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HORSE the band is an experimental metalcore band. Their keyboardist uses the Korg MS2000 synthesizer to get a very Nintendo-influenced sound.

HORSE the band have been labeled "Nintendocore" (by themselves) because of their references to certain Nintendo characters, including Cut man, from the popular 8-bit NES game Mega Man in the song "Cutsman"; Birdo, one of the bosses from the NES game Super Mario Bros. 2, in the song "Birdo"; and the rabbit-like nemesis from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda in the song "Pol's Voice".

Song Lyrics

Although the focus of HORSE's lyrics can be considered slightly trivial at times, often they are used metaphorically, to suggest other topics, personal or otherwise.

Not all of HORSE the band's lyrics are referencing Nintendo characters. According to vocalist Nathan Winneke, self-proclaimed "Beef Sore," "...There are only three of our songs which reference Nintendo characters. I was reading some review of our new album and this guy was trying to link all our songs to Nintendo, I was like, 'What the fuck!?'..."[citation needed]


Touring-wise, throughout 2006 they have toured with a diverse assortment of artists. They toured around the country first with The Fall of Troy, Poison the Well, and Criteria. Then, a month after this tour finished, they got on the road again, and on May 28, 2006, started their tour with Gatsby's American Dream, Portugal. The Man, and Forgive Durden.

The band dropped out of the tour early, proclaiming that the reason they couldn't continue because they were in Chicago eating pizza, and claiming that it was the best pizza they had ever eaten. For this reason, HORSE the band recorded their EP, Pizza. The EP was released on September 5, 2006.

After dropping out of the tour, the band went on to perform at the Warped Tour, as well as the Sounds of the Underground tour. During these tours, they recorded the Pizza EP, and played a show with GWAR.

During the fall of 2006, the band have continued touring to support the Pizza EP. They have exclaimed in their MySpace page's About Me section that they are excited to be doing this tour, as they are supporting metalcore band All That Remains and British power metal band DragonForce. The tour began in Los Angeles, California on September 8, 2006.

After the fall tour with All That Remains and DragonForce, the band will begin writing their new album, and hope to have it recorded by March 2007.

Band Members

Current Members

Nathan Winneke: Vocals
David Isen: Guitar
Dashiell 'Dash' Arkenstone: Bass
Erik Engstrom: Keyboard
Chris Prophet: Drums

Former Members

Eli Green: Drums
Andy Stokes: Bass
Alex Duddy: Drums
Jason Karuza: Drums
Adam Crook: Vocals
(Nathan Winneke, current vocalist, used to play bass in the band and before that drums.)



Scabies, The Kangarooster, and You (2000)

Full-Length Albums:

Secret Rhythm of the Universe (2001)
R. Borlax (2003, Pluto Records)
The Mechanical Hand (2005, Combat Records; re-release, 2007, Koch Records)
A Natural Death (2007, Koch Records)
Desperate Living (2009, Vagrant Records)


I Am a Small Wooden Statue on a Patch of Crabgrass Next to a Dried Up Riverbed (2001)
Beautiful Songs by Men EP (2002)
Pizza (2006)


The Effing 69 World Tour (Tour Footage DVD) (2004)


Официальный сайт: http://www.horsetheband.com/


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