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Группа Vasen

Информация о группе

Olov Johansson and Mikael Marin started playing together as teenagers around 1980. During the early 1980's they would regularly visit Curt and Ivar Tallroth and Eric Sahlstr?m, older musicians who lived nearby in the Uppland region, where they would play and learn traditional music from them. In this way they became a link in the living tradition that Swedish folk music has enjoyed through the centuries.

In 1989, at a music gathering in R?ros, Norway, Olov met Roger Tallroth and asked if he would like to try to jam on nyckelharpa and guitar for a bit. Roger declined, intent at that moment on taking a shower. Fortunately, the shower was occupied, so Roger returned with his guitar, and they played for the rest of the day and far into the night. Among the witnesses to this fateful jam session was Olle Paulsson, who thought it was the best music he had ever heard, and made a promise to start a record label if they were willing to be recorded for a CD (and thus Drone Music was born).

The following summer Olov became World Champion of both the modern chromatic and older historical nyckelharpas at the first-ever Nyckelharpa World Championships at ?sterbybruk, Sweden. The added momentum for the first CD recording, which was entitled "Olov Johansson: V?sen." V?sen is a Swedish word with many meanings: spirit, noise, a living being, essence among the most prominent. It was originally meant to just be an album title, but soon people were calling to book the band "V?sen" and the name stuck.

Initially some traditionalists (or something else, it wasn't many at all ) in the Swedish folkmusic community showed some resistance to V?sen. While Olov and Mikael were playing fairly straightforward folkmusic duets, Roger's guitar definitely provided a different twist on Swedish traditional music. Yet it's exactly the guitar chordings and rhythms that also attracted an entirely new audience, and the band's popularity gradually grew, along with their international reputation.

In 1994, with two more studio albums under their belt ("Vilda V?sen" on Drone and "Essence" on the French Auvidis/Ethnic label), V?sen were asked to participate on a project of Swedish rock musician Mats Wester called "Nordman," which featured rock music and lyrics but with arrangements and playing by V?sen. The first Nordman CD was a huge hit in Sweden, and the band embarks on two tours and records a second Nordman CD, playing in front of audiences of up to 25,000 people. On the first Nordman tour they meet drummer Andr? Ferrari and eventually experiment with a drums-and-bass version of V?sen. Ultimately, they settle on Andr? playing hand percussion, and the band officially becomes a quartet in 1996.

In 1997 the quartet goes into the studio and records "Varldens V?sen" ("Whirled" in North America). Tours of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, the United States and Canada follow, as does a Swedish grammy and two appearances on the national radio program "A Prairie Home Companion" in the U.S. In 1999 the band releases their sixth CD, "Gront."

Meanwhile the members of the band were getting older, having babies and facing the challenges of being a musician in the modern age. A widespread U.S. tour in September 2001 had to be scrapped after 9/11. Although the tour was rescheduled for 2002, Andr?'s reluctance to tour and economics forced the band to decide to come over as the original trio. The success and pleasure of playing a new set of trio material culminated in this new recording.

So for now V?sen exists as two distinct ensembles: the original trio, and as a quartet with percussionist Ferrari (or his traveling replacement Fredrik Gille). For the converted V?senheads, it's Best Band in the World #1 and Best Band in the World #2!


Olov Johansson » nyckelharpa
Mikael Marin » viola
Roger Tallroth » guitar
Andr? Ferrari » percussion

2003 Trio
2001 Live at the Nordic Roots Festival
1999 Gront
1997 Whirled
1997 V?rldens V?sen
1997 Spirit
1995 Levande V?sen
1994 Essence
1992 Vilda V?sen (Wild V?sen)
1990 V?sen


Официальный сайт: http://www.vasen.nu

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Недавно в мои загребущие лапищи попали 2 лицензионных альбома команды Vasen - Spirit и Whirled... Чему был несказанно рад, ибо знакомый, который подогнал мне оные болванки поведал, что исполняют черти самый настоящий True Scandinavian Folk... Прослушав сей шедевр, убедился что более точное определение подобрать сложно. Настоящий чистый северный фолк, каким он должен быть. К сожалению со скандинавской фолк-сценой не особо знаком... Из представителей оного жанра слышал только Gjallarhorn, Hedningarna и Garmarna. Сабжевая по стилю исполнения больше всего смахивает на раннюю Garmarna. То же сочетание акустики и скрЫпок (хотя может я и ошибаюсь, но по любому какой-то струнный инструмент), так же непередаваемая атмосфера... Я протащился.

825 | Дата рег-ции 24 Марта, 2002 | Отправлено: 11:25 - 7 Фев., 2004 1
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А кто их лицензировал?

Jedem das Seine

840 | Дата рег-ции 14 Мая, 2004 | Отправлено: 23:38 - 19 Ноября, 2004 2
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не помню ... давно это было ( посмотри на дату поста ) . но точно не кто-то из наших лэйблов .

825 | Дата рег-ции 24 Марта, 2002 | Отправлено: 4:01 - 20 Ноября, 2004 3

вечнозелёный металлёр
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Недавно в мои загребущие лапищи попали 2 лицензионных альбома команды Vasen - Spirit и Whirled

Я вот тожа недавно раздобыл эти два альбома...
Не сказать , что уж прям шедевры , но послухать можно...иногда.
Та же Hedningarna куда более яркое впечатление оставляет...
Да что там Hedningarna...альбомчик "Sjofn" группы Gjallarhorn , который поначалу
кажется немного занудным и тот звучит более "убедительно".
Хотя , может быть , свою роль сыграло и то , что Spirit и Whirled на 100% состоят из
инструментальных композиций.

Ёлочка, зажгись, на...пример !

1844 | Дата рег-ции 8 Дек., 2004 | Отправлено: 16:01 - 8 Янв., 2005 4

Форум: Folk & Folk-Rock & Authentic Folklore, Тема: Vasen

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