newspaper about the passing of BATHORY mastermind Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg from what is believed to be heart failure. Forsberg, who was known to have been battling heart problems for years, was found dead in his apartment in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday (June 7). He was 39 years old.
"It's so sad. He had much more to offer," Еkerlund said.

Jonas, who formed the band with Forsberg in the early '80s, went on to have a successful video-directing career, having worked with the likes of METALLICA, PRODIGY, MADONNA and U2.

"[BATHORY came onto the scene] extremely early," Еkerlund said. "People like Marilyn Manson, Billy Corgan and the members of METALLICA have all come up to me and have told me that they listened to BATHORY."

According to Еkerlund, it was Thomas Forsberg's creativity that made the band such an influence on so many younger metal acts.

"[Quorthon] had a high cult status," Jonas said. "He wasn't interested in attention, he just wanted to play his music."

SATYRICON frontman Satyr has issued the following statement regarding the passing of BATHORY legend Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg:

"Hearing about Quorthon's death was just sad. 39 years old you know... BATHORY made a huge impact on Frost and myself and it was the first Black Metal band I ever got into. This was in 86/87. Ever since I've been a big fan and his work has influenced me to do what I do today. In one of the first bands I played in, we did a cover of 'Sacrifice' live and SATYRICON recorded its first cover ever with 'Born For Burning' for the 'In Conspiracy With Satan' BATHORY tribute. Very few people have ever met or talked to Quorthon. He chose to be for himself and not be a part of the scene or anything like that. Obviously this was a big part in making him the cult figure he will always be. I was lucky enough to talk to him on the phone back in 95/96 a couple of times. The first time we talked for like three hours! And I found him to be a very friendly, interesting and well-spoken man. Our video director Jonas Еkerlund played with Quorthon on their first record and he has told me many good stories about those days. Thank you for what you did for music Quorthon. Everyone, light 13 candles and play your BATHORY records in memory of the king!"

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Red Special

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нда...новости разносятся по миру с невиданной скоростью...

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не заметил мессаги об этом в "Потери и приобретения в группах "
прошу прощения у модеров.

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Блин, я еще летом об этом знал.

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Down In The Dark

Аццкий металлер
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Он же уже давно умер, бедняга, в прошлом году... Вот так вот, умрешь, и никто не заметит...

Kiu ne iras antaŭen, iras malantaŭen (V. G. Belinskij).

1022 | Дата рег-ции 7 Янв., 2005 | Отправлено: 0:09 - 14 Мая, 2005 5

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